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Video How to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time | 5-Minute Language
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  • hi everyone welcome to 5-minute language
  • this video is about learning two
  • languages at the same time it's
  • something that the readers of
  • five-minute language are really
  • interested in a topic that you know a
  • lot of people are very passionate about
  • and I thought I would make a little
  • video just to kind of share with you the
  • tips that I have based on my own
  • experience of learning foreign languages
  • and also based on what I've read about
  • the process of learning several
  • languages at the same time so the first
  • tip is to associate a different study
  • routine with with each language so for
  • example if you take a bus or a train to
  • work that could be your study time for
  • one of the languages that you're
  • learning so for example if you're
  • learning English and Spanish you can say
  • that you will only learn English on your
  • way to work and for example also on your
  • lunch break so you associate going to
  • work and being at work with one language
  • and then you can say that you will only
  • learn Spanish when you're at home so
  • you've got two different environments
  • that kind of make it possible for you to
  • create a distinction between the two
  • languages and therefore you're less
  • likely to get confused by the two
  • languages because you all know that when
  • you're on the train your study English
  • when you're at home you're studying
  • Spanish tip number two is using personas
  • to learn foreign languages what I mean
  • by that is you create almost a separate
  • personality when you learn each of the
  • two languages so for example if you're
  • learning Spanish and you're learning
  • German you can pretend that every time
  • you practice the language you're a
  • different person so for example Spanish
  • you can think of a character from your
  • favorite film and you can almost pretend
  • or imagine that you are that person and
  • they have certain traits certain way of
  • talking certain way of using body
  • language
  • so whenever you practice that language
  • try to impersonate that character when
  • you're learning German again take a
  • character from a film or a TV show or
  • even you know a famous singer that you
  • want to impress impersonate that you
  • know sings in German and that will help
  • you create a distinction again because
  • you're almost stepping into the shoes of
  • different people whenever you learn each
  • of the languages number three is choose
  • languages with different levels of
  • proficiency so what I mean by that is
  • that it's easier to learn two languages
  • at the same time when you're at a
  • different level with each of the
  • languages and so for example if you're
  • learning English and you're advanced or
  • upper intermediate it's going to be
  • easier for you to learn Spanish if
  • you're a beginner just because just the
  • fact that you've got two different
  • levels there makes it easier for your
  • brain to kind of create a distinction
  • between these two languages and I think
  • it's particularly true when you're
  • learning languages which are quite
  • similar to each other so for example
  • French and Spanish or Polish and Russian
  • or German and Swedish you know the kind
  • of languages that belong to the same
  • language family tip number four is
  • learning two languages which are very
  • different from each other at the moment
  • for example I am focusing on Japanese
  • which is very different to any other
  • language that I can speak which makes it
  • so much easier to learn because I'm not
  • confusing Japanese with any other
  • language and I can I can very easily
  • make a distinction between these two
  • languages so tip number five is about
  • learning two languages which are similar
  • to each other I'm not saying that you
  • should do tip four and five at the same
  • time you should probably choose either
  • four or five depending on your learning
  • style and how you like to learn
  • languages but number five is basically
  • about choosing languages that share and
  • a lot of their vocabulary so for example
  • French and Spanish share a lot of kind
  • of
  • vocabulary you can learn words in the
  • one language and you can then learn
  • vocabulary based on them because of the
  • similarities between these two languages
  • you know some people find it useful some
  • people find it very confusing so just
  • decide what's better for you learning
  • languages which are very different from
  • each other or learning languages which
  • are very similar to each other and my
  • final tip is about scheduling your
  • learning so obviously learning one
  • language especially if you're working
  • full time or if you're studying or if
  • you haven't got very much free time is a
  • challenge but it's possible it's doable
  • and it all comes down to organization
  • time management and planning so when
  • you're learning two languages it's going
  • to be particularly important for you to
  • schedule in your learning so you can do
  • things like scheduling your first
  • language for one week and then the
  • following week doing the second language
  • then the third week going back to the
  • first language and so on and so on or
  • you can have days during the week which
  • are devoted to a specific language so
  • for example learn French during the week
  • and then move on to German at the
  • weekends and try not to learn both
  • languages on the same day because that
  • can get your brain a little bit confused
  • it's always good to go to sleep get up
  • and have a fresh start and focus on
  • another language so I hope you've
  • enjoyed these tips and let me know if
  • you are learning two languages at the
  • same time I would be really interested
  • in hearing your tips so I will see you
  • soon bye

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