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Video EXCLUSIVE: Fifth Harmony Talk New Album, VMAs, And Taylor Swift | EXTENDED
12:06   |   views   |   08/25/2017


  • this is its baby can I say is this too
  • much to say the biggest event of your
  • professional career
  • yeah such an exciting time in our lives
  • we put so much into this album and of
  • course it's been so secretive but now we
  • can finally talk freely about it people
  • are gonna be listening our fans are
  • gonna be listening and we're so ready
  • and confident for this next chapter
  • Elias and you know when a band puts you
  • know does a self-titled album sometimes
  • it's their debut and debut self-titled
  • thing that can be a thing whether it's a
  • solo artist or a group but when it's not
  • their first record and then they decide
  • on album three or four whenever it comes
  • up to do self-titled then I get I get
  • this sense that's a statement tell me
  • about that decision that you came to to
  • call this record fifth or well honestly
  • we just felt that it was the best
  • representation especially like you said
  • it's in this point in our careers right
  • now we've worked so hard and we just
  • feel like this energy and this time is
  • different than anything else that we've
  • ever done or put out especially because
  • we were able to be creative throughout
  • the process and we were heavily involved
  • and we just feel like we've learned to
  • love music again and we've definitely
  • gotten our power back we've learned to
  • love each other even more because we're
  • able to be in the studio and like pick
  • at each other's minds and like challenge
  • one another and we just have so much
  • that we have to offer that so many
  • people just don't even know and I think
  • that this will be a statement in itself
  • so why not call it fifth harmony yep
  • makes so much okay so that must have
  • been obviously that's important if
  • you're in studio together to listen to
  • each other yeah how easy was it for you
  • guys to come to consensus when you were
  • in studio recording putting the words
  • that you had written we're singing those
  • words and making the music and you guys
  • had a hand in how easy for was it for
  • the four of you to come together and
  • agree was there any kind of like no not
  • really we kind of did like pairs during
  • the writing process so like Dinah and
  • your money would go in
  • would go in or or money and I would go
  • in it like vice versa so we did like a
  • bunch of different sessions that way and
  • then we kind of yeah we were
  • experimenting with different vibes
  • different singer-songwriters different
  • people different producers and I feel
  • like we kind of were really on the same
  • page I feel throughout the whole process
  • creatively about what fit what we wanted
  • to say you know what I mean like when
  • like Donna and their money for example
  • create a song called lonely night like
  • when they created that song we heard it
  • back like Ali and I heard it back with
  • them in the room we were like holy this
  • is amazing this is for sure going on the
  • album you know what I mean so like in in
  • that regard like and that just as an
  • example that's how we kind of were with
  • each other's work and with each other
  • like really listening to each other's
  • stuff and we've interests wow that's
  • amazing interesting each other exactly
  • because we were just so on the same page
  • creatively about what we wanted to say I
  • knew where you were going you had a
  • similar end point exactly
  • but you said experimentation what a
  • luxury to have in studio yeah freedom to
  • experiment art yeah that's that's where
  • the art comes in right amen and that's
  • where the connection comes in too
  • because you kind of get to really pick
  • your own brain and pick your own heart
  • and and play with melodies and and play
  • with sounds and play with each other's
  • versions of that because like we've
  • always been given songs I'm just being
  • completely honest and realistic with you
  • and it's it's cool to not have to sit
  • there and try to figure out what that
  • song means to you and it's like I know
  • what the connection is I know what I'm
  • actually singing about and I genuinely
  • feel it when I'm in the booth and I
  • think that it's something that the
  • people will be able to use throughout
  • the records
  • you've talked about breaking down
  • borders before breaking down barriers or
  • anything linking down barriers with your
  • music and your in your group did you
  • break down some more such a such a
  • journey to get to this very moment and
  • I'm it's crazy because I was kind of
  • reflecting on it today and the fact that
  • our album is out everything we went
  • through all of our dreams and what we
  • wanted for ourselves has come to
  • fruition right now is just honestly a
  • breathtaking experience we're taking it
  • all in
  • we're having so much fun like this is
  • really the time of our lives
  • to be quite honest and
  • we're having such an incredible time
  • because they covered it up
  • we've stepped up and we've taken charge
  • this time around where were the captains
  • of the ship yeah and that's why we're so
  • proud and we're so excited for this new
  • era because we've been waiting for this
  • and I feel like in time you had to kind
  • of you know earn it you had to they'll
  • go out there and you have to build
  • yourself to have this part where you're
  • at right now so you guys are discovered
  • who you are on this journey probably
  • more than than before you've learned a
  • lot about each other you're empowering
  • your fans you're empowering the people
  • who love your music
  • thank you while you're doing and I'm
  • just thinking what a great what a great
  • week you're performing on the video
  • video well yeah yeah later tonight at
  • midnight which is just crazy like like
  • role models for young women and people
  • in general out there to kind of have and
  • they've got you guys right now which is
  • so good and the word empowering comes up
  • a lot when I talk to people about you
  • guys
