Video Y'all mind if I Season 8

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Y'all mind if I Season 8
Y'all mind if I Season 8 thumb Y'all mind if I Season 8 thumb Y'all mind if I Season 8 thumb


  • brought really by the media fit between
  • that way
  • season 8 is finally here and as you can
  • tell by my levels I already played a few
  • games which I didn't record anyway let's
  • take a look at the Battle Pass I'm
  • literally so fucking done with apex
  • legends like for everyone that has me
  • added on xbox you already know this but
  • I had this as my gamer picture by the
  • way I got suspended from using gamer
  • pitches because of that apparently Xbox
  • isn't a fan of freedom of speech and one
  • more thing before I start the game the
  • whole 1v1 with Noah's Noah um we spoke
  • and apparently we're both dog shit with
  • timing we literally rescheduled like 4
  • different dates but with me being in the
  • US and him being in the EU the time
  • difference is just too fucked miss time
  • to call it off is just not working but
  • Noah did have one final idea for the
  • memes he wanted to do the fight on for
  • those of you that don't know this used
  • to be my favorite spot in the games only
  • 90s kids remember the creeps I used to
  • be there
  • well yeah epic decides to take a big old
  • lava shit on it I think the ship is the
  • most seasoned 8th place to land fuck
  • okay not the best arsenal but we'll
  • manage come on banana come on banana
  • uh-huh
  • the peak again how much help do you have
  • pop out the UN 5,000,000 IQ pickaxe so
  • that was a fucking law I have an idea
  • but it's kind of a stretch okay now I
  • put this here and this and we play the
  • waiting game
  • oh yeah so ones here someone's here come
  • down there he's coming
  • wait a minute
  • that adds early fucking word and better
  • yet it was a soccer skip oh shit someone
  • else is here come down there buddy get
  • back up get up get up
  • aim I can't aim it cannons are
  • hands-down the best thing about this
  • season so we're acting tough over your
  • heart all right I gotta win this game
  • I'm laying at the goo lagoon oh yeah I
  • got ya I got to show you something like
  • it's crazy strategy Lin on the middle
  • boat don't be scared I died in there one
  • time the iPad trapped down on the floor
  • okay this is the strategy where to need
  • two cannons I'm gonna look at what door
  • and get it look the other one okay the
  • Maya is not them do not tear your heart
  • it up so it's it so when it's literally
  • it to Mikey look gonna get off the kid
  • get off
  • okay we're back to solos like the way it
  • should have been would anyone else like
  • to try me or just someone right there oh
  • my god he's in this room
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • now what we're going to tilt it's free
  • no looting only kills okay I'm gonna try
  • to win hoverboard only to close this
  • video it's gonna drop on in here that's
  • one kill oh my god
  • he's one shot giving him toes that's two
  • that's three holy shit this is easy
  • another one come down antique me
  • matter of fact oh hey bud oh oh my god
  • I'm about to drive by the shed this guy
  • oh it's a default poor guy hey buddy
  • but okay which dude is oh my god oh my
  • god
  • Oh Scott lagging hey I'll take the free
  • kill what does really you're just gonna
  • eat my board give me my shit back oh
  • fuck you said if that is some bullsh is
  • a guy at the board spot and he's stupid
  • he doesn't randomly broke a car oh do
  • you have a gun bro
  • why aren't why are all the bats out
  • today buddy buddy buddy stop playing
  • dumb he's playing he's playing dumb so I
  • don't kill him
  • [Music]
  • it had to be done
  • oh shit you really don't want open that
  • door chief oh wait wait a minute wait a
  • minute go up go up
  • oh crap I would have died like that
  • don't get on that oh you want to go oh
  • you want to go forward before huh
  • [Music]
  • oh my god
  • right here
  • one shot I know it
  • I try
  • oh not bad I'm just a little
  • this muthafucka he left the bar fuck the
  • challenge daddy
  • oh there's another board hey the
  • challenge is already ruined but I'm
  • still going fuck you Joey
  • oh my god Oh police did he just die in
  • the life so apparently the meta on
  • YouTube right now is doing live sub
  • count versus battles can someone
  • watching this video make me a CD versus
  • T series please you know the classic
  • this guy doesn't have a gun I'm not
  • gonna hurt you
  • come on now so that was a headline okay
  • so we got to see that versus T series I
  • want to see their versus ninja because
  • he's the T series of four night all
  • right boys knows to do I'll shout out a
  • random one so if you make one might get
  • lucky
  • hey buddy took my kill
  • and they said airplanes were gone oh you
  • guys in the bill battle huh oh my gosh
  • guys doing so much like brah I'm gonna
  • kill you regardless see by the way I'm
  • only running this setup for YouTube I
  • would never use this in a normal game
  • but I got a flex for you guys right now
  • oh my god
  • okay
  • [Music]
  • no wait wait no complete fucking moron
  • there's emo poor player dream amen I'm
  • your superior but don't fuck it up
  • put the gun down do you not see my skin
  • you would be a bot - I can't talk he's
  • dead as right now oh my god he's serious
  • oh shit
  • I lost him just like that this guy is
  • the biggest idiot I have ever I don't
  • even want to continue the game of 15
  • he'll fuck with this guy I'm buying you
  • stupid are you fucking kidding me now
  • this guy is peak human evolution oh my
  • god this game is so fucking bad man wait
  • is it I can't talk is that ask so many
  • really you don't see the big guys coming
  • out the bush you better not
  • don't remember me wait stop stop moving
  • or to cease building skills now this is
  • the building we need
  • holy shit you're not gonna go through
  • all we put a trap down
  • come on you can build the route too far
  • away from the car because it wasn't
  • fucking
  • gonna kill you now there's only one way
  • to end this video in the name of season
  • 8 love it or quit memories bear it's
  • coming for you want advice don't worry
  • it's easy
  • keep moving
  • it takes I love to take me out wanna be
  • here
  • yeah
  • yes sure we'll be waiting for your damn
  • man
  • means little if you've done
  • [Music]

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