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  • every brother it's caught in the
  • crossfire boys gonna get easy boy 8k my
  • face turning back form to my channel and
  • today guys I'm gonna be showing you how
  • you can get the checkerboard outfit on
  • GTA 5 online for the ps3 and xbox360 and
  • not only for last and basically so guys
  • this is the really cool looking check
  • for an outfit on the way otherwise you
  • go it was only modded ways but as a
  • glitch that came out and looks pretty
  • dope and it's pretty easy to do in 100%
  • working so guys first of all your male
  • character must be in Oliver so Mel
  • carotene female character must be in
  • first slot you know the first one swap
  • character and your second slot must be
  • empty almost be a female character so
  • guys to begin it does not work a female
  • just don't try soon be waste of time and
  • you need a bit of money on your male
  • character once you've done that all your
  • new DVDs go to start online just let me
  • just let me do this we only go to stop
  • character basically
  • so that so character all right guys one
  • sets up character all you wanna do is
  • create a new character on your second
  • slot that must be a female doesn't
  • matter what it is just a flippin female
  • I said before you want a female now by
  • the way you don't need to wear the cover
  • at the beginning so it's kind of cool to
  • name it anything face in character and
  • stay up and join into a session all
  • right guys one session for any random
  • car and take care to the clothes store
  • I've been actually seen anyone trying
  • next-gen vinyl why no one tries it I
  • mean people should try out and see her
  • works they might work for next gen I
  • want to see anyone I should try it it
  • was a spot to go ahead and try on next
  • gen and see the work from his head over
  • to closer now hi guys one sex what um
  • once you had the clothes store all you
  • wanna do is got the top section and go
  • down to always know what bus'ness or
  • something like that
  • what's on that all you will need porn
  • the white bus la gonna call that one
  • sack that just go to boots cool down
  • until you find these white ones
  • his yes the white ones the Ashwin's ash
  • winter boots once you I've done that all
  • you want to do here is head over she's a
  • pant section I'm just standing here some
  • reason all right guys one else position
  • go to jeans and go down to find the
  • black cropped or croup they like that
  • can actually find it but you keep going
  • up
  • um yeah they're a black crop once it
  • under I select them or buy them and then
  • just head over to the Hat section then
  • all your own devious figure the front
  • under forwards backwards front facing
  • ones or the canvas or the mean and then
  • got the paid grand black one once we've
  • done that all you and go over to is the
  • accessory section see if it accessories
  • are done in open and go to over to
  • gloves and put on the black driver clubs
  • and then go to glasses and put on the
  • Pyro's black marbles I just kind of long
  • to find a little bit I was pretty
  • confused or knows when was that's just
  • the black mobile a mini and they are on
  • it yep and this one's a dollar there
  • they are
  • select them and then from here on you
  • just want to go ahead and save it as an
  • outfit name it anything and just save it
  • I know I kept standing there stupid
  • there was any name and then order one
  • you know is head of outside that press
  • Start online
  • swap character
  • I hope wait for loads up too so
  • character and then all you're gonna do
  • is go ahead and delete your second
  • character we're just working on don't
  • wanna just do it press square and right
  • delete and then once you press select
  • delete yet I'll see your delete key
  • spamming X now keep swimming at this
  • point keep swimming yet keep spamming it
  • and then after you go to the new kratom
  • and you join keep spamming circle now
  • keep slamming Circle Circle Circle does
  • Family Circle and then you'll back out
  • to story mode once you got a story mode
  • all you want to do is head over back
  • onto online in an invalid session all
  • right guys once a back online you stuck
  • in your inventory and you select the
  • outfit you should be wearing a modern
  • looking outfit ass alright on screen
  • right now to be a checkerboard outfit
  • looks like this with invisible arms okie
  • doke like a lot and looks be more did as
  • well make sure your friends show
  • everyone how you did it and spring dog
  • glitch overall hope you guys did enjoy
  • make more cool apps look like this
  • I'm hope you guys enjoy it should hit
  • the like button and subscribe for more
  • glitches other videos in the future as
  • you can get messy let's say 10 likes but
  • awesome glitches get 10 likes for this
  • come on guys we do it amateur subscribe
  • and I'll see you guys in my next video
  • take care and peace
  • you
  • you

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you guys it's akmak make hope you enjoyed the quick video more videos will be coming up on gta 5 mainly so stay tunned.

Thanks you for watching :)

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