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Video Get 100% on Paper 2 Question 2 Cambridge IGCSE Reading Paper (0522 and 0500)


  • welcome to question two of the Cambridge
  • IGCSE reading paper that's the one
  • that's called first language English oh
  • five two two although that's the same
  • questions as you'll get in the zero five
  • zero zero service this is question two
  • from last year's paper May 2015 and the
  • question will always be nearly identical
  • so you need to look at two paragraphs
  • that will always be the case and you'll
  • be able to find them because the
  • quotations
  • for the beginning of the paragraphs will
  • be given to you and then there's this
  • really powerful bit of advice that
  • select for words and probably the words
  • will always be powerful as well but from
  • each paragraph so in a class of 28
  • students I always have two or three who
  • just write about four words and forget
  • that there's each paragraph now these
  • words might not be underlined for you in
  • the question I'm looking at the mark
  • scheme here so you need to underline the
  • key words yourself explain how each word
  • or phrase is selected and used
  • effectively and you must talk about
  • imagery and we'll explore what imagery
  • is in a minute
  • the word count is always the same 200 to
  • 300 words although you're not really
  • penalized for going over that and this
  • question is only worth ten marks so if
  • you know the exam you'll realize that
  • question one and question three are
  • worth 20 marks it's a two-hour paper and
  • many of you will run out of energy at
  • the end so I strongly advise you to do
  • this question last don't do it in order
  • the reason for that is if you use up all
  • your energy on this question there are
  • 20 marks going on question 3 and you're
  • likely to chuck quite a few of them away
  • so this is only worth 10 marks please do
  • it last
  • okay the examiners are trying to be
  • really helpful let me show you how they
  • want you to be able to talk about images
  • and you will know that image
  • use our personification simile metaphor
  • alliteration or anything to do with
  • sound but it doesn't matter if you don't
  • name them as long as you talk about it
  • as imagery you can still get the marks
  • and then there's another bit of help
  • do not take marks off for inaccurate
  • statements simply ignore them so you can
  • afford to make mistakes on this question
  • and you won't lose marks the examiner
  • will give you marks for any sensible
  • comment but this is going to be really
  • important you have to talk about correct
  • meanings I'm going to come back to that
  • in a minute and you can even talk about
  • non vocabulary choices for example the
  • punctuation used all the types of
  • sentence and you still get marks for
  • that as long as you also have comments
  • about vocabulary and I wouldn't advise
  • this I'd stick to the vocabulary choices
  • if you can okay now for the major
  • pitfall in this question and why even
  • the best students rarely get full marks
  • this is a quotation question and you've
  • been doing that probably since year five
  • and you're an expert at it the problem
  • is you're an expert at quoting and
  • literature in an essay however this exam
  • asks you to do something vaguely
  • ridiculous it's very very mechanical and
  • stupid but you have to do it to get the
  • marks so now that I've waited your
  • appetite let's see what their idiotic
  • points will understand that I jumped to
  • the examiners advice on this Oh 500
  • syllabus it's exactly the same questions
  • on the same paper as the Oh 5 to 2
  • syllabus but I was curious to know why
  • my own students didn't get full marks I
  • couldn't find a clue in the mark scheme
  • until I looked at the Oh five zero zero
  • syllabus oh here it is this is how the
  • examine is supposed to mark and for
  • imprecise or incomplete choices or
  • explanations they
  • put this upside down V then for meaning
  • ie that means that is not for example it
  • means exactly a dictionary definition
  • annotate X exp so the examiner wants you
  • to write a dictionary definition of the
  • words you're looking at you would never
  • do that in a literature essay it would
  • make you sound like an idiot and and
  • unfortunately you have to write like an
  • idiot for this bit to get the mark and
  • then you need an explanation in the
  • margin about sorry they have to put the
  • X be for an explanation in the margin
  • about the effect then the effect is not
  • eg not for example but ie
  • so the effect is the response it evokes
  • on the reader so the effect on the
  • reader is those are the words you've got
  • to use and then finally you've got to do
  • something
  • also very strange you have to write an
  • overview and that's marked with an O so
  • I'm going to take you through those
  • requirements so you can get 100% okay
  • let's look at some of the language
  • choices you could have made so something
  • here is described as an eyesore and in
  • your literature essays you go straight
  • after quoting that you'd go into saying
  • what it suggests you suggest it's
  • painful to behold but then you'd miss
  • this whole bit of the mark scheme where
  • you have to translate I saw it means
  • something very ugly or something
  • offensive to the eye then you'd write
  • this suggests that yep or you would
  • actually write the effect of the reader
  • on the reader is that we realize it's
  • painful to behold here again heavy shade
  • this means literally that it's very dark
  • the effect on the reader is to suggest
  • that this is oppressive you see how it
  • works
  • noxious weeds noxious dictionary
  • definition means poisonous or toxic this
  • creates the effect on the reader of
  • giving us a sense of the Pulu
  • in danger you see how it works and then
  • if we jump down to the other paragraph
  • you've got to write about exactly the
  • same thing is going on the lips or face
  • tightened into a grimace grimace is an
  • ugly or distorted face that's the
  • dictionary definition the effect on the
  • reader is that it indicates his
  • disapproval caused by the tense muscles
  • so you have to be really mechanical here
  • by giving the dictionary definition then
  • suggest what the effect on the reader is
  • okay so you've picked four quotations
  • you've written about them as imagery
  • notice that nowhere in the examiners
  • mark scheme is there any detail about
  • naming it as personification or simile
