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Video Leroy Makes It To The FL2K18 Stick Shift Class FINALS! (180+MPH PASS!!)
23:35   |   today at 00:09


  • all right cheers to bald eagles was your
  • on the please confer on YouTube chain
  • what's up guys welcome back to FL 2k 18
  • we are out here ready for elimination so
  • Cooper's car unfortunately is down it's
  • making a big noise and he doesn't want
  • to race it like that so it's gonna be
  • Leroy
  • neighbor and James 240 racing today we
  • got neighbor the 10-5 class James is in
  • the no time eight mile class and then
  • Leroy in the stick class of course
  • qualified number one Leroy James doesn't
  • have qualifying it's at no time thought
  • they just pick chips in the line
  • neighbor didn't even make it sense I can
  • fast yesterday but you did a 10-5 five
  • so really he's just kind of getting some
  • test runs but we're gonna go out here
  • pull rip with Leroy it's pretty hot but
  • we're gonna turn it up in the heat and
  • see what we can do pretty excited we got
  • some heavy hitters we got the blue
  • Camaro which is gone seven 90s and then
  • we have the white 240 which is gone 804
  • so pretty fast cars and hopefully we can
  • take home the win all right got the
  • pulling up in neighbor Cooper they want
  • to race him so I'm about their rates
  • 10-5 class going up again a modified GPS
  • v2 is actually just in our shop Jeremy
  • tune it
  • I probably won't survive one round
  • because all these guys go like mid tens
  • and I haven't even ran a tan yet but
  • we're gonna try our best get that ten
  • [Applause]
  • well you got knocked down by cts-v I
  • know it's even worth it to beat ya did
  • it since I have to do that one two real
  • slow it just won't do it
  • it was kind of hopping off the line I
  • know man will hop gang down love it man
  • all right you got first round hit this
  • gentleman Mustang a yellow Mustang all
  • right get out of there interesting
  • brother you gotta get on
  • or 50 and I did read hi Jane
  • we got to get a good set of axles for
  • that thing gotta get us back for our
  • first round we have a five-run since we
  • were number one qualifier that works out
  • pretty good
  • we're still gonna make a full rib
  • test-fit just because we want to get
  • some data see a Libra is working with
  • the tune-up we have Adem
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • not a bad ramp not a bad rip at all guys
  • that'll give us some data to work with
  • for round two it's not that many cars so
  • we just gotta win the next round and
  • we're in the finals at least one of our
  • cars to make it to round two just needed
  • the via buy run
  • looks good guys we just went 813 at 175
  • fell and ate one in the he today baby
  • I'll take it one three seven in a
  • 60-foot so gotta get our 60-foot back a
  • little bit but otherwise I'll even touch
  • this tune up feels like the car is
  • running enjoyed it I don't want to risk
  • doing something weird to the tune up and
  • losing the final ride sleep right here
  • that's definitely the baddest fastest
  • we've ever gone and eat like the yeah
  • eight one ray 25 or something well it
  • looks good but we got it just gotta get
  • through these next few rounds
  • oh man I'm like I'm nervous now because
  • we're right in the thick of the
  • competition now made it bad start by
  • around on the good run so now I need to
  • run like that every pass and we will
  • take home the money I think you're
  • racing that silver Camaro next the
  • nitrous car ok good thing about it
  • though is we were the only state ship
  • part to go a to be clean yeah everyone
  • else had promised reading the lines but
  • yeah so you've been pretty soft think
  • I'm riding the clutch the figure was
  • perfect and everyone our metal bit yeah
  • still 60 footer so we're gonna line up
  • with a Camaro next so then it will
  • probably have either the blue Camaro or
  • the silt or the 240 and that's a 798 car
  • and an 804 cars so we'll have one of
  • those but when this next round that
  • would be a good race those two that's
  • would be a good farmer yeah I just want
  • to see them raised - all right folks are
  • heading up around - we just had a little
  • bit of rain come through but uh gotta
  • make it through this round to the finals
  • and take home adobea well folks here we
  • go we got a nitrous f-body Camaro in the
  • semi-finals
  • hopefully begin get around this guy get
  • into the final right now the guy you're
  • in the 804 and the guy who's about 798
  • or eights in the Camaro and the 240 so
  • I'll see you with that
  • damn that was a crazy race dude to
  • Maryland had the whole shot so if you
  • guys remember the 240 we arranged to
  • them in Charlotte the thing is nasty so
  • if I win this race I'm gonna be racing
  • the 240 in the file
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • No
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • Oh finals here we come ooh good feeling
  • it's nerve-racking feeling though all
  • right hopefully the rating holds out we
  • were on the file whoo all right hmm
  • oh you know we should turn it up it's
  • running good
  • [Music]
  • thank you
  • [Music]
  • 8 points 0 & 3 & 1
  • fam dat
  • [Music]
  • 1:29 in a 64 that's pretty good
  • my second gear shift was a little slow
  • so that's how he long start seven
  • because they're really tight on it but
  • it's gonna tune up its gonna leave how
  • it is
  • how about that Apple yeah you know I was
  • trying to be nice to the dip a little
  • bit because the one-two is so hard and I
  • knew we were out on that guy so I saw
  • the one-two now just a hair that's where
  • we lost 470 that was a seven-second yeah
  • 129 60 foot five two today
  • geez 140 today just do that same thing
  • next round and it'll be good yep so
  • we're gonna keep doing what we're doing
