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Video I Tried The Fanciest McDonald's In The World
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  • (soft jazz music)
  • - Hi, I'm Inga.
  • I'm here in Hong Kong, my hometown, for a couple of days.
  • Apparently the fanciest McDonald's in the world
  • is right here
  • in the background.
  • It's called McDonald's Next.
  • They say it's amazing, and it looks super gourmet,
  • so I'm super excited.
  • Let's go in and see just how fancy McDonald's can get.
  • (classical ballroom music)
  • I'm here to order a little bit of everything
  • at this fancy McDonald's.
  • Let's see how bougie we can get.
  • Gonna start with this bakery style bun,
  • 100% angus beef, thick cut,
  • mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion,
  • Big Mac sauce.
  • Truffle.
  • (lively jazz music)
  • All that good stuff.
  • (cash register rings)
  • California blend, shaved parmesan,
  • roasted sesame, sweet corn, crouton,
  • tomato, quinoa.
  • They have quinoa.
  • Chicken.
  • This salad's gonna be amazing.
  • My God.
  • Oh my God.
  • Who knew you could spend
  • this much money at McDonald's. (cash register rings)
  • I think we a pretty,
  • Ooh, McCafe.
  • Maybe I'll get an iced latte.
  • Chocolate sundae waffle cone
  • and matcha.
  • A mango macaron.
  • I think that's all I should get.
  • Let's look at the total order.
  • 274 dollars. (cash register rings)
  • Let's do it.
  • (lively jazz music)
  • (gasps) Yeah!
  • Here we go.
  • Now we wait for the food to come.
  • (energetic swing music)
  • Table service.
  • They just gave me my salad
  • and then asked if I wanted the dessert served after.
  • It's like being at an actual restaurant.
  • OK, no problem.
  • Thank you.
  • Just got the iced cappuccino and the iced latte.
  • They look insanely good.
  • Look at this.
  • If you put this in a Starbucks cup and you gave it to me,
  • I would have thought it was Starbucks.
  • It's really good.
  • I'm really surprised.
  • I think it's like freshly ground coffee.
  • Oh, sheet!
  • Premium coffee beans.
  • McDonald's has their own coffee beans.
  • That is insane.
  • Gonna check this salad out.
  • And this is what it looks like.
  • (soft jazz music)
  • The grilled chicken, croutons, the crayfish mayo,
  • tomatoes, shaved parmesan, quinoa couscous.
  • Gonna put this sesame dressing on.
  • (soft jazz music)
  • Yaaass.
  • I really like it.
  • Not normally a salad person,
  • but this salad I would totally eat.
  • Oh, the bacon.
  • The crayfish is really good.
  • I thought it would be like imitation crab meat or something.
  • No, it's actual crayfish.
  • (soft jazz music)
  • Gee, that is amazing.
  • When you customize your own salad at whole foods,
  • that's what it tastes like.
  • Everything is really fresh.
  • You can pick what you like.
  • It's amazing.
  • Sorry, this is really good.
  • Let me get another bite.
  • (giggles) I really like it.
  • I just got the burger.
  • It looks so good (gasps.)
  • (lively jazz music)
  • That's a huge burger.
  • Look at all those layers.
  • McDonald's fries just stepped up their game.
  • And we have actual silverware.
  • That's not plastic.
  • It's metal, like you would see at an actual restaurant.
  • If I told you this was from McDonald's,
  • you would not believe me.
  • We're not talking normal patties.
  • This is like double the thickness of normal patties.
  • Let's go for it.
  • (lively jazz music)
  • You can actually see the meat in there.
  • Big Mac sauce and truffle sauce together.
  • (bomb blasts)
  • Mind blown.
  • It is so good.
  • It's so good!
  • Who would have ever thought
  • that McDonald's sells truffle sauce.
  • I think I was a little bit skeptical,
  • but this actually tastes really good.
  • I would totally order this again.
  • Holy shit!
  • Well, it still looks like an ice cream, right?
  • This is the chocolate waffle cone.
  • The texture of this ice cream is very much like
  • their normal soft serve
  • but the waffle cone is super buttery.
  • It is super nice.
  • I got myself a matcha parfait.
  • Vanilla ice cream on top,
  • and then I think there's chocolate bits.
  • (soft jazz music)
  • The matcha smells really good.
  • (soft jazz music)
  • Oh my God.
  • Let's do this.
  • It blends together really, really well.
  • I can't believe that this is from McDonald's.
  • Mango macaron at McDonald's.
  • It's not absolutely amazing,
  • but it's not bad.
  • I'm really impressed, McDonald's.
  • Now that we had burgers and salads,
  • and coffees and desserts,
  • I think this is the perfect way
  • to finish off a fancy McDonald's meal here in Hong Kong.
  • Thank you, McDonald's, for showing me that
  • even fast food can be really fancy.
  • (upbeat acoustic music)

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"If you put this in a Starbucks cup and you gave it to me, I would have thought it was Starbucks."

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