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  • so I on a public minecraft server called
  • sky kid and that minecraft server has a
  • public forums and this is the forums
  • right here this is a place where members
  • of the community can all interact with
  • each other if they've got a banner peel
  • they post it on here if the staff want
  • to update the players on recent
  • developments and they post it on the
  • forums if people wanted to complain
  • about something which they do a lot then
  • they would post it on the forums as well
  • so you can see a lot of stuff goes on
  • here we've got 14,000 discussions if you
  • a thousand messages and 14,000 members
  • so understandably you can find some
  • weird and very oft roping stuff if you
  • wear if you look hard enough so
  • basically in the space of half an hour I
  • found all of these weird threads so I'm
  • sure if you guys liked this video we
  • could definitely do it again and I'm
  • sure they'll be way more funny and weird
  • threads to take a look at so the first
  • one we're going to be looking at is a
  • banner peel now if you don't know the
  • process if someone is banned on the
  • server for whatever reason and they do
  • not think that the ban was fair or it
  • was like all the stuff man they made a
  • mistake then they would post a bun
  • appeal on the forums and then if it's
  • accepted that play would get unbanned
  • but if we grab our headphones a player
  • by the name of Katie a got a rather
  • creative with their banner peel you know
  • they have their usual stuff ovary but if
  • we scroll down we've got hashtag
  • freakiest glidecycle all watched this
  • video shall we
  • hi use crowds two months ago the grand
  • god kg it was banned for hacking the
  • season reset is coming soon he wants to
  • return give him another chance
  • how's that free Katie a cougar it was
  • funny and then it kind of got creepy at
  • the end it also a flare to kiss here
  • they're making sure is Butterfield was a
  • bit different making sure it stood out a
  • little bit I liked it it got like five
  • quid to highlight guy to say whatever
  • you want even after that incredible
  • video he still didn't get unbanned from
  • from this point of view having to be Fey
  • was fun for a slight speed first place
  • nor sloth lava
  • Jesus to fly kill kill aura like we've
  • got another forum post called sky kids
  • evil law sky kids evil low what does
  • this mean I don't know let's have a
  • watch
  • ill everybody my name is hat way and hi
  • Holly
  • on Sky Kade I've got some good news bad
  • news and some just out there news right
  • we don't have time for the good in the
  • bad news let's skip ad' slightly Skye
  • Kate and I promise I found this document
  • that contained Arabic script like Arabic
  • Scripture or something I know right
  • totally insane
  • anyway it's totally insane the scripture
  • said something insane all right I'm
  • going to have it translated here via
  • Google Translate so it's just I'm
  • terrible but I'll have both the actual
  • like scripture in Arabic going
  • underneath it and then I'll have alright
  • alright gets the point let's say that
  • I've just it's real good
  • then one day a man whose name resembled
  • that of a head garment fuckability
  • and I underneath with the help of a
  • well-known dictator he is wanted by me
  • to use the house even he's got a clue
  • didn't ask to be involved we got that
  • real antennas will overthrow the group
  • called a diamond boy fish this guy will
  • use an evil ritual called the head to
  • rise to summon an evil demon said to be
  • famous brother che and is a continent
  • heaven a dark times will befall the
  • group during this time and Dulles Wow
  • prays alone why did you guys hear that
  • a baby's mental well here's the thing if
  • you can't tell the Hat the hack the
  • guy's name who resembles a hat that's me
  • alright
  • obviously it's talking about me
  • overthrowing the server if you guys
  • don't understand what's going on here
  • I'm totally saying that I'm gonna
  • overthrow this server well what does it
  • mean by the heads arise well here's the
  • deal guys it's a ritual
  • Boyan Abajo so this was so this this
  • forum post was all the way back in march
  • 29th and i think my response at the time
  • kind of kind of sum things up good you
  • people weird quick i just still
  • understand alright let's let's check out
  • the next or do i know causing a jackpot
  • well I'm making a drachma see Welsh
