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Video Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)
12:55   |   today at 13:16


  • what if you found a rifle from like
  • maybe a civil war or something here you
  • are you just wrote it off to be a BB gun
  • look at this BB gun right hey what's up
  • guys J Cody Almighty here today I'm with
  • my friends Brandon and Tristan and today
  • we're gonna be scuba diving at a place
  • called bit pond located in Columbus
  • Georgia and today we're gonna be
  • searching for a key piece of evidence
  • used in an active criminal case so I
  • believe we got a call from some
  • detectives and they asked if we can come
  • out here and help locate this missing
  • weapon I saw some of our youtube videos
  • where we found some weapons in the past
  • and I asked as a team if we can come out
  • and help locate this missing weapon
  • because they need this urgently for a
  • case so first of all this is detective
  • Kelly with the Columbus two Police
  • Department and she actually reached out
  • and contacted us as a group to kind of
  • help out with today so you want to tell
  • us a little bit about how that like came
  • into play guys they dive in the water
  • around Columbus and they found this they
  • called us so I went online and down the
  • video and went hey I know the officer
  • let me contact him and find out for sure
  • so it was the gun that we found a few
  • weeks ago in that like urban canal and
  • you actually saw the gun saw the gun and
  • then you found us because we were
  • connected to the gun is super cool so
  • because this is an ongoing investigation
  • we can't disclose too much information
  • with you guys but long story short
  • I'll keep it broad an individual was on
  • this bridge and supposedly threw a
  • weapon out into the pond and today we're
  • gonna go out there and see if we can
  • actually help locate this missing weapon
  • for the police since the water
  • conditions aren't the best is actually
  • really murky we're going to use all our
  • tools to our advantage we have scuba
  • tanks we have metal detectors and also
  • teaming up with Tristan and Brandon
  • should allow us to have the greatest
  • possibility of funniness lost weapon
  • today and hopefully we can help out with
  • this case so I brought my trash bag as
  • well if I come across any debris or
  • trash while looking for the gun we'll
  • put it in this bag and we'll throw it
  • away at the end of the dive I'm gonna
  • test things out real quick have a rock
  • in my hand and if I was gonna throw a
  • gun out on the water I'm gonna see how
  • far I can throw this thing that's gonna
  • be our search area so let me go
  • they'll just threw a rock out there and
  • gave me a good little range of how far a
  • person can throw a gun so what I'm going
  • to do is actually search from the tree
  • it's a little bit further out than a
  • rock I through and over to the right
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so the detectives were kind of vague as
  • far as like where they thought the gun
  • was they knew it was off the bridge but
  • it could have been somewhere else so I
  • was scuba diving with Jake and Brandon
  • and just got really cold so I decided to
  • come to some shallower water and explore
  • this back little cut this back a little
  • creek because I think if I was somebody
  • I wouldn't throw it out there I would
  • throw it back over here because nobody
  • would think to throw a gun over here but
  • I haven't found the gun but I have found
  • this little screwdriver maybe I could
  • kill it Jake with this all right but I'm
  • just glad to be out of that cold water I
  • was freezing so this bridge right here
  • behind me is where the witness said that
  • she saw the person throw the weapon into
  • the pond we don't even know what side of
  • the bridge the person threw the weapon
  • in from so I've spent a lot of time
  • searching on the deeper section and in
  • my opinion if I was throwing a potential
  • murder weapon or a robbery weapon I
  • would have threw it out in the pond but
  • I haven't searched this section right
  • here on my left this is a little bit
  • more shallow it's a creek you know it
  • could very well be in this little area
  • so what we're gonna do is gear back up
  • head back out there with my metal
  • detector and see if we can come across
  • this weapon over here in the shallows
  • [Music]
  • just right now it's like the name of the
  • game is covering water but also like
  • combing through like really slowly as
  • well so it's like we feel a lot of
  • pressure to cover all this water and
  • cover the area that they said it
  • potentially be in but at the same time
  • we're like looking between every single
  • rock but I mean it's super murky and so
  • there's a lot of stuff fighting against
  • us but we're gonna continue to search
  • I feel confident man like with
