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Video Chuyến thăm Đà Nẵng của Hai & Lemon (Cloud 9)
03:19   |   676 views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:16


  • this blog is sponsored by G fuel so I'm
  • on a motorcycle right now my friend we
  • are driving in this traffic china crazy
  • everyone just kind of girls like so many
  • mean i think is really different from us
  • traffic this is freakin sweet by the way
  • i recommend going on a motorcycle
  • something never come the Vietnam it's
  • pretty badass and I thick apierror just
  • kind of bad luck to you think of their
  • own sake so I will fight for my phone
  • away so I don't die I shall see you
  • later we're a temple I don't know what's
  • god but I tore each other mr. what it's
  • all rachel temple literal told temple
  • this is first part of it this is the
  • second part of the temple there is some
  • symbols on this stop I don't know what
  • it says there's a lot of people walking
  • forward to next area yeah there's like
  • some red stuff here I think it's like a
  • symbol or something like that I've no
  • idea thanks Bart yeah so here's the last
  • part looks like some water thing there's
  • a flag gear says something over that I
  • don't know what says and there are girls
  • just in awe eyes for some reason I don't
  • know why but I don't know there's
  • another part back there I think so i
  • think this was the last part of the
  • temple they have the stores and stuff
  • here so that would make sense I don't
  • see anything farther back either unless
  • you can go inside so man okay so there
  • was one more part of the temple it seems
  • like this is where you can hear your
  • respects to something I don't know
  • like incense and stuff in here and you
  • can put money there looks pretty cool I
  • don't know what it is but i'll put on a
  • video and some of you will know so
  • there's a giant turtle over here this
  • thing it's cool i'm coming I look at the
  • whistle turtle that's pretty aggressive
  • that cheese deli no I pasty that's just
  • a ton it's a pretty cool yeah this is
  • the temple hey so me and lemon are
  • walking around enough we're shopping in
  • the night market I believe there's like
  • a ton of stores everywhere a lot of
  • people you kinda just like walk around
  • and bargain with people and sure we
  • bought a shirt for two bucks you can
  • normally buy for one buck but since
  • we're foreigners we had to pay like two
  • bucks since you can get for cheaper and
  • haibach built I bought a boat it's like
  • right there oh and i paid the cop expert
  • which isn't terrible you probably doing
  • a cheaper but once again foreigners so
  • bam hey guys thanks for watching the
  • blog if you would like a free sample of
  • g fool take a look at lemon and then
  • click on the link below the video thank
  • you hello i am levitation cloud nine at
  • home joy just cleaned our entire
  • apartment i'm going to show you around
  • so this is our kitchen we do she got
  • dishes all over the place and is usually
  • mess

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Cổng thông tin thể thao điện tử chuyên nghiệp Việt Nam


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