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Video Air Arms HFT 500 PCP Air Rifle Stock Adjustments
05:16   |   2K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:03


  • hello from Shinichi calm this is smoke
  • Josie today I want to show you the
  • adjustment of the stuff that you can do
  • with the air arm xft 500 or the ultimate
  • sporter whatever stop that is the same
  • structure so you guys will not know how
  • cool this stock is so let me show you
  • okay so I'm going to walk you around
  • right here okay now let's take a look at
  • right here this these are all the
  • adjustment you can do there's one screw
  • here to screw inside and then there are
  • screws here as well so basically let's
  • work it up and work it work on it now
  • work it up okay and kick some allen keys
  • you know the one that fits
  • don't ask me what size okay usually I
  • just take one of these and you know keep
  • keep by experiences but experience it
  • works good okay this one unscrew the
  • screw now you see I can move this bar up
  • and down okay and then a little bit of
  • wiggle left and right to pick up and
  • down basically it's up and down so we'll
  • set it to about here and snap the thing
  • back
  • you're also tilting this to one side
  • while you're doing it too you can also
  • tilt the other side of course now two
  • screws inside here they're hittin kick
  • to the screws inside okay this allows
  • you to set the stock to pivot around so
  • let me find that screw okay this one is
  • too small you see sometimes I just need
  • to flip them around and find the right
  • and I'm Keith maybe this one worked
  • yeah it did see if I experienced you
  • learn your tricks
  • see this one wow you can even turn and
  • it's a ball and what they call a ball
  • joint so basically look at it here okay
  • look at this Wow up and down it's like
  • whoo you can even do do it like that
  • like that see up and down everywhere
  • it's adjustable you see this it's a ball
  • joint you can you can move it anywhere
  • you want anywhere that you feel like
  • okay now when you're done just tighten
  • that screw again which is so fucking
  • hard to find okay there you go check it
  • it up and it will not move okay but
  • maybe not you need to just tighten it
  • all the way okay so just for
  • demonstration purposes I'm not going to
  • tighten it up too much and then you have
  • a what they call this the cross
  • screwdriver okay unscrew this butt pad
  • unscrew the screw and the butt pad you
  • can move up and down like this okay now
  • I'm not gonna move it all the way up and
  • down of course I'm just gonna screw up
  • my adjustment the thing you can move it
  • up and down and then here there are two
  • screws up and down which you can also
  • set up and then it will allow you to ask
  • spacers to lengthen the stock so if you
  • think the stock is too short for you you
  • can buy spacer path and add it up here
  • to make the stock longer so basically
  • you have this longer higher or lower and
  • this one you can tilt it this way this
  • way like a fish everywhere you can be
  • adjustable amazing and then right here I
  • have to point it but not gonna adjust it
  • right now okay there are a lot of screws
  • here okay this here
  • this screw here allows you to turn this
  • button the trigger up and down and then
  • you know some adjustment there and then
  • there are two screws right here that are
  • just the first into second stage trigger
  • and then one that just the the pull
  • trigger pull a strength and then there's
  • a screw here that I just this thing to
  • go forward or backward basically
  • everything is adjustable so what you
  • need to do is are just the stock to your
  • likings and then what you want to do is
  • for my experience again I'm not really
  • professional in this kind of thing but
  • what I do
  • you put the rifle toward your face like
  • that okay in a very comfortable
  • comfortable position and then you see if
  • you can just put your face lean your
  • head toward this sheet like lean the
  • cheek toward this and see if it's very
  • comfortable to aim right away if you
  • can't just put your face toward the
  • cheek piece and you can see right
  • through the scope with the where your
  • eyes straight out without like looking
  • down or up that means that you reach the
  • most comfortable spot usually it's like
  • that okay so basically that's it for
  • this video I hope you like it that's how
  • the Air Arm stock works and also the
  • trigger
  • thank you for watching remember to
  • subscribe a like
  • I

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Showing you how the stock on the Air Arms HFT 500 can be adjusted in almost any way you can think of. It's amazing with the design, and not forget the laminated wood is already a piece of art by itself even without the adjustments..!

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