  • everything the detectives are saying I
  • feel like it's here now it's just our
  • job to find it what are you thinking tea
  • cold yeah it's really good I got two wet
  • suits on and I just had to get out for a
  • minute because I was literally like cold
  • to my core and that's not good so I
  • gotta get out here sit in the Sun for a
  • minute hey and on the water pavement
  • what you're working with I got a whole
  • lot trash no gun no gun well I did have
  • one guy
  • but people gun gun what's good is that
  • you know we have three people covering a
  • lot of ground but at the same time we're
  • going over the same area multiple times
  • so if anybody missed anything we have
  • two more hands going over are the same
  • same stuff so I don't think I don't
  • think anything's gonna slip past this
  • for sure hopefully we can find it again
  • this is information that was given to
  • the police and the detectives that was
  • given to us so they're here with us
  • making sure we're you know potentially
  • searching the right locations but you
  • know whether the information they got
  • was about it or not you know we don't
  • really know but if it is I mean there's
  • a good chance we're gonna find it
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • this right here is a really cool fine
  • now Brandon found this and I believe
  • this is an old BB gun I'm not 100% sure
  • if you guys have an idea let me know in
  • the comment section below
  • but right here's a whole and up top
  • there's another hole right there but it
  • just looks like an old like school
  • pump-action BB gun there's a spring in
  • there too and maybe all the wood kind of
  • fell off but that's really cool what if
  • you found a rifle from like maybe a
  • civil war or something here you are you
  • just wrote it off to be a BB gun look at
  • this BB gun right here could have been
  • old school like Civil War era
  • Ed's oh dear that would be so sad cool
  • story you know what I'm gonna go with
  • that story it's just an unreal of mouth
  • what I'm gonna do here is actually throw
  • this away here in a second but I want to
  • show you guys a couple of my favorite
  • finds but I found this right here I
  • thought this was maybe the top of the
  • gun and I thought I was just about to
  • find it but it turns out it's just too a
  • stapler gun we're here to find a gun
  • I did find a gun we're not leaving
  • empty-handed Brennan actually found a BB
  • gun
  • I found a stapler gun Tristan didn't
  • find any gun so this was a really weird
  • fine
  • when I found this at first I was like
  • why is this at the bottom of the lake
  • and why is it so heavy I opened it up
  • bunch of rocks inside and I took my
  • metal detector to it there was nothing
  • metal inside but think it's actually
  • just a boat anchor and that's actually
  • pretty smart of people just put rocks in
  • this and used as a boat anchor but kind
  • of cool I don't know what this is right
  • here it may be like it goes through some
  • air-conditioning unit maybe uh looks
  • like the back of a TV or a nerdy maybe
  • you're pretty
  • yeah I've no clue if you guys have an
  • idea let me know in the comment section
  • also Thomas shear this could have been
  • the guy who threw the gun in maybe he
  • slipped it mama
  • he was running away from the police oh
  • man I just found a bunch of trash today
  • you know that little metal detector it
  • was a really good idea but I just came
  • across tons of cans and just debris even
  • though we didn't come across the gun
  • today the detectives gonna get more
  • information and give us more of a hot
  • spot to have as another search you know
  • potentially in the future so maybe we'll
  • come back out here in a later date and
  • she can kind of like shrink that size of
  • area that we need to search and I think
  • then we will be able to have a really
  • really really good chance of finding
  • this weapon but you know we didn't come
  • across the gun we have a ton of trash to
  • throw away so it's always nice to clean
  • up the local pond and that's what I kind
  • of focus on today playing a trash can
  • santé man got a bag gift yes
  • I know it's been a long day all right so
  • the detectives actually just left to go
  • back to their office but they're gonna
  • give us a call very soon they're gonna
  • try to narrow down the search for us and
  • if we had more of a hotspot zone for us
  • to search and actually look for this
  • weapon I think we would be way more
  • confident and we would actually find
  • this weapon but if you guys won't see
  • part two make sure you guys drop a like
  • on this video and if you guys are new
  • subscribe to our YouTube channels I'm
  • gonna put Brandon and Tristan's video
  • that they made today in the description
  • below if you gets one check it out make
  • sure you guys head over and do that
  • [Music]

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