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14:37   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • guys welcome to CES 2019 this is a first
  • for us here out to exotic cars I'm
  • actually here because I want to look at
  • some new car technology for the
  • infotainment systems for the hyper car
  • that we're building so to be honest I
  • don't know what I'm getting myself into
  • because it's the first year at CES a
  • long long long time ago when I was a
  • cable guy I actually installed the Wi-Fi
  • network that is still here today for one
  • of the first I guess it was the first
  • show wide Wi-Fi that was pretty cool it
  • was a good experience it took us about a
  • month and a half and we installed like a
  • thousand nodes it was nuts anyways we're
  • about to walk in the show Mario say hi
  • to the camera what's up guys look at him
  • official with his badge picture on this
  • one too so we have no idea where we're
  • going right now we're just here it's
  • nine o'clock in the morning I think I'm
  • gonna bust out the app and look where
  • the automotive hall is so we'll be right
  • back guys first boot vlog of CES now
  • listen to me everybody's complaining
  • about how I eat too much unhealthy
  • murderers of this man who cares I just
  • found a way to cheat burgers because now
  • they make impossible burgers which look
  • just like regular burgers good for
  • Houston but they are completely made out
  • of plants which would be vegan
  • vegetarian and all that good stuff so
  • it's our first dip into the humble my
  • vegan lifestyle at one point actually
  • did go vegetarian for six months it was
  • fun but I quickly revert it back maybe
  • this is the second second coming Mario
  • Cheers
  • that's kind of funny
  • a little is just exactly the same as
  • regular burger
  • huh no surely like I want you to hold
  • this I'll hold this grab it
  • try it
  • exactly right well karna is better than
  • a regular burger goes to you
  • like a house like a real char-broil
  • flavored like Wow
  • kinda like Carl's jr. a little bit you
  • know then it's char boil I don't wanna
  • know what a flavor to call it you're
  • gonna go franchise it they actually sell
  • these on Whole Foods so impossible
  • burgers is a big brand we just learned
  • about seven grams of protein no
  • antibiotics no animal hormones no
  • cholesterol that's really good too it
  • doesn't really have any of the facts on
  • man
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so there actually is like this is like
  • SEMA 2.0 to be honest with you guys the
  • the automotive section in CGS is lit
  • with car contest we just passed a gt3 RS
  • look at this truck actually I think I
  • saw this truck I know I saw him dot at
  • SEMA already because this is a speaker
  • company and they have done they built
  • the you know system for four cars
  • obviously amps in there and I assume
  • that this has a really big suppli for
  • because you've been walking by
  • subwoofers never like this big enough
  • changes yeah they were hanging on chains
  • it was nuts so the base game is on point
  • over here for sure but you know Mario I
  • saw a bunch of crazy stuff at the
  • Mercedes booth and it looks like they
  • just doesn't build a brand new cars
  • check it out okay so we're at the
  • Mercedes booth they just unveiled a
  • brand new CLA coupe which is essentially
  • the the lowest priced Mercedes here at
  • least in America and I wasn't really too
  • interested in that they did put some
  • nice s-class upgrades a big-screen this
  • over here caught my attention now if you
  • look at this a lot of car companies
  • today our building these looks like more
  • like electric shuttles right there I
  • guess I'd call hogs right but you sit in
  • them and they're like essentially taxis
  • or shuttles that take you around places
  • and this is definitely one of the cool
  • looking ones for sure it's huge you
  • could have maybe be seven foot tall
  • stand-up eliris
  • it's definitely a food design and some
  • things that pop out of it looks like so
  • 26 is on and already they're doing it
  • they're doing it over here at Mercedes
  • so Mario get a shot of the CLA just in
  • case anybody cares and we're going to
  • move on to the next one I see something
  • spectacular at the next booth
  • [Music]
  • this is actually a real thing booster
  • brand-new helicopter 5l and the cell is
  • a company that already makes helicopters
  • right now is they're talking about his
  • business
  • helicopter e---coli this is something
  • urban pleased I guess they're talking
  • about making a wanton amidst thousands
  • of these of year so people can go and
  • actually get into these and travel with
  • 150 mile radius at 100 secret travel 150
  • miles in one hour now you know Manhattan
  • or you can suppose that works out really
  • well
  • Las Vegas can maybe California market a
  • little bit better we would have a little
  • bit longer range so currently right now
  • they're not on the market there's things
  • are gonna start flying in 2020 and once
  • they start to fly Vica Stevie City
  • commercially produced by 2025 engine so
  • only five six more years here let me
