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Video What They Don't Want To Tell You About Lamelo Ball
13:35   |   today at 14:26


  • you smell a ball one of the top freshmen
  • in the nation
  • [Music]
  • and you're widely considered one of the
  • best players in the 2019 class it's rare
  • for a freshman to have that label with
  • the ball situation it became so much
  • about personality and it was larger than
  • life
  • [Music]
  • but then we started to discuss and in a
  • lot of ways they started to move like
  • the other two guys were already in the
  • league so they weren't so when you send
  • them overseas to play against older guys
  • they're not necessarily as dominant as
  • you want them to be they don't have the
  • results that you felt they should have
  • two years ago lamellar ball was a
  • sophomore in high school ranked as a top
  • ten player in his class and arguably the
  • best point guard of any player his age
  • in the entire country fast forward two
  • years and lamella was just offered his
  • first and only college scholarship offer
  • which has five months left in his high
  • school career to a small d1 college in
  • fact lamellar ball isn't even the best
  • player on his own team things didn't go
  • quite as well as we once may have
  • thoughts but why if you take a second to
  • look past all the antics headlines to go
  • I mean his father levar it's pretty
  • obvious that lamellar ball is a solid d1
  • prospect matter of fact scratch them
  • lamellar ball a six seven lengthy court
  • general isn't just a potential d1 Hooper
  • he's one of the best players in his
  • entire class I mean right when you look
  • at the whole picture his potential his
  • incredible growth this year both in
  • stature and athleticism this seems like
  • a no-brainer but just to be sure let's
  • take a closer look at Melo why and where
  • his decline began and if it's too late
  • for him to recover from this steep
  • fall-off in the eyes of the public the
  • media and recruiters
  • [Music]
  • by now it seems like lo Melo has been in
  • the spotlight for what seems like years
  • and that's because well it has been
  • years in the early months of 2016 we got
  • our first glimpse at lamella ball way
  • back when he was a 14 year old freshman
  • starting on the best high school
  • basketball team in the country in chino
  • hills' to be fair the cameras were only
  • there because of Lonzo but the icing on
  • the cake was watching this young twitchy
  • 5-8 freshman ball out on some of the
  • best teams in California at the time
  • there were rumors floating around that
  • Melo would end up being the best of the
  • three brothers his father said it Lonzo
  • said it and to no one's surprise lamella
  • himself said it but honestly if you
  • watch these old highlights that wouldn't
  • surprise you too much he played the game
  • like he was born with the basketball in
  • his hand he could slow the game down and
  • speed it back up virtually at will as a
  • 14 year old kid playing varsity
  • basketball he was on the same wavelength
  • as his brothers one of them being four
  • years older than him and one year away
  • from the NBA simply put he passed the
  • high test and the talk of potential was
  • more than just hype it was completely
  • legit everyone speculated that he would
  • become one of the best high school
  • players in the country and that never
  • quite happened since he dropped out of
  • high school before his junior season
  • even began but a 92 point game a top-ten
  • national ranking a state championship
  • and a national championship in just his
  • first two seasons of high school I'd say
  • the predictions were correct at a young
  • age recruiters speculated that his game
  • would eventually reflect lonzo's and
  • although he has strayed away from his
  • natural point guard abilities in the
  • past with his 35 shots per game and
  • 40-foot bombs this season it seems like
  • he has focused in on his natural core
  • general like talents
  • vision the ability to turn a rebound
  • into a fast break at any moment the
  • skills to take over games in other ways
  • than just scoring and the maturity to
  • know when not to it's very reminiscent
  • of Lonzo for a while there I was
  • skeptical about mellows athleticism
  • considering Lanza was a freak athlete
  • but then he comes out and does stuff
  • like this and reassures me that he is
  • every bit of an elite athlete and the
  • last and most eye-opening development
  • that fans predicted was his insane
  • growth spurt from 5-8 his freshman
  • season to 6:1 his sophomore season to 6
  • for last season and now unbelievably
  • Mans is 6 7 6 7
  • but I mean it kind of makes sense his
  • dad is 65 Lee Angelo is 65 and Lanza was
  • 6 6 so yeah we should have all seen this
  • coming still it feels like yesterday
  • that he was just that short kid that
  • needed all the space in the world to get
  • a shot off in a high school basketball
  • game now as a 6 7 point guard lamella
  • has elite high first position even at
  • NBA standards the only point guards in
  • the entire league that are taller than
  • him are Ben Simmons and Isaac Bongo even
  • crazier there is only one shooting guard
  • in the entire NBA that is taller than
  • Mela which means that lamellar ball is
  • now taller than 99% of all NBA guards so
  • I'd say the speculation regarding his
  • potential height was pretty accurate
  • keep in mind lamella is actually only
  • supposed to be a junior right now Lavar
  • reclassified him back in eighth grade so
  • he could play in high school with his
  • brothers so at this point he could very
  • well keep growing and when you look at
  • just how far he has come and how high
  • his ceiling truly is it's easy to see
  • why he was once ranked as the best point
  • guard in the class of 2019 in the
  • tire country and yet here we are in 2019
  • and lamella is nowhere to be found on
  • any ranking leaderboard not on rivals
  • not on ESPN not on 24/7 sports as a 13
  • year old he was legitimately verbally
  • committed to UCLA and had interest from
  • Virginia and Washington states now as a
  • senior in high school he has one offer
  • one scholarship offered to Alabama A&M a
  • relatively small d1 program On January