  • discord BOTS off I've been on shortage
  • of means if you contribute to this
  • project and I like it
  • I will put your forum name into the boss
  • itself I need your best means so it's
  • it's only
  • seconds he's on discord and his types
  • Jia rules and then apparently bloody
  • I've responded and given him the classic
  • middle boy rule number three being by
  • the Wang suffix currently a forty
  • percent global sales so let's go kid
  • don't let check it out and then the the
  • video ends there well I'll leave this
  • for a post in the description if you
  • have any means that you think should be
  • included in the jackpot you know if he
  • develops it maybe maybe we'll actually
  • chat with myself in a future video that
  • would be that'd be lovely this is a nice
  • simple one just from yesterday
  • the title is happy be there too doubly
  • dear people and an actual description is
  • happy b-day lalala eat kick and get fat
  • and then that's it that's that it wasn't
  • directed at anyone in particular and no
  • replies yet we should there we are
  • next next next one another video this
  • thread is files the real big boys in
  • this insightful documentary we uncover
  • what really goes on in the big boys
  • faction big boys being a faction that
  • was on the server at the time let's
  • check it out let's check the video
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • triangular dog being a player on the
  • server that run the function I assume
  • I'm a anomaly why is happening easy but
  • it needs just short Oh God probably not
  • Qi why because he turned to right beaver
  • when you're any good better will pay for
  • the wall on day one we will begin
  • working on it impenetrable right can we
  • can we move on I agree it's another
  • video where I've put Minecraft heads
  • over another video this will be good
  • supposed to be gone carry this one
  • player keeps banning is a team - yeah -
  • they are too big enough member ellisa
  • some say attend to the worst arcade
  • money on some fire I heard a and - can
  • hurl Dan Hammond other than a catapult
  • what no no no that's impossible
  • right at this point I am considering
  • quitting the Minecraft community
  • altogether but let's keep going till as
  • well as posts from humans we also get
  • lots of posts from robots that are just
  • spamming random things and every now and
  • then you get some funny ones so this is
  • from nitish singer the excel male
  • enhancement and other execution
  • enhancers with everything taken into
  • account why might it be prudent for you
  • to pick the excel pills or the blue
  • pills
  • everything considers those diverse pills
  • require a holding up period mostly you
  • have to hold up until the point that the
  • moments that the moment was up by then
  • you have to annoy that eager moment to
  • take the pill couldn't have said it
  • better myself we've got an image here
  • let's check that out
  • that's lovely there's also a link I mean
  • I'm curious let's check it out as you
  • have matured you've seen a relentless
  • decrease in your sexual well-being how
  • did you know try not to give you a
  • relationship
  • if a chance to flop since you've lost
  • the energy in your physical relationship
  • get it back with the new DXL pill I mean
  • I've really no farm sold already lever
  • apply send ten please ma'am
  • Donny bulbs post comment thank you I
  • didn't realize it forced it on the
  • website very easy but it's good right
  • now we've got a district they're popular
  • at the mall I mean looking at this
  • already I wish I'd brought some eye
  • protection because I could tell already
  • that this is going to spit some fire so
  • this is the infamous 999 zooms this
  • truck on another player by the name of
  • duckling let's check it out let's have a
  • look twenty-three seconds here we go
  • yo duck where's your luck you're in the
  • mark you a quick drop you couldn't be a
  • hot which kind of lava finder because
  • it's kind of bad look again for all
  • these spinning if I'm gonna put you over
  • hein even make a retire quick drop spam
  • christ almighty
  • whoa wise I know I mean nine nine nine
  • zoom I know you're watching and I love
  • that you've clearly got a future in the
  • music industry
  • it's the transitions between it's the
  • transitions that are that are like I
  • mean look at that oh yeah I feel like
  • that's one thing that my videos are
  • missing when if we need more cool
  • transitions but then did you need that
  • last line I mean it was too quick for me
