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Video How To Locate Crappie In The Summer


  • okay we're here at the ramp I just back
  • my boat up in here we're here Cedar
  • Bluff is where I've ended up and won't
  • put this code in right here it looks
  • like an overcast day this morning it's
  • 15 till 7:00
  • Kirti out here on the slide that's messy
  • in here launcher it's all welds ready to
  • catch fish I just hope we can find
  • something here I've never ever fish for
  • crappie in this area before that's why I
  • wanted to come on up here this is either
  • going to be a success or failure that's
  • part of fishing you know you can't limit
  • yourself I've always said that really
  • I'd like to fish in all kinds different
  • lakes that's how much I like fishing but
  • it's pretty dirty this morning but it is
  • overcast and I hope the weatherman is
  • right I hope I have a window of
  • opportunity to fish today and folks I
  • want to say something about why it's
  • lake now wise Lake is actually a pretty
  • dangerous lake if you don't know how to
  • run it you know you need you a good Lake
  • mount it's a very dangerous lake it's
  • shallow stomping you have to really know
  • where the creek channels are to run it
  • properly because if you don't if it's if
  • you just now finishing this lake or
  • intend on coming up here be very careful
  • okay if I'd alone up here towards the
  • bridge and the first thing I want to do
  • you see how deep the crappie are
  • okay we're on our way to the bridge and
  • the surface temperature is 81 degrees
  • okay that's pretty hot so I already know
  • folks from experience this time of year
  • that the fish is going to be anywhere
  • from 7 to 8 feet and possibly all the
  • way down to 20 okay with the water
  • temperature that's in my opinion we'll
  • see how that pans out but that's
  • probably the depth water that I'm going
  • to start out in and when I get on up
  • here to the bridge I'm going to focus
  • how deep the crappie are excuse me the
  • shad are running in other words I'm
  • looking for the thermocline all right
  • let's sit down here
  • yeah gone
  • okay I'm up here at the bridge now real
  • deep water right in here and I'm here to
  • some shed sound off so that's the first
  • thing I'm going to do is figure out how
  • deep they are and they're pretty close
  • to the surface okay they're showing
  • anywhere from five to six foot deep and
  • I'm counting one two three four or five
  • looks like six columns right here now
  • this is vertical structure this is where
  • I used to take me vertical jiggin when
  • I'm looking for fish it's just a pattern
  • they can be several patterns on any leg
  • it's any given time to catch crappie but
  • this is one of my favorite waves right
  • here okay we're going to get on in here
  • and we're going to check the depth of
  • the water on each one of these columns
  • we're going to see if they're sad
  • present and see if we can find out if
  • there's some crappie
  • using this area
  • or not they shut her down and start
  • dissecting okay I'm now easing to the
  • backside of this column right here
  • there's a significant amount of current
  • right here so that are pulling water
  • I'm right here on the second column and
  • water depth it's 15 feet so I'm gonna
  • pitch in here let this jig down and I
  • see a fish right there behind me at
  • about 14 foot but I don't but I think
  • the fish is probably about 9 to 10 foot
  • we'll see and I'm using a bait caster
  • now with the Aries rod real limber rod
  • at 6 foot long and using a Bobby Garlin
  • jig the name of the jig is hot lips okay
  • and I'm going to try right around in
  • here just a little bit okay and see what
  • we can do
  • here we go
  • that feels like across
  • and it is well maybe we found them here
  • get down here lift this fish there we go
  • it's a big these two big crappie quit
  • okay you bent that whoo look at her
  • that's a good finish right there good
  • start right here that's about Oh 12 and
  • a half inch cropping good fish looks a
  • little letting go tell you what I'm
  • gonna have something going right here I
  • don't know why that hook bent like that
  • I think I bend it out a little bit too
  • much to start with I was fortunate to
  • catch that fish that's fishing this is
  • real-life fishing folks okay let's look
  • at this depth finder you know I was
  • talking all this stuff while ago and I
  • meant what I said let's look at this