  • you obviously know that there's a little
  • bit of responsibility that comes with a
  • position that you're in and it's fun and
  • it's great and I want to be a part of
  • your gang already but you guys do you
  • feel that that responsibility that
  • you've got there do you realize that
  • there are people who have grown up yes I
  • kind of with you and followed your
  • journey and now more inspired by where
  • you are today it's cool that you touch
  • on the fact that our fans and us have
  • definitely grown up together like we did
  • a signing at Hard Rock Cafe I think it
  • was in like the bay area and we've seen
  • some of the same fans like at absolutely
  • we've met when they were babies like we
  • can say that
  • they grew up together and they were all
  • like graduating from college like yeah
  • and it's incredible to just like having
  • those people come to us and knowing
  • where they came from at the beginning
  • like knowing that they were in a place
  • of because in the beginning we had a lot
  • of people coming to us of talking about
  • things like self harm and self-hatred
  • and and suicidal thoughts and stuff like
  • that I remember we got a ton of that in
  • the beginning and to see those same
  • people come back to us as many years
  • later and be like you're the reason I
  • love myself you're the reason that I got
  • out of that you're the reason that I'm
  • clean you're the reason I'm going to
  • school you're the reason I'm doing this
  • that those kind of things are so
  • powerful and so special to us because
  • all of the us and the people the type of
  • people that we are like that's what
  • matters to us in this whole process
  • we're artists and we love making music
  • but also we're like genuine people all
  • of us and we love to make people happy
  • and we love making people feel loved and
  • to love themselves and to feel important
  • so that is the greatest gift that we
  • could possibly have done so that and
  • another one is a number one yeah ever
  • take that away from you you have that
  • forever you have a number one number one
  • debut right yeah did we yeah yeah he's
  • speaking it into exist oh I'm so we're
  • speaking I'm in the single angel now
  • we're speaking names
  • for my lips to God's ears for sure I
  • give you number one on the time did you
  • where were you when you found out about
  • that other than right here apparently we
  • were in Mexico and dancing just the text
  • without your image in Mexico
  • yes our manager sent us the text message
  • we were like I mean it's just and it's
  • all so I'm kind of low-key super happy
  • also that it happened with angel it's
  • moments like ring we love that song and
  • we knew that it would we knew it we knew
  • it we knew that people were going to
  • because we were able to pick and choose
  • what was the best fit for this album
  • that was like the best representation of
  • the direction we were trying to go at
  • this time around so for that to come out
  • first we were like this is game-changer
  • this groundbreaking and this is stepping
  • into the new fifth harmony and this is
  • who we've been all the time in it it was
  • a we wanted to also release it like cuz
  • down was the first of all we put out so
  • then this one coming out we wanted to
  • show the range of what this album is
  • gonna touch upon you know anybody but my
  • favorites yet yeah there's still way
  • knowing and so knob down nominated for a
  • song of the summer
  • that's right and then a number-one debut
  • right we're gonna put some all of these
  • things are kind of happening in order
  • the plane is being executed I always
  • believed in us and I believe something
  • so magical and special together and so
  • big bigger than what we could describe
  • and now just seeing it happen is like I
  • just think it's you're crazy it's just
  • so special like nobody knows what we
  • went through and we're here and we're
  • being successful we're rising together
  • and we have a sisterhood and we have our
  • story and our journey and people thank
  • you to everybody who supported us cuz
  • you're making a biggest dream yet this
  • is not vulnerable what a wonderful what
  • a wonderful thing though for all the
  • hard work that you've put in for the
  • music to be being received as positively
  • as it is right now that's the you can
  • exhale good place like our hearts and
  • our mentalities and our spirits like
  • we're all so happy right now I'm like
  • together and and just individually to
  • like we're just in such an amazing space
  • so it's really it's really gratifying
  • like you said like just to have worked
  • and been through what we did in the
  • fresh you know that it there was the
  • light at the end of the tunnel you know
  • even if we didn't recognize even if we
  • does it everyone around us always told
  • us everything's gonna be okay yeah yeah
  • can you sense that that that that hunger
  • for your music and you know that people
  • are so excited to get their hands on
  • your record
  • oh they're dying to like everyone who's
  • interviewed us has also been great like
  • they're just like I feel I feel the
  • hunger for like new material and like
  • what we're talking about people interest
  • rate it was a shock it was a I know you
  • guys had had teased the video yeah and
  • and then Taylor was teasing her stuff
  • not to bring him just back to Taylor but
  • it seemed to me like if I was at you
  • know as a fan of music I get to spend
  • the weekend with fifth harmony nothing
  • but digest great music by strong women
  • love that like as a as a man speaking to
  • us radiates very like love that that's
  • really it just feels like very healthy
  • and balanced to me I appreciate that
  • we're so super really appreciate that
  • credible women are villainous

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In a Canadian exclusive, Fifth Harmony tells ET Canada about the process of recording their self-titled new album, their performance at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards, and their thoughts on Taylor Swift's new music.

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