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Video Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle | How to Get Healthy
09:44   |   views   |   06/28/2017


  • hey guys I'm Kristen and welcome back to
  • my channel to attend to be doing a very
  • requested video every single started
  • doing my fitness videos you guys have
  • been willing to see 10 tips to get
  • healthy tips for starting a healthy
  • lifestyle what is to get motivated to
  • get healthy ways to stay healthy all
  • that kind of stuff
  • trust me I know how it feels to want to
  • get healthy but not know where to start
  • I mean sometimes a health and fitness
  • lifestyle can look like this big
  • daunting a task and big journey and you
  • just don't know where to begin
  • that's why I'm here today to help you to
  • give you 10 tips and talk to you guys
  • about it and then in your first video of
  • mine hello welcome to the Sam I think we
  • also came up with this band name just
  • our length I won't really seem to really
  • really like that and it's also cool
  • because starlings is a bird so what you
  • guys can do like when we tweet together
  • and stuff like this
  • starlings will meal to eat we can tweet
  • out this bird emoji because it's like I
  • will got a little mascot because I just
  • acquired something that's really cute
  • and it had like goes along with my name
  • is soft so I like it you guys like it I
  • don't know wrists or legs now I think
  • that's cool so if you want to be one to
  • subscribe to my channel because I upload
  • all the time and starting today no
  • starting a few days ago I'm uploading so
  • much at least in the month of July don't
  • do the rest of summer though but like
  • you guys don't even know how many videos
  • are coming out yet it's like crazy I'm a
  • little overwhelmed but I do it I can
  • miss people I love I know I'm kind of
  • why you should subscribe my channel
  • anyway let's get on with the video
  • all right so tip number one is to have
  • real motivation you are not going to
  • want to get healthy unless you are
  • actually motivated and I know this can
  • sound like shallow to have real
  • motivation but honestly like get
  • motivated do your exes dunk you want to
  • look hot make them jealous amazing do it
  • do you honestly just hate how you feel
  • you're close because if you can't wear
  • certain shirts or pants or you dread
  • going to pick out your clothes no you
  • just don't like how you look in them or
  • right kind of a good healthy
  • like there's no bad reason to get
  • motivated to get healthy from personal
  • experience reason why I
  • started getting healthy with because I
  • hated wearing anything because my thighs
  • are too touching I just felt gross all
  • the time I just felt overweight I felt
  • like everything my body just moves so
  • slow and I realized I felt like crap
  • because I was eating correct so that
  • goes on with number two which is a good
  • inspired and get educated now there are
  • so many different lifestyle routes that
  • you can take you can you know follow
  • Instagram accountancy target progress
  • pictures and see how people eat a lot of
  • food accounts I really want to mention
  • off the catalogue you want to videos on
  • YouTube how to lose 100 pounds how do
  • you know whatever do all this up
  • documentaries on Netflix are amazing you
  • can watch cups bears you can read folks
  • like skinny veg that's a book that
  • honestly changed my life I'm going to
  • link a lot of documentaries and books
  • that I really really like down below
  • they are really good educate yourself
  • and never stop learning because the more
  • you learn the more you inspired and
  • you're going to stay hard and stay
  • motivated to stay healthy going along
  • with that my third tip is to take
  • progress pictures on your day one
  • take a picture that you just don't like
  • work from there also this really sounds
  • kind of nice stuff but it really did
  • help me I took a picture in my mirror in
  • my old bedroom of like how it looked and
  • went out they soon have an edited it to
  • how I want it to look and I'm kept a
  • picture I looked back a few months later
  • and I looked like that picture so when
  • you can kind of see how you want
  • yourself to look you are really
  • motivated to get to that point and also
  • when you see your own progress pictures
  • you take one every four weeks when you
  • see how you are changing your own body
  • you say much more motivated and trust me
  • the before and afters are like
  • incredible so this all kind of goes off
  • one another but my fourth tip is no diet
  • I swear to God if I see any of you guys
  • do any of like these stupid diets that
  • are only good for like a week where you
  • lose like 15 pounds a juice cleanse any
  • of that stuff that's not a real way of
  • eating okay when you get healthy it's a
  • lifestyle and I know that sounds like a
  • major change to your life but when you
  • start changing your life you're not
  • going to want to go back to your old
  • ways you're just going to have to
  • experiment and this is really hard to
  • find what worked for you and what
  • doesn't work for you are you intolerant
  • to dairy are you intolerant to meet you
  • are you intolerant to gluten like what
  • is your body
  • how does your body work everyone's body
  • is different so I can't tell you like
  • what's going to work and what's not
  • going to work you have to figure it out
  • for yourself and you're gonna have to
  • stick to it once you find out what works
  • for you
  • next up on the diet totem pole number
  • five tip is to drink only water cut out
  • sodas cut out any and juices Gatorade
  • Powerade sugary drinks I'm serious like
  • coffee when you sleep enough hours and
  • you eat right and you drink enough water
  • if you don't need coffee to get sick
  • today I just drink only water it really
  • helps you so so much if you're like me
  • and you don't like the taste of water
  • put lemon in it I know everyone's he'll
