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13:42   |   today at 14:06


  • hi guys it's ashli here and i am back
  • with another video so today I am doing a
  • haul from forever 21 this is actually a
  • collective haul this is just things I
  • picked up over the mud I just been
  • purchasing things here and there and I
  • thought that it was a few items that you
  • guys might like to see so let's get into
  • it first of all this shirt is from
  • forever 21 inches says paradise in grey
  • and it is of the velvet material these
  • earrings also are from forever 21 just
  • love forever 21 pretty much it
  • first of all I want to say if you're new
  • to my channel please subscribe if you're
  • returning to my channel and you're not
  • subscribed like what are you waiting for
  • like y'all go ahead click that subscribe
  • button because I'm cool like we have
  • over here.we vibes over here so click
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  • bill so you never miss upload for me so
  • yeah let's get into it so the first item
  • I got is this green shirt so I love
  • these little shirt they're good for
  • doing YouTube because you know like we
  • did YouTube I like to switch up my
  • shirts you know you're always making
  • videos so you move on a different I make
  • it seem like you're looking cute like
  • there's a little bit you know so I love
  • just getting like little cheap cute
  • shirts from forever 21 for that
  • particular reason and so just switch up
  • my shirts when I'm going out like you
  • will pair a different top with the same
  • bottoms like three times I know we got I
  • don't want to push in and say you can
  • wear the same bomb the whole week but
  • you know like three times when Monday
  • Wednesday Friday where you're saying
  • jeans assume the only jeans you got and
  • they don't look dirty or nothing you
  • could just pair the different tops with
  • the same Jean
  • and my lolly won't do that I thought I
  • was it but I got this top in a large and
  • it just has the crisscross here and then
  • it has like the choker style Nick it is
  • long sleeve and a very fall so yeah I
  • got this in green I also got it in
  • burgundy but from this hall I had to
  • return a couple of things that shirt did
  • have a hole in it so this shirt is very
  • thin so you really have to be careful I
  • think you will definitely rip this I
  • don't think you can get too many words
  • out of it but for nine dollars it's I
  • mean I don't think I will be wearing
  • these too much
  • I think shirts like this is a little bit
  • too revealing personally for me unless
  • you're on a special occasion or going
  • out somewhere that requires you to have
  • your boobs out I don't really like that
  • style just to take my son to school it's
  • not really appropriate so I won't be
  • really rocking these shirt on a day to
  • day basis or that much so I just love
  • this cute so I picked this shirt
  • [Music]
  • items I picked up is actually a set it
  • is just this jogger set a really cute
  • tried it one it's very very stretchy
  • well it is like white into the fades to
  • gray and then goes down to black and it
  • reminds me of those pink slips too but
  • it's just not pink
  • Abu it's not ever 21 it's just like a
  • hood it over hoody and this isn't a
  • large as the will this one cost 20 to 90
  • just for the coats I believe I got
  • doctor percent off went forever 21 was
  • shockingly diamonds payables like I also
  • shop on the plus side as you all may
  • know and they do have that same sweat
  • suit or jogger suit in the plus-sized
  • area I'm not sure if it's still in stock
  • their items been selling out quick fast
  • and in a hurry so these are actually the
  • leggings to them they are just a long
  • pair leggings with that same fade from
  • black they fade from black to white
  • towards the bottom of the shoe ankles
  • these leggings were 1490 but like I said
  • all these items I did get for I don't
  • know the last 30 percent off 20% off I
  • got some type of sale off
  • item I got are these shorts so a pair of
  • jersey knit short no I am not wearing
  • these out there they're very soft
  • they're cotton but they're soft these
  • are also in a large and then it also
  • comes with this shirt it's like a
  • cropped shirt in a sense feeling good
  • and this is all actually a pajama set
  • then the next item I shot was this black
  • tank top so you can never really have
  • too many of these and I believe I got
  • this in the larger the whales or just
  • spaghetti-strap black tank top I also
  • just a plain t-shirt a black t-shirt and
  • a white t-shirt but I wore those already
  • so they're no use for this haul and then
  • the next item I got is a long cardigan
  • sweater this cardigan for these hot and
  • knee-high boots I got from forever 21 as
  • well but it outfit so the booth was one
  • of the items that I had to take back at
  • the will that were super cute but they
  • did not fit my big calves then the next
  • item items I got are outerwear so if you
  • have not seen my shoe oh I definitely
  • mentioned this jacket in that haul so
  • this is just a bomber jacket I got in a
