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Video Bill Burr Owning Interviewers
03:09   |   1M+ views   |   today at 05:08


  • I heard you have a terrible theory and I
  • want you to say this so your theory on
  • Boston is let's just wait till LeBrons
  • old you don't want to be aggressive and
  • get player I didn't say that what did
  • you get misinformation what did you say
  • why would you say I have a horrible
  • theory without checking with me first
  • your ATAR comedy prime right now like
  • this is you had about eight years why do
  • you judge that because that your energy
  • level is high you're nimble I mean dude
  • and what do you do it I'm not like an
  • athlete I'm going to blow out an
  • Achilles and I can't write a joke
  • anymore I came right at me just say my
  • theory stunk I'm just here to promote a
  • cartoon dancing monkey today I'm trying
  • to be a good guy I want people to like
  • me and watch the show here and you're
  • coming at me I don't know anything about
  • hoop I'm a 5 foot 10 inch white guy I
  • did not get comfortable in this fucking
  • chair this is just like one of the worst
  • things it should be like hitting museum
  • is like the prototype this is well this
  • was the awful level of comfort we went
  • from a log to this and then eventually
  • they got cushions are you from Southie
  • no thank you that's a good will hunting
  • question that I've answered for 15 years
  • ever since that movie came out there you
  • good at math do you like apples I love
  • that you have the jib camera for this
  • like it's an action movie let's let's
  • let's scoop in at these two guys sitting
  • in these unbelievably small chairs I
  • really feel like I'm gonna fall onto the
  • floor this is insane
  • where are you from in front I live in a
  • sick as safe suburbs saga where do you
  • really I would like to know how
  • beautiful you are look up your army
  • psychos are out there medic open
  • security nothing is the only way you can
  • be comfortable in these fucking chairs
  • this is like in the middle of my back oh
  • my god I love you but I hate this set
  • where did you play the cop on Breaking
  • Bad Breaking Bad things I wasn't a cop
  • and Breaking Bad and my head shaved on
  • my first bus you didn't do your research
  • we're so busy worried about this
  • matching this and now looking so hot
  • against this shit oh there we go
  • no but now this is like the ego one now
  • we refitting above you
  • yeah gotta come with two it's fun it's
  • light sir the one the one comedy
  • through-line that's working here is me
  • shitting on this chair why would you
  • take that
  • with lavell with our date night with
  • lavell Crawford yeah I wasn't a cop
  • where were you there I was a piece of
  • shit I was like a conman Conrad
  • yeah I was stealing money I stopped a
  • train but it was on breaking bed right
  • yeah it was kind of a big show totally
  • can women be funny yeah of course some
  • people have a hard time saying yes so
  • there's a lot of angry young men on the
  • internet that are like women can't can't
  • piece on it well you guys just fuck and
  • grow up and just sit down and write your
  • own horseshit and come up with it okay
  • cuz daddy up next door I got nervous
  • slowly well I'm an entrepreneur I'm a
  • white horses the fuck up and as nope
  • makes no difference whether you got a
  • dick or a twat
  • alright just do what the fuck you want
  • to do and hopefully people respond to it
  • you

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Bill Burr doesn't like stupid questions. Or small chairs.


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