  • little cheap depth tied to here it's a
  • little hummingbird but it's a good one
  • see we're in 16 feet of water now if you
  • notice right here you'll see some fish
  • right here these fish is right by the
  • column so they're actually about 14 foot
  • so you'll see these Rises right here
  • okay they're about 2 foot off the ball
  • and that's where the fish are
  • there we go copy number two come on in
  • here there we go all right
  • we got us a little something going right
  • here and you know a good fish here
  • beautiful fish here at my lake pretty
  • good pattern we're on right here
  • pretty good pattern just throwing it in
  • behind that column letting it sink on
  • down there where the fish is around 12
  • feet yeah will do
  • oh goodness watch strap nose crappie
  • hope I get that fish in there that's a
  • big old strap nose come on come on come
  • on come on I want a couple of a cue ball
  • look at here I'm Charlotte disease now
  • he inhaled that gig there we go
  • angle hurting okay
  • strap nose again over here on the other
  • side Lake okay I've been calling them
  • stripe nose crappie but look how pretty
  • that predominant strap is right there I
  • just love your stuff I love it but look
  • here understand he's got a marking here
  • and I'll call it a Stratton I was
  • crappie but really it's how they black
  • nose crappie
  • but you know it's more like a strap then
  • it snows being black that's just opinion
  • but let's let him go okay now that was
  • fun let's try this again I'm going to
  • try with a different jig different color
  • right here just change up colors this is
  • called this is a Bobby Garland this
  • color here is called Twilight the last
  • color I used was called monkey milk big
  • difference in these two colors but I
  • just want to see if it'll work I know
  • there's some fish down there to be
  • called in the day is kindly getting a
  • little bit darker
  • he's Twilight that's another good piece
  • for this time of year is a good good
  • finish right here hey listen come here
  • he is that's just a black crappie oh it
  • tickles me to catch we're strapping
  • those cropping or black nose crappie I
  • don't know why I'm just that like a kid
  • let's let it go nah goodness I'm having
  • fun right here now
  • I've had questions about overcast days
  • it don't matter
  • crappie
  • it doesn't really matter to me whether
  • it's an overcast day or sunny
  • they just position a little bit
  • different sometimes but it's more and
  • more enjoyable when it says hotter
  • weather to fish when it's overcast for
  • the angler but what I'm saying is it
  • don't matter to the crappie
  • in my opinion so see anything that may
  • change the depth you know where the
  • crappie will be sometimes but let's
  • catch another one there he is
  • while I was talking I was walking it
  • feet right here get these good fish good
  • fish there I've got this go with fish
  • fire it up okay you can fire them up
  • come here come again here again part the
  • handle sometimes I did fish right huh
  • Wow
  • the other fish is close to 13 inches
  • doing this I'm having a ball folks I'll
  • get out here and do this kind of stuff
  • here I mean if you don't like the
  • vertical jig you don't have to I mean
  • you can get on these bright lines and
  • things that nature and find you an
  • irregularity in it and find your school
  • of fish and sit on top of them and catch
  • it but it's just a technique design Joey
  • right here because you don't measure me
  • how just your lungs I catch them there
  • we go
  • getting windy in these fish are a little
  • bit tough to feel that's why I like this
  • have this line this is a good fish right
  • here I'm just going to take my time that
  • you're getting this guy knows that's a
  • good place very easy I get them in any
  • way I can a lot of people says why don't
  • you use a net well I want to give this
  • these crappie a sporting chance
  • a good fish - very good fish letting go
  • take having a lot of fun out here why
  • slate reuse and I just had I moved right
  • here
  • what we got right here Elmo this is a
  • crappie is a big one that's a spotted
  • bass see but I moved it to a different
  • color what give me a fin on this little
  • Lang if we Coosa River spy right here
  • that happen to walk when you fishing for
  • crappie over here
  • god what a chunk is a nice fish fish it
  • that quick Bolton put him in boat what
  • I've done right here is changed to a one
