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Video Fruit Ninja on XBOX Kinect!
08:02   |   3K+ views   |   today at 02:55


  • terabrite daily so I'm visiting here at
  • my family's house and that's like yeah
  • Sarah driving after cuz Rowland's gonna
  • go in the suite c hi what are you doing
  • what do you doing you freak so I have to
  • use our old camera right now because and
  • the other camera diet i forgot to charge
  • it i'm so sorry guys so this is like a
  • fun house she's playing kinect they just
  • got kinect do you like it you do you
  • love it your hair looks really light did
  • you just die your hair remember Wow well
  • I noticed that last time I was here but
  • I didn't say anything is bringing you
  • but it has scratches on it I'm totally
  • go over there hmm maybe I was
  • accidentally I paid for a brand new well
  • if it doesn't work then take it back ya
  • see it works hey guys did you get the
  • internet working on here yep now it's
  • not a lot re i want you guys to show me
  • some move the flower look at the flowers
  • oh so yourself I like this hi
  • it's a deal Wow when your photographer
  • now so do you want a vlog with me get
  • your camera together you and your friend
  • oh you got it ah are you doing you're
  • gonna freak doesn't even work out that's
  • it swing arms in circles move comment
  • below what she's playing right now what
  • did I just beat service score nope Oh
  • push me you're in my way and I got the
  • missed a friggin fruit she'd rather pups
  • the audience someone your what's your
  • fruit you're a one-point under sara sara
  • is high score
  • he is playing a zombie game she's dead
  • we're always called it to demo this
  • till it fo blood really instead of like
  • a joystick
  • for your body and could you put me know
  • what for
  • that's kind of what the Kinect was made
  • for
  • I actually walking
  • machete is this a machete better than I
  • stuff I saw
  • machetes cut me
  • puppies you can do this
  • wouldn't buy these games I can't control
  • it we had a bigger room and be easier oh
  • sick are you picking up Oh a key yeah is
  • a key in the bunny toilet
  • oh you're screwed now gonna kill those
  • zombies v's mission
  • oh the ice self-solving work better
  • should've kept it
  • are you doing so cover your ears Chrissy
  • always sleeps in this basket on top of
  • the washer now she's like what are you
  • doing who are you you invading my
  • territory recording we already mm-hmm oh
  • my god my face is red oh my face is so
  • red hey god I can't breathe I don't
  • think I need a spine it's holding me
  • back those bad was it yeah do the IRA
  • socks yeah I recording
  • oh okay all right are you sorry Karthik
  • yeah all right right oh oh oh oh oh oh
  • oh oh Serena help me Bosh snacks or at
  • home oh oh oh it smells like fart hey
  • thank you
  • well look at her paws all right go
  • can you shut the doors that's good funny
  • take now i don't think i have a spine
  • assaulting me back i don't think i need
  • is fine I don't think I need a spine I
  • sound Arabic I don't think I don't think
  • I need a spine okay I don't think I need
  • a spine it's holding me back she just
  • bit my jaw be very kitty hey guys you
  • just but you're not
  • you
  • you

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Fruit Ninja on XBOX Kinect!

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