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Video The Worst Items of Classic WoW - Azeroth Arsenal Episode 13
13:23   |   views   |   01/01/2019


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey guys what's up Mad Season here back
  • with another video for you in my Azeroth
  • Arsenal series yeah this series does
  • still exist sorry it's been a while
  • usually for these I like to show off the
  • best of the best weapons ones that have
  • been firmly established in the lore as
  • these mythical items wielded by only the
  • most powerful figures but in this one
  • we're going to go to the opposite end of
  • the spectrum
  • we'll cover the biggest disappointments
  • items that if other players saw that you
  • have equipped they would shake their
  • heads and laugh this particular grouping
  • will be from classic World of Warcraft
  • because well as much as I Tom vanilla
  • the itemization was all over the place
  • it was the growing stages still and
  • there was a lot of experimentation some
  • were great successes and others great
  • failures what better way than to start
  • off with vendor strike this was a
  • polearm type weapon found in the first
  • raid the molten core specifically from
  • the sulfur and harbinger boss it's quite
  • the unique case to because it's a
  • two-for-one you looted the base as
  • shadow strike but if you used it it
  • would transform into a new weapon
  • entirely which is Thunder strike let me
  • put you in the moment this was the very
  • beginning of raiding back then no one
  • knew what they were doing and these
  • raids were mad scrambles for the
  • mythical purple quality items coming
  • from dungeons even a full set of Blues
  • was a status symbol for a good while
  • there so how could a purple let alone a
  • purple weapon possibly be bad well for a
  • few reasons
  • first is due to the weapons speed both
  • versions have a speed of 3.1 zero which
  • is quite fast for the time back then
  • when we had variable weapons speeds the
  • slower the better since your ability
  • damage would increase the higher the
  • damage range the weapon had it also had
  • a lower than usual DPS than other
  • weapons in the raid a direct comparison
  • of an actual good two hander is the
  • Obsidian edged blade which had a slower
  • speed great stats and about five more
  • DPS
  • which is pretty big point to is the fact
  • that there are no stats even if the
  • weapon has a fast speed they can
  • sometimes be handy for hunters just to
  • use for the stats but both effects are
  • damaged procs and pretty unimpressive
  • ones at that with shadow strike having a
  • life steel and thunder strike having a
  • Chain Lightning effect and lastly it's
  • simply because their pole arms one of
  • the least used weapon types in the game
  • at that point
  • only a few classes could even wield it
  • and as you may know these were still the
  • days of weapon skills you had to level
  • each one manually and since there were
  • so few pole arms in the game
  • most people had a low skill in wielding
  • them anyways so because of all of this
  • players were eventually able to look
  • past at shiny color and it became the
  • black sheep of weapons in vanilla shadow
  • strike Thunder strike people preferred
  • vendor strike or a nexus strike
  • referring to the material and chanter
  • skin when disenchanting it rest assured
  • if you're walking around with this back
  • then you'd be on the receiving end of
  • quite a few to write some remarks
  • looking past that though I do look to it
  • quite fondly solely due to its
  • uniqueness how many items were there
  • that transformed upon use off the top of
  • my head there's just anathema and
  • benediction which were the priests
  • staves so although it sucked it did have
  • that redeeming quality of being unique
  • and interesting I thought something that
  • just plain sucked though was the line
  • Horn of Stormwind a trinket which when
  • struck in combat has a 1% chance of
  • increasing all party members armor by
  • 250 and items so bad it even has a
  • grammar mistake in its description I
  • feel like I don't really need to explain
  • just why this is so horrible but I'll do
  • it anyways at the maximum level 250
  • armors nothing let alone a 1% chance to
  • proc it it's about a 1% difference at
  • the max level if it's up armor is
  • something that skills with level but
  • since it requires a laughable level 58
  • to equip it doesn't matter anyway
  • the party member bonus can be
  • effectively ignored because only the
  • tank should be getting hit with physical
  • attacks anyways and if that's not the
  • case a 1% chance at 250 isn't gonna help
  • you but wait we've overlooked something
  • all these years can you see what we
  • missed that's right it's not unique so
  • slap two of these bad boys on and you'll
  • be the horniest player in the game next
  • we have another trinket which is the
  • essence of the pure flame at this point
  • I'd like to remark just how few viable
  • trinkets there were in the game it
  • seemed like per class you could count on
  • one hand the ones that were even decent
  • so for a trinket to make this list it
  • has to be pretty bad this one as you can
  • see has just one effect when struck in
  • combat inflicts 13 fire damage to the
  • attacker
  • another item so bad it even got a
  • nickname often called the essence of the
  • pure Nexus in the group scene if you're
  • a tank your main focus is reducing
  • damage taken not dealing it out and even
  • still 13 per hit is nothing the only
  • thing I can say is that there were some
  • sets designed for stacking thorns for
  • power leveling other people and dungeons
  • shout outs to the hobs way of pulling so
  • I can't say this is entirely useless
  • just mostly useless next though we have
  • something that really is useless it's
  • not an actual item so it may be
  • considered cheating but something that
  • used to happen back in the day was that
  • shame and set pieces could drop for the
  • Alliance and paladin pieces could drop
  • for the Horde remember it wasn't until
  • the Burning Crusade that both factions
  • could roll both classes so there's not
  • even an argument here these items would
  • literally be useless if they dropped for
  • the wrong faction is kind of hard to
  • believe stuff like that would never pass
  • today but it actually happened like I
  • said vanilla itemization was interesting