  • to even kibriya kind of caught up to me
  • if I'm gonna put your behind even make a
  • retire you be spitting the fire gonna
  • love it all these spin fire going to put
  • your behind even make a retire he's
  • simply a lyrical king now if that wasn't
  • really no I'm aware this guy has created
  • more district and there has been
  • responses to those districts so let's
  • say 3,000 likes will do another weird
  • forum post video and we'll watch the
  • other districts as well right we've got
  • all last threads and here we go this
  • this is called eating jack I will eat a
  • picture of Jack every day until he eats
  • a picture of me right let's just watch
  • the video day one
  • [Music]
  • look at the video Olympic I'll probably
  • just cut the picture out before I
  • started recording but but anyway where
  • were we
  • [Music]
  • why I didn't I didn't ask for this I'm
  • not questioning it well I am question it
  • I don't basu what why but I mean he said
  • he'd take a picture of me every day
  • until I had a picture of him and this
  • was posted three days ago now so let's
  • see if he kept to his word because I
  • know that I have not yet eaten a picture
  • of him and just keep on scroll a up was
  • this yesterday there too I he's learned
  • from his mistakes this video far more
  • concise straight to the point
  • precursor image I like what he's got
  • going on I will say though they're yours
  • I mean a I didn't even need the water
  • that time he's perfect to take I will
  • say though you could have been a bit
  • more creative with the pictures you just
  • printed off the same picture each time
  • but if we like go to go there sorry
  • Bob's going something male enhancement
  • picture again if we give ourselves a
  • little Google and other images there are
  • so incredible pictures of me online I
  • mean look at that one we've got this one
  • right here we've got an absolute corker
  • over him you know I'll call it if this
  • video just get the three thousand likes
  • that we're aiming for and be fill out
  • their crumples up is previous a four and
  • actually prints off like twenty
  • different images you know if you're
  • gonna take a picture of me every single
  • day before then put some bloody effort
  • into it then and only then will I eat a
  • picture of Basu I mean that's all waste
  • any time let's get the picture right
  • here right now is that other face but I
  • want to put into my mouth that sounds
  • weird when he's these like a child
  • before me I'm ready I've got saved at
  • your move for anyway that was day two
  • and we're on the on page one of the
  • thread let's keep scrolling down and
  • let's see if we've got a dear three hey
  • here is there straight god he looks like
  • older than you play let me get like a
  • side-by-side what boy is definitely gone
  • through puberty in the last two days
  • there why did I have to go through all
  • of secondary school and college looking
  • like a twelve-year-old when before we're
  • just three years in three days what I
  • want the bloody hell's going on alright
  • let's just give it a watch 11 seconds
  • here we go there's that same old picture
  • again yeah who's all that the wrong way
  • up nightmare Bert orated the sly wrote
  • it right and they're very good well as
  • yeah Christ oh my
  • - you guys are weird well that was a
  • that was eye-opening
  • don't Doorly know what to say there
  • thank you all so much for watching this
  • episode if you like to see me react to
  • some more weird foreign force cuz I'm
  • talking more districts I'm talking and
  • update on the eating pictures of Jack
  • things then let's get this video to
  • three thousand likes
  • anyway thank you so so much for watching
  • if you'd like to get your grubby little
  • mitts on this beautiful t-shirt oh oh
  • that is oh yes then check out the link
  • in the description to my teespring store
  • remember anyone that purchases any merch
  • off my teespring store will also get ten
  • great keys on a game mode of their
  • choice on my server and I'm actually
  • doing a little competition on Twitter to
  • win every single suffix that is on the
  • store so if you'd like to enter that
  • competition then all you need to do is
  • quickly first link in the description
  • which will take you to my tweet you just
  • have to retweet that tweet and then
  • follow my account thanks for watching
  • you people who very weird I'll see you
  • next time bye

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