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Video Garageband Sampler
01:20   |   1K+ views   |   06/21/2018 at 22:00


  • sample allows you to take a short
  • version of a recording and mix the
  • ultimate sound that will come out of it
  • now you can either record it like you
  • did with microphone recording or you can
  • go to my samples and you can get a
  • multiple of different sounds and change
  • the frequency of them by going higher on
  • the keyboard or going lower you can
  • adjust them even further by going up or
  • down octaves you can also change what
  • the keyboard is going to be doing and
  • play a series of them in order so you're
  • doing chords for instance these are kids
  • cheering an octave lower
  • or a dog barking an octave higher now
  • these are just some basic sounds the
  • kids can mix create their own sounds or
  • say a short phrase makes it higher mix
  • it lower
  • either way it's changing and it's
  • bending the frequency and giving you
  • more options for recording

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Edit and distort acoustic sounds with this mixer app in GarageBand. Think Alvin and the Chipmunks!

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