  • guys I don't want to change anything I
  • might just add a little bit of boost in
  • third fourth try and kick us up to 180
  • mile an hour but whoo I know the 240
  • then I'm racing he chapped a 186 miles
  • an hour yesterday he's gonna be ripping
  • in the 180s I don't want him to catch us
  • so we need to power up top but otherwise
  • everything's good everything's good
  • Kelly I do guys having my pre-finals
  • Bartel ski here
  • all right in now for the boys we're
  • gonna go out there let it rip
  • I'm just in this for the big check
  • I don't it could say $10 on it but I
  • want the big check we can get the big
  • check that's all that matters just
  • somebody has something to take home and
  • put about the toolbox motivation this is
  • good practice for World Cup said this is
  • you know like what's awesome is we're
  • getting ready for World Cup with this
  • race and we're starting to see those
  • Eidos and high 7s that we're gonna need
  • every single pass at a minimum every
  • World Cup so eventually our so as facets
  • are gonna have to be 787 80s and then
  • when we're racing we need to go 757 40s
  • if we're gonna hang with the guys of
  • World Cup so we're getting there but we
  • got a lot of work to do for sure but
  • coming together guys good work oh the
  • disclaimer that's not a fuel cell for
  • everyone that thinks it is a lot of
  • people know it's all on and on I bet you
  • comments will say but he just put
  • mountain doing his fuel cell true yeah
  • at the water vodka party guys here we go
  • finals at least in the 240 we raised him
  • before barely squeezed gotta win so
  • right now we got to get out of there do
  • it again
  • hi Gavin well sprinkle
  • no way no way that started raining
  • are you kidding me well guys it started
  • coming down pretty good so we're just
  • chilling right here we just pulled up to
  • round the final and starts pouring so we
  • are hoping it clears over soon and they
  • can just dry the track real quick and we
  • will be ready to rip again all right oh
  • yeah guys we are back with blue skies
  • that's Florida for you and we are
  • gearing up to make it rip it's gonna be
  • good
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • yeah baby
  • hell yeah Leroy that's my boy whoa that
  • had to be a good pass dude I thought
  • you're coming for me he's coming for me
  • our old tub no doubt
  • [Music]
  • yeah baby
  • thank you thank you
  • [Music]
  • what he feels
  • why honey anything wild an outer
  • 795 and 182 while
  • well yeah guys
  • we went 8 1 damn
  • [Music]
  • day one
  • oh yeah boys
  • [Music]
  • let's go yeah thank you for the help
  • thank you for the help to do the team
  • right here
  • you guys are awesome thank you so much
  • 70 90 582 mile an hour yeah he was
  • coming for you on the big end yeah I
  • know it so I say that 186 mile an hour
  • ahead yeah he got you there but yeah I
  • met a tree a little bit whoa
  • short jacking with Leroy yeah what was
  • that a 30 mile an hour me to the eighth
  • and everything
  • Leroy just short tracks me yeah he that
  • first half of the track is a rip let's
  • go dude big check yeah that's all I
  • matter all he's gonna be so excited
  • hell yeah at least leader I held it down
  • for the team none of us made it very
  • long yeah I could just hear him I could
  • hear him and I was like that thing's on
  • a rip short-shifted fourth on accident
  • James was cheering right as you got out
  • a hole then he was coming for you like
  • oh no I haven't had to my pilot like
  • that I made it like I just have it he
  • was on me he was on me yeah all right
  • all right all right all right to the
  • award ceremony we go up there yeah hold
  • up we have tuneups for solid pastures
  • yeah those goddamn cemani every time we
  • got that seven there Bradenton had that
  • prep down I felt okay
  • Oh baby let's go right there see it that
  • one big check and a trophy can be cuddle
  • this ain't for a week yeah all right
  • guys this might sound a little bit
  • repetitive but we gotta thank all of our
  • incredible sponsors we got first Asian
  • turbo giving us the boost we got
  • Frankenstein intakes download The Iceman
  • keeping the iadies cold especially with
  • its hot here in Florida Texas speed our
  • boys you guys know that Pro fab all
  • amazing fab work then we got monster
  • clutches
  • you know the clutch is so crucial rpm
  • transmissions came in extremely clutch
  • this week overnight stuff you know
  • freakin really helping us out so huge
  • shout out to that man fuel injector
  • clinic on the injectors Jay from a night
  • racing on the fuel and obviously motion
  • race works those guys are super helpful
  • with any parts we ever need you know
  • there was the tricky stuff and then
  • obviously Holley performance with the
  • computer and Holley the dog Oh with all
  • the tuning so
  • amazing guys the Dominator was the
  • computer was amazing and he compensating
  • for our fuel and stuff but and then
  • another huge one is obviously trz
  • Motorsports we just did the whole front
  • k-member and obviously it's working I
  • mean we're 60 putting better than
  • anybody out here Oh feels so good we got
  • our freakin giant check so excited just
  • the symbol of this and all the hard work
  • that you guys and I have put into this
  • you know finally won our first big race
  • so we got World Cup coming up we got
  • Cletus in cars
  • October 20th in Houston and then Cletus
  • in car is Bradenton November 10th but
  • World Cup in between there so much fun
  • stuff to come so excited about this win
  • and thank you all so much for watching
  • dude prevail we will freakin see you
  • later
  • [Music]

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That's gotta be the closest race in the history of Leroy!

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