  • 27 2017 ESPN released an article ranking
  • lamella as the eighth best player in his
  • class just a few spots behind RJ parents
  • and yet one of these players is going to
  • be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft in a
  • few months and the other could possibly
  • be playing ball at a mid-level college
  • basketball program to add insult to
  • injury after UCLA suspended Lee Angela
  • ball last season Lavar had the audacity
  • to go out of his way and say that
  • lamella would never play for UCLA which
  • I guess is perfectly okay with Melo
  • since according to him the list of
  • schools he would like to attend is short
  • and filled with blue chip talent now
  • Barrett's development has nothing to do
  • with Melo but considering both of them
  • were top recruits and both have expanded
  • and developed their game immensely in
  • the past two seasons it's eye-opening to
  • see just how different their situations
  • are two years ago RJ was still a
  • relatively unknown high school Hooper
  • two years ago the Melo dropped 92 points
  • in a game became the most famous 15 year
  • old on the planet and set the basketball
  • world on fire as a 15 year old some
  • people considered him to be the best
  • player of any age in all of California
  • now Melo isn't even the best player on
  • his own team spire Academy where lamella
  • now plays is also home to mark Watts a
  • four-star recruit Michigan State commit
  • and the sixth best point guard in the
  • country it's also home to Isaiah Jackson
  • a five-star recruit and one of the best
  • players in the entire country and when
  • you look at the past lamella has taken
  • from dropping out of high school to
  • playing overseas to playing in his own
  • father's basketball league and averaging
  • 40 15:11 and for a game it's not hard to
  • figure out what's going on here
  • Lavar ball was beyond confident that
  • lamella would be a generational talent
  • Lavar was making moves and stirring the
  • pot knowing that he would have lamelle
  • oh and even Lonzo as leverage he
  • literally didn't care if Melo played
  • college ball he actually believed that
  • his son would be such an overwhelming
  • talent that his route to the NBA
  • wouldn't need high school or college
  • ball in fact in August of last year when
  • discussing lamellas college eligibility
  • Lavar said we'll worry about it when we
  • get there who cares if he can't play
  • then he can't play it doesn't mean he'll
  • stop working out and getting better
  • maybe in two years they'll change the
  • rule and he'll be able to make it to the
  • NBA straight out of high school but one
  • thing he forgot to consider out of all
  • of this is that lamella was never
  • guaranteed to be the talent we once
  • thought he would be but here's the thing
  • I honestly believe that lamella has
  • developed into much more than we thought
  • he would regardless of the picture that
  • has been painted about his talents or
  • lack thereof lamellar ball is every bit
  • of a blue chip five-star prospect we
  • once thought he was and his full
  • potential is still unknown like I said
  • once you look past the antics the media
  • the hype and just watch the kid play
  • ball he's got all the tools to be a
  • future draft pick he may not be Lonzo
  • but let's not forget Lanza was the
  • second best high schooler in the country
  • by his senior season and the second
  • overall pick in the NBA Draft but
  • instead of fighting for a future draft
  • pick spots lamella is fighting for a
  • scholarship to play college basketball
  • but that's the thing Melo is very much
  • good enough to play with in any college
  • program so why is he not getting any
  • offers well the answer may be much more
  • than you think realistically lamella
  • won't even be able to play college
  • basketball I know it's something that we
  • all just assumed would come next but
  • really think about what's taken place
  • over the past year the Melo hired an
  • agent which in itself is enough to
  • forfeit an athlete's amateur status but
  • recent incident rule changes might allow
  • for the family to protest
  • starting this season high school players
  • may work with an agent provided that
  • they have been identified as elite by
  • USA basketball but USA Basketball has
  • never quite defined lamella as elite he
  • also had his own signature shoe when big
  • baller brand announced lamella Ball
  • signature shoe the NB one in August of
  • 2017 his future college eligibility
  • immediately came into question and of
  • course his eligibility will depend on
  • how the NCAA interprets big baller brand
  • is the company considered a family
  • business or is this player making money
  • off of his own image and finally and
  • most important the Melo played pro
  • basketball in Lithuania and I don't know
  • I am NOT an expert on the subject but
  • I'm pretty sure if there's one thing
  • that will make you lose your college
  • eligibility
  • it's playing a professional sports but
  • according to levar they did not accept
  • any money when they played overseas so
  • his amateur status should still be
  • intact but
  • did sign a contract and according to the
  • n-c-double-a if an athlete signs a
  • contract whether he gets paid or not he
  • is a professional so quite honestly that
  • likelihood that lamella will even get to
  • play college basketball is very very
  • slim where he wants to go to college
  • his family's feud with UCLA his
  • incredible potential and the fact that
  • he only has one college offer on the
  • table is completely irrelevant if the
  • n-c-double-a deems him ineligible so I
  • guess we'll just have to wait and see
  • how the next few months go for the young
  • hooper but regardless of the outcome my
  • mind is made up about Melo he is a
  • certified baller
  • he's a 17-year old six seven lengthy
  • floor general with underrated
  • athleticism and a ceiling higher than
  • his NBA lottery pick older brother the
  • tools are there now if he chooses to use
  • them and become the player he has the
  • potential to be is up to him hope you
  • all enjoyed and as always until next
  • time
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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