  • do that but oh don't hate so you try it
  • really really yummy and it's also going
  • to detoxify your body it's number six
  • six is to try out this new diet
  • lifestyle whatever for 30 days just try
  • for 30 days you can do anything because
  • there's no process smooth no candy no
  • junk food just real healthy Whole Foods
  • water for 30 days and you're going to
  • notice a huge difference and after the
  • 30 days if you hated it you can go back
  • to your old ways and do whatever but I
  • can honestly guarantee you you're going
  • to see change in 30 days it takes spurt
  • it takes four bits for you if you change
  • eight weeks for other people to see a
  • change and 12 weeks for everyone to
  • notice the change think about that
  • you're going to start seeing changes in
  • your body you're not going to want to go
  • back just try for 30 days don't knock it
  • till you try it
  • my next tip number seven is to try a new
  • workout in find out what workouts work
  • for you when I started I will go to the
  • gym I like lifts and stuff and I was so
  • bored with the gym is so not fun like I
  • just really don't enjoy going to the gym
  • and like I still kind of don't enjoy
  • going to the gym but if the gym is your
  • option on your workout buddy it really
  • does help if you can't afford them
  • there's so many videos on youtube to
  • watch to workout there's so many videos
  • to go upside and will workout you're
  • going to need to move your body if you
  • want to see a change I mean it's going
  • to speed it up a little bit more but I
  • also want to say a stand in the kitchen
  • not in a gym so if you really want to
  • see the biggest changes in your body
  • you're going to have to eat right you
  • can't just rely on working out just to
  • see a change in your body well right now
  • kind of be a catalyst for your health
  • and I'll just
  • progressed it forward a lot quicker and
  • you just feel so good after workout you
  • release endorphins your brain you kind
  • of just go like a high off fit it just
  • feels really good for me when I started
  • getting fit getting healthy I loved
  • going to spin classes and now I was like
  • my thing Duffman actually really really
  • different classes before that it was
  • kickboxing I really thought boxing so
  • cool so now I just sort of let just my
  • mom I teach spin classes now as much as
  • I loved it I became it's been a chapter
  • I take Barre classes and I like jump
  • around to other places around here into
  • Excel core and so cycle and I just go
  • everywhere number eight is to sleep
  • slowly through everyone's favorite if
  • get enough sleep I'm not kidding guys
  • you need to have enough sleep so I
  • always recommend to get at least six
  • hours of sleep every night it's not that
  • hard to get six hours of sleep and you
  • go to bed at midnight that's waking up
  • at 6:00 a.m. like that's not very hard
  • to do to get six hours of sleep sleep is
  • so amazing for your body sleeping helps
  • you keep float it honestly is beauty
  • sleep like it helps your skin recharge
  • refresh it helps your body to three
  • nourish itself it just helps me digest
  • everything break down everything your
  • body needs sleep to kind of clean up a
  • little bit do some polishing on some
  • areas and helps me the most of my
  • bloating I find significant differences
  • when I sleep six hours versus once we
  • think eight hours I wake up so much less
  • bloated and just so much more refreshed
  • and recharged nothing on is to arrive
  • yourself for me the way I like to bribe
  • is like workout clothes
  • Lululemon especially Lulu is like my
  • shoes when I feel like I'm really happy
  • with my body or I look good or I feel
  • really good or I know I've been getting
  • really healthy you know I'll go to Lulu
  • and I'll shoot myself we'll get some
  • pants make the sports bra a shirt maybe
  • just one thing maybe a headband who
  • knows if you don't want to go get
  • workout clothes that's totally fine
  • Kevin make sure it goes take care go on
  • a walk also get cute workout clothes
  • will make you really motivated to work
  • out like I'm not kidding but anyone is
  • so true my last and final test trip is
  • to learn how to be excited for your new
  • lifestyle because it is very addictive
  • to be honest with you it is so much fun
  • to see how well your body performs when
  • you nourish it correctly and you train
  • it properly it is very addicting feeling
  • when you just feel good on the inside
  • and it becomes not about the number on
  • the scale it doesn't become how you look
  • in the mirror not how you look in the
  • picture it's not how you compare to your
  • friends but it's how you feel on the
  • inside do you feel good you feel healthy
  • things like a well-oiled machine your
  • body is a machine why are you going to
  • jump you have to see the success stuff
  • possible and you're just going to feel
  • amazing if you reward your body it will
  • reward you back you're the best version
  • of you that you can possibly be and I
  • promise you this lifestyle won't sound
  • so daunting and it will just be your way
  • of life so that is it those are my 10
  • tips on getting healthy and how to start
  • a healthy lifestyle tips for a healthy
  • lifestyle whatever I ended up title in
  • this video I hope you guys all enjoyed
  • it it's definitely my last fitness blog
  • direction covered that's right here you
  • guys want to see a what I eat today that
  • is richer I love you guys so much and
  • I'll talk to you next video bye

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Hello all! This is my very requested video of how to start living a healthy lifestyle & how to get healthy! A healthy lifestyle can be a daunting journey and sorta seem like you don't know exactly where to start so this video will help you. It will show you how to be healthy, ways to get ready, how to start being healthy, tips for starting and tips for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!

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