  • to say the least it was eventually fixed
  • but the same problem arose with other
  • pieces there are plenty of plate items
  • that
  • intellect or caster base stats something
  • that's also useless for the Horde on the
  • align side you could get Shaymin
  • oriented gear with intellect male armor
  • but paladin's could still equip that
  • without a big penalty it wasn't a huge
  • deal back in the day for classes to wear
  • the wrong armor type just because they
  • had good stats in fact you'd see plenty
  • of paladin's walking around in cloth
  • gear in that old Leroy Jenkins video
  • they were trying to get the priests
  • shoulders for a paladin in fact so these
  • items is useless as they are at least
  • aren't harmful to anyone but yourself
  • who cares event warrior his rocking
  • vendor strike bless his heart he's
  • having fun there were some items that
  • went beyond that though one of them is
  • the skull for Trevor at first glance
  • this isn't horrible a nice weapon for an
  • introduction to raiding it's blue a
  • slower weapon speed which is good for
  • your main end and best of all it looks
  • cool it has a purple glow to it and if
  • you see that and one on your back which
  • was a pretty unique thing back then it
  • had a whole ninja thing going on if he
  • had to equipped which definitely gave it
  • some points but the main worry here is
  • its proc defect chance on hit drinks the
  • target for two shadow damage every
  • second leeches that to the wielder and
  • lasts for 30 seconds
  • well first off let's just plain sucks
  • you'd much rather have some stats
  • instead and it's not to say that proc
  • based effects were bad back then there
  • are some great ones but 60 life over 30
  • seconds just wasn't the best but the
  • worst part is that it took up a debuff
  • slot back then debuffs were limited to
  • eight slots until patch 1.7 word was
  • increased to 16 total all 40 of your
  • members shared these slots and you had
  • to sort of ration them for only the most
  • important debuffs like the Warriors
  • Under Armour the warlocks curse of
  • elements and so on it was so bad that
  • some guilds required you to even avoid a
  • certain talent builds the Warriors deep
  • wounds which procs and crits is a useful
  • talent for solo play or
  • PvP button rating it takes up a valuable
  • slot so certainly you wouldn't want a
  • weapon like this taking up one and you'd
  • probably have a talking-to if you
  • brought it into a raid I know because I
  • did it back then
  • I brought the very same weapon into my
  • first molten core raid on my rogue and
  • the first thing they told me was to
  • replace it after the raid hey come on
  • the ninja factor was just too cool to
  • pass up give me a break here
  • next we have the flight blade throwing
  • axe which you could find off the war
  • master wound boss and the Blackrock
  • Spire raid before the Burning Crusade
  • expansion one of your options for ranged
  • damage where throwing weapons these
  • could be throwing daggers or axes as you
  • can see and for the most part they were
  • useless because as a hunter you couldn't
  • use abilities with them of course and as
  • a rogue or a warrior you'd much rather
  • have a normal ranged weapon in your
  • range slot for the stats and also
  • because he could never exhaust those
  • these throwing weapons had a certain
  • amount of charges on them and when you
  • exhausted them they were gone forever I
  • think the only thing you could say is
  • that these were faster than the normal
  • range weapons so maybe slightly more
  • convenient for pulling but other than
  • that having this drop off of the boss
  • was the equivalent of getting socks for
  • Christmas and lastly we have the spire
  • of the stone shaper first off another
  • weapon that's quite unique but also
  • quite worthless even worse actually
  • because it can get you killed quite
  • easily in fact on use increase your
  • armor by 1000 for 10 seconds but you
  • can't cast spells or attack during the
  • duration of the spell it's bad next item
  • okay I guess I should at least explain
  • why this is bad well first let's look at
  • the targeted clientele tanking druids
  • would be the most reasonable choice i
  • think but something you got to
  • understand with classic tanking is that
  • threat was actually really hard to get
  • it's one of the reasons why warriors
  • were the best tanks it's because they
  • had a huge arsenal of tongs and threat
  • generators at their disposal
  • druids on the other hand along with
  • paladin's found it much harder to hold
  • aggro on everything other than single
  • target
  • so basically pacifying yourself for 10
  • seconds is like the last thing you want
  • as a tank the armor doesn't matter if
  • nothing's hitting you and it's not even
  • just for tanks anything for any staff
  • wielding class why you'd want to
  • basically stun yourself for 10 seconds
  • for a little added physical defense I
  • can and worst of all when you use it
  • it's a debuff so you just can't click it
  • off I mean I think it's appropriate in
  • this sense it does more harm than good
  • but still that's pretty hardcore so for
  • all intents and purposes let's just call
  • this one the spire of the group wiper
  • alright I think that's pretty good for
  • this one I do have more but I think this
  • is a good stopping point if you think I
  • missed any feel free to let me know like
  • I said most of them are gonna be from
  • classic just because everything was
  • still new and even the developers didn't
  • fully know what they were doing still
  • I'll try to do this series more as I
  • still have a lot to talk about
  • so if you decide to join me I'll see you
  • then I hope you found the video
  • interesting or entertaining like it if
  • you liked it and I'll see in the next
  • one peace
  • [Music]
  • farewell for now
  • mortals we hope you enjoyed today's
  • video see you again soon
  • you

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Back with another episode in the Azeroth Arsenal Series! In this one, we do something a little different and cover some of the biggest stinkers of Classic World of Warcraft.

Hobbs way of pulling: /watch?v=EN7KfJ7ZKXc

If you have any suggestions, requests, or just general feedback let me know in the comments or with a message. I try my best to answer or at least read as many as I can.

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