Video Building a Viking House with Hand Tools: | Bushcraft Project (PART 9)

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Mar 15, 2019


Building a Viking House with Hand Tools: | Bushcraft Project (PART 9)
Building a Viking House with Hand Tools: | Bushcraft Project (PART 9) thumb Building a Viking House with Hand Tools: | Bushcraft Project (PART 9) thumb Building a Viking House with Hand Tools: | Bushcraft Project (PART 9) thumb


Join us at the viking camp as we continue building the bushcraft viking house using hand tools. For Part 9 we focus on building a chimney cap for the roof. When we built the bark roof in part 6, we cut a hole in the ridgepole of the viking house to help let smoke out. However, this meant that rain would leak into the shelter. So by building a chimney hood on the roof of the shelter, it allows the smoke to flow out and it keeps the rain from getting into the stone viking longpit. We have almost completed building the viking house. It started out with just some foundation logs. Then we used traditional timber framing to build a round log a frame to create the structure of the house. We then added rafters and burnt the ends using the ancient japanese wood preservation technique called shou sugi ban. Once the rafters were in place we harvested the bark from surrounding cedar trees. We then tiled the roof with bark shingles and began work on the gable end at the back of the viking camp. We added a small folding window with latch support. We also built a stone and clay viking fire pit. In part 8 we built a perimeter wall using the wattle technique. Now we have a chimney!
Now that the viking house is pretty much complete we hope do to more overnight camping in the viking camp. Add to that some viking feasts and traditional viking cooking!
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