Video A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play

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A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play
A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play thumb A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play thumb A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play thumb


  • - That view's awesome because you get both overhangs
  • like coming back and dying right into that big wall.
  • (upbeat music)
  • My name's Andrew McClure, I'm a designer,
  • and I specialize in custom, high-end residential design.
  • Once you get a good project, we have a lot
  • of client interaction, kind of get a sense
  • of their personality, what their preferences are,
  • really study the site and where the project is
  • and how that impacts what the design's gonna be.
  • So you really take it from kind of an infancy stage
  • and develop it all the way through to hopefully
  • some kind of beautiful piece of architecture.
  • I'm a complete newb with the Minecraft.
  • I had my little cousin Carter show me it
  • on his iPad for a couple hours.
  • You know, I'm just gonna kind of wing it and hopefully
  • that some of the 3-D software I use translates.
  • Today I think I'm gonna try to do a house,
  • something similar to maybe what we
  • would be doing in the office,
  • just kind of wing it a little bit and give it a go.
  • (swooshing sound effects)
  • Every time you're starting a project,
  • you really want to study all the environmental factors
  • and sun patterns and everything
  • and how that affects the design
  • 'cause that's super important with natural lighting
  • and sustainability, basic functions.
  • If you've got a pool, you want it to be in the sun,
  • if you've got a garden, things like that,
  • rooms, you want to have certain overhangs.
  • This is a pretty good site, it looks like
  • there's some cool sand dunes over here,
  • and how you've got water kind of on both sides.
  • The first thing I'm going to do is try
  • to kind of just lay out the foundation.
  • So this is probably going to be the entry here,
  • I kind of want to come in looking at sort of those mountains
  • in the distance, so we're gonna build this pretty wide,
  • grand entry, kind of like a palace or something.
  • (cheerful music)
  • You know, this is basically an aerial view,
  • kind of of the footprint, so I want to have this part
  • basically be the entry, that's kind of coming in
  • over the water feature in between those two mountains.
  • On the left there, that will be some kind of big stone wall,
  • kind of an anchoring element that gets you
  • through and into the house and kind of will continue
  • as a nice, I think, cohesive element.
  • And then these will be the bedrooms over here.
  • This will be sort of a side-loaded garage.
  • (cheerful music)
  • There's like zombies and stuff,
  • so we're gonna ward those guys off.
  • Feels like it's an ancient ruins.
  • (cheerful music)
  • This would be bedroom one, bedroom two,
  • and maybe a hangout area in between.
  • I'm not gonna get into all the detail of bathrooms
  • and whatever, we're just focusing on the architecture.
  • (cheerful music)
  • Well that's kind of starting to frame something,
  • come out of the ground a little bit.
  • (cheerful music)
  • This would be a great little guest house for the parents.
  • So their kids can come over here and you can
  • have one kid in this room, one kid in that room
  • and they can go play Minecraft.
  • I'm gonna start introducing the roof plane.
  • I want to do one lower one here,
  • that would give you your normal ceiling height
  • in these secondary spaces and in the garage.
  • (cheerful music)
  • Then what we'll do is we'll start filling
  • in the overhangs with some wood soffits.
  • (upbeat music)
  • I like the idea of kind of also accentuating
  • some of these more prominent walls.
  • So if we can get a light right there,
  • that kind of wall-washes that element.
  • Now you start to see those walls a lot clearer
  • and emphasize kind of certain experiences
  • like when you're walking and we can
  • kind of illuminate the pathway there.
  • (upbeat music)
  • So now I'm just kind of coming around the backside,
  • or the interior side of the guest house.
  • These can be sliding door or something.
  • But for this glass, I want to try
  • to take it up a little bit further.
  • So this glass will actually go all the way up
  • to the higher ceiling.
  • So you can let some light there into the clerestory windows.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Now we're gonna go back and we're gonna
  • put the second roof on.
  • (upbeat music)
  • That look pretty good, I think.
  • Except now we're really running out of room here
  • for this second half of the house, so we might have
  • to just cantilever it out over the water, but that's cool.
  • Just gonna cost a little bit more.
  • This is gonna be the courtyard because I want
  • to be able to space this part of the house out
  • against the main part of the house
  • and have a big, nice courtyard here
  • that's kind of framing that mountain
  • and maybe put like a water feature
  • or a pool or something there.
  • (upbeat music)
  • That's a pretty steep cantilever.
  • But, whatever.
  • We'll put some supports there, eventually.
  • (upbeat music)
  • That's a big bedroom.
  • You know what I gotta do.
  • (bricks smashing)
  • Okay, let's work on the kitchen side now.
  • (upbeat music)
  • This can be like a little sit-up bar,
  • and you could kind of open those up
  • and serve your hamburgers and hot dogs and margarita.
  • (upbeat music)
  • I need to do the doors here, that's right.
  • Three bays, now we just need a big tree here.
  • It's a decent looking tree.
  • I think what I'm going to do is dig out the sand,
  • create like a pool/shell bottom and then fill it with water.
  • (upbeat music)
  • That looks a little better.
  • (swooshing sound effect)
  • This is the front facade here and two nice roof planes
  • with the steel fascia on it.
  • On the right, that's the finished guest house,
  • and in between the garage and the main house,
  • we've got a nice little garden,
  • so you come out of the garage here and walk by the garden,
  • get some nice natural light.
  • So when you come in to the courtyard,
  • you kind of see that same repeating roof element.
  • Nice kind of transition here, walk across the lily pads
  • with the water wall, comes down, and this
  • whole interior courtyard pool opens up to the view
  • of those mountains slash sand dunes over there.
  • We're coming in the front door to the great room here.
  • Big sliding door system here that can disappear
  • and you can have this beautiful vista
  • of the mountains in the distance.
  • We've got the kitchen over here with the skylight
  • and a nice window looking right at the son,
  • we've got a diamond island here with a poss through
  • so you can serve outside, and these doors open up.
  • (glass shattering)
  • to a nice deck out here.
  • And then the master, we've got its own fireplace,
  • sliding doors, (glass shattering),
  • hang out here in bed, looking at those mountain peaks
  • over there in the distance.
  • And this is kind of a nice aerial perspective at night
  • with all the lights on.
  • Let's see all the beautiful roof planes,
  • come down in here into the courtyard,
  • and then that massive cantilever deck
  • on the backside, we've got the fire roaring here,
  • another one here in the master.
  • Not a small house.
  • This is a decent representation of kind
  • of the stuff that we do.
  • Definitely a lot more detail and a lot more planning
  • going into a real project.
  • I'm ready to move in.
  • (gentle music)

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An architect attempts to build his dream home in .

Minecraft / Microsoft Studios
Andrew McClure
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