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Video Our 3 Different Curly Hair Routines
06:31   |   1M+ views   |   10/16/2018 at 19:32


  • - Today.
  • - We're gonna show you.
  • - Our curly hair routines.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Whoo, my hair is like a two year old child.
  • Sometimes it wants to act right and sometimes it doesn't.
  • I have a curl but it's also a kinky curl.
  • Tends to fall more towards the dry side.
  • Depending on what style I'm going with
  • or what I'm trying to do,
  • my routine can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.
  • My hair routine starts with me getting in the shower,
  • I usually have it at lukewarm
  • and I will use my Mane Choice Shampoo.
  • I'll shampoo it about twice
  • just to make sure that I have
  • all the product out from today.
  • The first conditioner I use
  • is my Pantene Natural Curl
  • and I make sure I saturate that all over my hair
  • and then I grab my wide tooth comb
  • and I start from the base at the front of my hair
  • because towards the back is a whole other beast.
  • Then, I get to the back
  • and I kinda just yank the hell out of everything.
  • Once I have combed at a downward angle,
  • I flip my head over and I comb in another direction
  • 'cause you gotta make sure you just get all the nats
  • and the roots and the curls in order.
  • After I rinse my hair with cold water,
  • I use my silicon mix and I use a glob.
  • I know they say a dab but let's be realistic.
  • And I run it all through my hair
  • and then I grab my Mixed Chicks leave-in conditoner,
  • run that on top of it.
  • I usually throw it in a bun to make sure
  • that I'm not leaking all over myself.
  • Then comes the styling.
  • So, I'll get my wide-tooth comb,
  • my paddle brush that's not really a paddle brush,
  • but something like a paddle brush,
  • and my spritz bottle.
  • I use my Foreign Beauty's define cream,
  • their sculpting cream, coconut oil,
  • and the Foreign Beauty pomade
  • and the Foreign Beauty twist out cream.
  • Take my hair out of my bun and I section it,
  • scoop my thumbs in between
  • and say yep that's gonna be the bottom.
  • I'll use my paddle brush and then I'll brush out the curls,
  • making sure it's really sleek and there aren't any knots.
  • I'll mix together all of my Foreign Beauty products
  • and then I'll rub them through my hair,
  • then I will finish it off with a pomade and my coconut oil,
  • brush it all out again
  • and then just separate the section into two twists,
  • twist her down and pretty much do
  • that for the next hour or so.
  • (upbeat music)
  • I usually do this as a night routine,
  • so I'll throw on my large bonnet,
  • go to sleep and then I usually wake up
  • and then I'm gonna take these bad boys down.
  • This looks a little too much like a wet noodle for me,
  • so I'm gonna go and just randomly
  • pull some of these curls apart,
  • but very gently 'cause you don't
  • wanna destroy the curl you just made.
  • So, after a little fluff to the left
  • and a fluff to the right, this is my twistout.
  • - My hair, like most people's curly hair,
  • is very dry and coarse.
  • My routine is kinda complicated
  • because it's around 20 minutes,
  • but then I wait several hours and do more things.
  • My curls, like many curls, are made in the shower.
  • Everything is done upside down.
  • I do everything upside down
  • to make sure my hair has lift
  • and the water doesn't continually push it down
  • and make it heavy.
  • I apply shampoo to the roots all around my head.
  • I scrub vigorously, using my nails
  • to really break up all of the gel
  • and conditioner from the week.
  • Then I rinse it all out.
  • I apply a generous handful of conditioner
  • and starting at the ends of my hair,
  • I finger comb up towards the roots.
  • If I come across a bad knot,
  • I apply more water and more conditioner
  • and then I just be really nice to it
  • and it comes apart eventually.
  • Once my hair is totally detangled,
  • I cup water in my palms and rinse a little conditioner out.
  • I do not shove my head under the water flow
  • because all of that pressure will make my curls super heavy
  • and I want them to dry bouncy
  • and not flat on my head
  • and then poof out like a triangle.
  • Still upside down, I scrunch a
  • generous amount of gel up toward my scalp
  • and I scrunch, scrunch, scrunch all around my head.
  • Then, I get rid of excess water
  • by gently scrunching up with a microfiber towel.
  • A normal towel will cause a ton of frizz.
  • If you don't have a microfiber towel,
  • just use a cotton t-shirt.
  • That is the end of the shower routine.
  • So to give the curls around the top of my head some lift,
  • I put in these alligator clips all around right at my roots.
  • I leave those in as long as I can
  • before I have to go out in public.
  • On days when I'm not washing my hair,
  • I use a spray bottle with a ton of water
  • and a couple pumps of conditioner
  • and I shake that up, spray my hair,
  • and that kind of reinvigorates the curls back to life
  • without taking a whole other shower.
  • So now that my hair feels dryer
  • and a little crunchy, I'm going to rake the gel
  • so that the gel is still holding the curls in place,
  • but it's not hard and crunchy.
  • (optimistic music)
  • And that is my curly hair routine.
  • - I straightened my hair for many years,
  • so my hair's normally dry and wavy.
  • I'm a girl on the go,
  • so my routine takes about 20 minutes.
  • I use DevaCurl no poo shampoo.
  • I use the palm of my fingertips
  • to go through my scalp and really massage my scalp.
  • I normally put a lot more conditioner than I do shampoo.
  • I detangle my hair by running my fingertips through my hair,
  • but then I also have a comb
  • that I use when my hair is really knotty,
  • get a microfiber towel
  • and then I wrap my hair up
  • and then I put It's a 10 leave in conditioner
  • and I just squirt that all over my hair.
  • I kinda scrunch it through and then afterwards,
  • I use this BB Curl product that I put to finish it off
  • and then I use It's a 10 leave in conditioner.
  • My hair is fully dry.
  • I'm currently still learning about curly hair,
  • so if you have any tips or recommendations,
  • I'm all ears and would love to hear from you all.
  • (upbeat music)
  • - Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel,
  • and now your part.
  • - [Both] Subscribe here.
  • - That was my part.

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