  • twenty fourth of an ounce jig with a
  • sickle hook okay there he is about a
  • penny or better crappie let's let that
  • one go and I'm using a bait cast it got
  • windy after this thunderstorm that come
  • through so I had to tied to this column
  • and the wind is pushing it made it real
  • rough out here so I tied to this column
  • okay and on vertical jigging are one
  • twenty-fourth of an ounce jig right here
  • we've a casting for pound test line it
  • is another way of fishing
  • were the hot wheels Bobby Garland and I
  • had to go to a heavier jig head to get
  • down our counter wind and I'm just
  • vertical jiggin I'm using the Aries rod
  • it's real Lambert six foot long with a
  • low speed spoke baitcasting reel
  • there's kitchen over
  • Perrigo yes fish went Bisby that feels
  • like a good crappie here a sickle hook
  • on here I like sickle hooks one
  • conditions like this changes let's just
  • clicking on in here oh let me talk about
  • that just a little bit area that's a
  • good summer crappie letting go now the
  • water depth here is 16 feet okay now
  • this is what misses some fishermen up it
  • does me it's gotten more overcast okay a
  • storm come through but yet the fish went
  • deeper you would think that we shower up
  • but that's not always the case many
  • times it is that's why you have to try
  • different depths now I'm fishing here at
  • the same spot studying these fish okay
  • now I'm to the bottom in other words I'm
  • my jig is laying on the bottom I'm
  • reeling up about two foot off the bottom
  • okay
  • so I've changed my way of fishing I'm
  • hopping I'm pulling the jig up letting
  • it fall just like that now this is a
  • simplified way of vertical jigging but
  • I'm letting the jig fall on a slack line
  • in other words when the jig falls it's
  • probably spinning a little bit well I
  • know it is and that's what triggers our
  • strange
  • in the summer especially in the summer
  • and fall that fall rate needs to be
  • pretty well pretty slow but it needs but
  • that's where you need to use different
  • jigs wait figure out how fast or slow
  • will fall they they need okay then let's
  • fish around here and catch us another
  • trigger or strike the parents go
  • he picked it up right off the side of
  • the column right there I was doing that
  • little pumping grazing thing that I do
  • forget feeds right here little bit fish
  • huh another good one I tell you why
  • slice is imposed a ten inch minimum size
  • limit on these crappie and I've done
  • just this these crappie are starting to
  • get bigger the more plentiful in what
  • they usually be looks like that fish and
  • go okay let's try that trick again
  • where we yet Gerald long water crappie
  • he said they just didn't over the day
  • and it's a stripe nose put them in the
  • bow Delmer look at their water strap
  • nose crappie folks that's a big gig just
  • fell out I didn't get a good hook set
  • obviously but look at that beautiful
  • fish right there or black nose crappie
  • he is the right name nice let him go get
  • fish wise Lake Alabama the coral Wilma
  • okay folks that's the end of the day but
  • uh something a little bit different yeah
  • a baitcaster this is a lose speed spoon
  • little small very small real with arias
  • rock as a irr us real ever six foot rod
  • and I have four pound test mr. Crotty on
  • it and used a funky milk poppy Garland
  • okay with a sickle hook that was worn
  • one way they named of course is my able
  • cloud Rolla drive with a spin both ways
  • the work if it gets a little bit windy a
  • little sibling comes through or
  • something like that
  • try that make that from outfit you might
  • be surprised but you know everything
  • that I do on this channel is only based
  • on opinion there's many good fishermen
  • out there is all well known and you're
  • probably one of them we all have our own
  • techniques nya deals these are just mine
  • and thank you for the news and good
  • comments and remember
  • let me try to be normal this time don't
  • fish in winter tan hey it's hard to do
  • whew okay because it's good
  • sorry see you next time
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]

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This is one of my techniques for finding crappie in the summer time. If you have anymore questions feel free to type them in the comment section. See ya'll next time!


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