  • size large be sure to check it out so
  • you see with shoes I'm once a pair with
  • so much that came it'll be linked here
  • or here if the video was out and when
  • the video is out it'll be linked here or
  • here so stay tuned for dads
  • my god is like sportswear so of course I
  • had to wrap my tails written off CDs you
  • know I'm playing this nothing like walk
  • around like I'm from the bay now that I
  • got this warriors over coats
  • kangaroo pouch like the over velvety
  • like what are these color I don't know
  • but it just have like this little pouch
  • pocket here that says Warriors in it and
  • of course it's in the Warriors color oh
  • wow I did not know this is actual pocket
  • right here so it slips and it's a
  • similar side and then it zips awesome
  • near the booth area and then the back it
  • says warriors as well and it has a
  • picture of their little basketball
  • bridge and logo I thought this video was
  • really cute the colors are hard spatula
  • with if you want to seem like a few
  • casual look books I'll be sure to put
  • that out I'm probably definitely going
  • to just put it out anyway so stay tuned
  • for the dads
  • [Music]
  • in the next item I got which if you have
  • not seen my last forever 21 haul I
  • probably mentioned this jacket but I
  • finally got my hands on it when I went
  • back on there and they were having
  • another 30% off the sale so this jacket
  • was on sale as well and I had to grab
  • anything like it's just so cute
  • it's a tan bomber coat this hand bomber
  • jackets but what's different about this
  • is that it's a 49ers winning item is
  • personally my faith like I don't know
  • why didn't get one of these jackets
  • sooner like what's wrong with me I think
  • because it was a little pricey maybe I
  • don't know but the next item I got is
  • this biker jacket was just a regular
  • leather moto jacket but it has a fur
  • around the collar I think you could
  • detach and be attached this verb which I
  • really really like like if you just want
  • to wear the fur with a different outfit
  • to take this far off and it definitely
  • look like a 10 like for real like I
  • really do and it makes this jacket look
  • expensive but it was only 47 90 but I
  • actually got some money off because like
  • I said I bought these items when they
  • were having these different sales going
  • on so I like 10% off or something like
  • that maybe I had a gift card from the
  • items I had to take back so yeah so just
  • silver um
  • hardware on it
  • item I got for some sneakers for some
  • some there's the black sneaker I've been
  • trying to get more sneakers because I've
  • noticed like I'm more than likely
  • running errands so these are like the
  • kid style if you're not familiar with
  • kid they're just like more I would say
  • converse but they're just like an all
  • black shoe and also I forgot to mention
  • these items I shopped with Ebates so I
  • don't know if he's I've seen I wasn't
  • familiar with it until I seen a
  • commercial I believe so you base it's
  • free to sign up you actually get a $10
  • bonus to join so when the period comes
  • around for you to get paid get your
  • money back from shopping with different
  • companies and if you're like myself I
  • shop online all the time so why not get
  • on the cooling we go book and get some
  • coins back I'm shy have a link to the
  • Ebates
  • in the description box below so if you
  • guys want to get some points back from
  • any shopping trips for making this
  • winter Christmas Thanksgiving months
  • check out whole Ebates like it's really
  • cool right now I'm actually have gotten
  • 13 books back like from this shopping
  • trip from forever 21
  • I made one at Sephora you get like two
  • percent three percent sometimes five
  • percent back from your shopping trip and
  • so far I have made 13 looks like y'all
  • just shopping and getting nothing back a
  • quick way to make some cash or get some
  • cash back from all the shopping we do
  • ladies so don't be afraid to check out
  • that link once you sign up you will get
  • arches you will get that $10 so don't
  • forget to go sign up
  • in the description box below and that is
  • the end of my haul you guys hopefully
  • you guys enjoyed this video so chat in
  • the comments below um you know tell me
  • which item was your fave which I mean
  • like even if you don't like any of the
  • items tell me in the comments below also
  • give me a thumbs up if you're filling
  • this hall and give me a thumbs up also
  • if you like to see more videos like this
  • from moi subscribe I told you guys
  • subscribe earlier you didn't click the
  • subscribe button stop what you're doing
  • now it's in the video click that
  • subscribe button if you guys gonna go
  • check out any of my other videos they
  • are in the cards above nope
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you

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green top
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PJ set
active top
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Blue Bomber
49ers Bomber
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