  • or metaphor or literation you don't have
  • to name it low if you know it do because
  • it helps and then the same for
  • quotations from the next paragraph well
  • what's left to do nothing if we look at
  • the question of the question just select
  • four words from each paragraph it must
  • include imagery explain how it's used
  • effectively in other words the effect on
  • the reader I see it we've got full marks
  • we've got eight quotations full mark
  • surely but no because there's this
  • highly annoying bit in the mark scheme
  • this by the way is also in the 0 5 to 2
  • mark scheme this fits exactly the same
  • the general effect is of an unsightly
  • hostile and wild area its dangers
  • exaggerated as Rufus attempts to
  • manipulate his audience now you will
  • notice that in terms of exam technique
  • after you've written about these so
  • you've got two choices you can leave a
  • two line gap so once you've written
  • about the quotations you go back and put
  • that general overview in or you can put
  • this at the end after you've written
  • about the quotations when we move to the
  • next paragraph the general effect is of
  • a furious man attempting to suppress the
  • outward signs of his own anger I suppose
  • it's potentially dangerous or comical
  • again you need to put in
  • comment about the overall effect you
  • won't know what that is until you've
  • written about your images and again
  • you've got same choice leave two lines
  • at the beginning or write it at the end
  • two lines is clearly enough for an
  • overview so it's not hard for you to
  • write it but you need to do it to get
  • ten marks out of ten right now I'm going
  • to show you the same two candidates that
  • were in my question one video so if I
  • just pan up here this is my brilliant
  • candidate who I expect to score 100% on
  • every question because he really is that
  • good at English you get an a star in a
  • level literature no bother at all
  • but when we scan through his work we can
  • see that the examiner has annotated it
  • for explanations but these they think
  • are incomplete and there are no pluses
  • there until we get to the final bit in
  • other words he's writing too well for
  • this examiner he's writing it like a
  • literature essay and instead he needs to
  • be completely mechanical giving the
  • dictionary definition saying what the
  • effect on the reader is and he's just
  • actually being too good for this exam
  • and obviously he hasn't put in the
  • overview I say obviously because that
  • wasn't asked for in the question and
  • stupidly when I taught this last year I
  • just taught them to answer the question
  • I am hadn't looked at the other syllabus
  • oh five zero zero to see quite how
  • stupid the exam was and he had to put
  • the overview in her so there you go his
  • marks are six out of ten which is
  • appalling and he could get ten out of
  • ten in his sleep and but it's because
  • he's written too well as though this was
  • a literature exam he hasn't followed the
  • marked scheme so that's my top tip
  • follow exactly what the markers want no
  • matter how stupid because you want to
  • get a hundred percent right let's
  • contrast that to the other candidate who
  • got the high
  • marks in the air for these three
  • questions and you can see he got eight
  • out of ten and wrote much much less you
  • can see by the pluses and the
  • explanations that he's got more of them
  • in but he clearly also does not have the
  • overviews it's harder for the examiners
  • to see an overview anyway because he
  • hasn't separated it into two sections
  • he's written an introduction at the
  • beginning where he could have put the
  • overview and but he hasn't taught about
  • the overall effect so he hasn't got the
  • mark for it you can see there's nothing
  • credited for that opening bit so this
  • really is a mechanical point scoring
  • exercise and you ought to be able to get
  • four marks ten out of ten simply by
  • filling both pages it's not about volume
  • and if you're used to writing proper PEP
  • paragraphs or peña where you put in a
  • lot of analysis actually that doesn't
  • get you any more marks in fact obviously
  • you lose marks because you write too
  • much as you saw with the previous
  • candidate so in some ways that's
  • depressing because you're not actually
  • being tested on proper English skills
  • but the good news is it's easy it's
  • mechanical and easy and you can actually
  • aim for 100% so I try to summarize that
  • for you question to teachers and
  • students often approach this question
  • logically as a literature question
  • demanding P or P a paragraph responses
  • but this is not the exam skill instead
  • use the mark scheme and student
  • responses that I've shown you to show
  • why students should do the following use
  • the word imagery an image where you
  • can't identify a simile or metaphor
  • personification any reference to sound
  • alliteration counts as imagery and
  • directly after the quotation you should
  • write a dictionary definition of the
  • words in fact you could even say a
  • dictionary definition of this is you
  • could actually use these words they're
  • in the mark scheme and then directly
  • after the dictionary definition instead
  • of saying this supply this implies or
  • this suggests
  • you're going to say the effect on the
  • reader is and then explain what it
  • suggests and use those words this
  • explanation is only one or two sentences
  • it doesn't have to be really long
  • doesn't have to be developed with lots
  • of real insight after the four
  • quotations from the paragraph the
  • student must write an overview and I've
  • said that afterwards because it's just
  • the easier I think than leaving a gap
  • using a word these words the general
  • effect is and if you do that you can't
  • fail to get 100% unless of course you
  • pick on something that is an imagery but
  • remember no maps are taken off it's just
  • not credited so now you know how to get
  • 100% twice and past papers mark them
  • give them to your teacher see if they
  • agree and shortly I'll do the video on
  • question three

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Learn the strange marking criteria which means PEE or PEA does not work on this language question. Find out how to nail this exam by following simple (even ridiculous) rules. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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