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Video Chain you've been waiting for...
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  • what's going on everyone its brain which
  • could you find jewelry your personal
  • jeweler this is a great video why
  • because I'm adding to the site
  • some highly requested very popular gold
  • chains I know you guys are gonna like
  • well most of you guys there's always
  • someone that doesn't like something but
  • I'm excited to show you guys bring these
  • to the site I know a lot of you guys
  • have requested these are very popular
  • chains right now you might have seen
  • them or heard Drake talk about them I
  • can't call them by that name but you'll
  • know when you see them and we're gonna
  • also look at some other pieces with that
  • being said let's get started so let's
  • take a look at some chains and some
  • different pendants first we're going to
  • talk about the Jesus piece now the white
  • gold Jesus piece on the right is the
  • diamond Jesus piece this is my everyday
  • Jesus piece I don't wear every day but
  • it is my Jesus piece this one is the new
  • one now this one was made by wax this
  • one by a computer let me get closer so
  • you guys can see and this doesn't have a
  • crown because it's a separate piece but
  • I just wanted to cast one and kind of
  • see what it's looking like I did this
  • because I could make smaller I can make
  • bigger people want to inches people want
  • a mini like a one-inch so now I'm able
  • to make all different sizes I don't have
  • to pay someone a lot of money to make
  • all different sizes and they end up
  • looking different because you can't
  • really replicate if you make it by hand
  • you can't really replicate the original
  • by computer I just print it and that's
  • that so this is the newer design it so
  • this one has a little more flatter face
  • flatter hair this one has more details
  • as far as the lines it kind of stands
  • out but once the crown gets on there
  • it'll look a lot better got some big boy
  • ropes we got a rope bracelet eight
  • millimeter here or eight millimeter
  • chain three-and-a-half millimeter Franco
  • a lot of Cuban Linx this is the four
  • millimeter three-and-a-half millimeter
  • six millimeter white gold we have a five
  • millimeter rope one millimeter rose gold
  • rope mini cross on a 1.6 millimeter box
  • chain we have the baby curve right here
  • the 2.7 millimeter and we have a
  • nice-looking custom flat ring I had
  • someone Jonathan said hey can you
  • customize it I got the little the little
  • Mario if
  • could zoom in on that high polished gold
  • sometimes my camera just doesn't love
  • the high-polish gold or diamonds like we
  • do hold on I know I get this work there
  • it almost there it is so we got the star
  • and a mushroom from Mario check that out
  • that's attention to detail that is what
  • you get when you shop jacoti honestly
  • guys is that one-on-one customization
  • and just me willing to work with you I
  • was in a good mood he asked where I said
  • I'm gonna make it done I'm gonna make it
  • happen for you we have the mini line
  • here again same thing I'm gonna add a
  • smaller version so I don't think I'll
  • call it mini anymore I gotta call this
  • like regular size or something and the
  • mini will be like an inch total length
  • we have the big cross six millimeter
  • Miami Cuban link three millimeter rope
  • chain three millimeter Mariner I got a
  • bunch of mini crosses that's the thing
  • lately I've been so busy with orders
  • that there's been a delay if you ordered
  • like a cross or Jesus piece line I'm
  • starting to keep more stock so I get
  • orders out just as fast as they come in
  • so here we go now you might have seen
  • these links and you might have heard
  • another name being associated with them
  • but I can't call it by that name because
  • I'd be in big trouble but I'm just gonna
  • call them heavy links or fancy links and
  • that's what these are these are heavy
  • solid 14 karat gold on the Left we have
  • the four millimeter and then on the
  • right is a five millimeter and you know
  • really honestly you can wrestle with a
  • bear ride a bull and fight Conor
  • McGregor wearing this chain and at the
  • end of all three you'd still be wearing
  • this chain that is how heavy and solid
  • and just durable these chains are
  • they're made so nicely I'm really
  • impressed with the quality and I could
  • understand why they've gained so much
  • popularity because really these are a
  • nice chain with a lot of weight to them
  • which is what you want in a good chain
  • especially if you're gonna wear it
  • everyday and want to keep it for a long
  • time go with a chain that is made well
  • now I don't want to just tell you guys I
  • want to show you the weight now let's
  • just weigh this for a millimeter 20-inch
  • out we got over thirty eight and a half
  • grams
  • that is a nice weight right there such a
  • short change now the five millimeter 22
  • inch very nice it's over 60 grams so
  • again heavy heavy duty these are
  • beautiful links who else loves that that
  • noise right there hold on pause for a
  • second
  • that's a beautiful noise so let's see
  • what these things look like around the
  • neck so right away we have a winner I'm
  • in love here this is the 4 millimeter 20
  • inch as we know and I love this look for
  • a few reasons number one if I was to buy
  • and get this chain for myself I would
  • wear it at 20 inch I just think it looks
  • so classy and stands out this is why I
  • love this chain personally because it's
  • well-built it's heavy its durable has
  • all the right things it's like a Franco
  • train it doesn't really flash as much as
  • a Mayan even link our rope chain it
  • doesn't stand out as much but in a
  • classy way it just it really does I mean
  • this is really simple just a black shirt
  • it's my Jacuzzi custom shirt but yet
  • it's gonna get a lot of looks and
  • attention and it just feels good around
  • the neck I don't have to worry about it
  • it's not Hollow I feel the way and I
  • respect that feeling so again I would
  • wear it a little shorter but everyone's
  • different you go longer it's all good
  • stuff
  • but for this look right here that's a
  • nice look two chains one neck I got the
  • 5 millimeter 22 inch on and now you know
  • it with people always ask is it worth
  • going up it's a lot of grams there you
  • go right there as you can see there's a
  • big difference in width and I don't know
  • how to explain that 1 millimeter is
  • nothing in the real world but in chain
  • world it's a huge difference so I always
  • recommend if you can if you want the
  • extra thickness and size go up
  • especially if this is like your train
  • you've been saving you're gonna buy a
  • chain of course save up and go with the
  • extra thickness because you'll
  • appreciate it but the 22 inch not bad
  • that is my sweet spot for length is 22
  • inch so I would but for some reason I
  • just love the 20 inch for this train I
  • like it short to me it's just a really
  • classy chain it's like a Franco if I was
  • to add like a four or five millimeter
  • Franco to my everyday it would have to
  • be 20-inch I would just keep it right
  • above my flat curves which are tucked
  • away right now but again a very nice
  • looking set up I'm not usually a huge
  • fan of to chaining the same style of
  • chains unless it's a rope chain I don't
  • know why that is for some reason rope
  • chains are meant to to train other
  • chains I'm just not a big fan but this
  • looks nice I don't think I would
  • personally wear this or spend that much
  • money on weight on this look but I just
  • want to see you guys could kind of see
  • the difference between the five
  • millimeter and four millimeter one last
  • look at the heavy links and I could see
  • why these are so popular the durability
  • the weight and the overall design and
  • finish is beautiful so go on my website
  • check the gram weight check the price
  • see if they're right for you if you have
  • any questions email me DM me I'm here
  • for you guys 24 hours a day seven days a
  • week no matter what I love gold trains I
  • know you do too thank you for watching
  • and we will see you on our next jewelry
  • video

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Love these chains. I think you guys will enjoy this video because they're a beauty! Check the details on my website: Thanks for watching!



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