  • they're pretty sick unfortunately they
  • only see four people right now and I'm
  • sure good and worthy how that's gonna be
  • efficient but essentially you know I
  • think we're on the right page with this
  • and I think we're going in the right
  • direction at least one of the main
  • reasons why we came to CES is to see
  • this new car right behind me this is a
  • car that was designed to Germany and
  • currently manufactured in China which is
  • a really interesting concept here if you
  • look at it it's a fully electric car I'm
  • here to see the interior technology of
  • this car not necessarily the exterior
  • the exterior look really well but the
  • screen that comes across the dashboards
  • very interesting to see because they
  • figured out how to put a screen right
  • which is a full of the displays it looks
  • like 50 48 inches minimum and there's
  • still air bags there so that shows that
  • there's a lot of availability now in the
  • growth of technology for the interiors
  • of cars there is an LCD screen from left
  • to right check that out and tell me guys
  • what you think of this particular
  • technology because for me looking at
  • built in the hypercar
  • I don't know if that is the right fit
  • for the hyper car market but I can tell
  • you right for the passenger car market
  • that this is really innovative and it
  • actually says something new about what's
  • coming in the future
  • for the majority of the regular day cars
  • [Music]
  • real hot tub
  • most just like fluorine too
  • all right Easton so you're up first this
  • is the first time on a multi a couple
  • hundred million dollar boat I've been on
  • a little boat before you know sometimes
  • on a cruise ship but this is something
  • private exotic exclusive let's go
  • downstairs first because I think it down
  • let's talk about this first
  • well this is some simple living room I
  • guess some fridges over here just a
  • beautiful view we have a view of the
  • entire show Wow
  • I mean that is sunroof you know who
  • doesn't need a sunroof
  • right I'm the cabinet now yeah exactly
  • yo I don't how does that see it how does
  • he try Jessie could definitely not drive
  • it I guess you just drive like this you
  • know right here's the button
  • I'm assuming it's off right now oh yeah
  • that makes sense that makes a lot of
  • sense actually look at all the controls
  • though it does seem pretty simple all
  • you do is just push this forward and
  • steer right I mean wonder if you turn it
  • off yeah how are we crazy I this is cool
  • though all of the like like I just don't
  • understand I mean I guess you're only
  • looking at water right but look at the
  • windshield wiper let's go downstairs
  • so that's a really nice Mario yeah put
  • them both together you have a lot of
  • space no I mean this would be for your
  • friend and this would be for you
  • separate maybe it is someone's actual
  • bow I feel like this is the guest room
  • right all of the TV
  • it's pretty pretty cool is there a
  • shower in here possibly yeah it's pretty
  • small if you're Atwood you're not
  • fitting in there this is a nice room
  • though I mean for a guest yeah I can see
  • that you have a sunlight you know we're
  • basically the escape hatch escape pod
  • yeah mm-hmm
  • now we're in the kitchen and cook
  • unfortunately I can touch both sides in
  • the kitchen no this is actually a really
  • nice it's a Jade fridge okay
  • normal frigerator which is great we
  • always need a TV there's actually soda
  • in here yeah there's actually soda and
  • everything it's cold there's gonna take
  • a shop no I'm not to go over there vodka
  • all right so we've got somewhat of a
  • poor hole here I don't know how to open
  • this but you can see that there's the
  • outside overall you've got two bedrooms
  • a guest room the master bed guest rooms
  • no no that was a master to like little
  • guest room is it go closer those are
  • staff rooms oh okay then you have a
  • guest room and then you've got the
  • master bedroom which we need go into but
  • it wasn't much larger than the guest
  • room there's a bunch of people filming
  • in there and it had a fireplace that was
  • about it a little bit bigger closet in
  • the fireplace we're in the kitchen on
  • this side the living room in the main
  • area of having a yacht is actually being
  • on the outside of the yard so like let's
  • go out to the front of the eye so the
  • idea of owning a boat is I mean
  • obviously just being outside up here
  • watching the sea go by I'm not gonna lie
  • guys this is a great view but is this
  • worth 200 million to you well depends
  • how much money you have
  • the Lakers and have like six billion
  • it's tough decide yes is this truly the
  • idea of what you want to spend 200
  • million on 100 million it's 50 million
  • guys let us know in the comments below
  • my answer is I had 500 million and this
  • was only 100 million I would definitely
  • buy it because I would have the most
  • outrageous parties in every day country
  • in the world I would rent this for Mario
  • when he wasn't using it for twenty
  • thousand dollars and had the same exact
  • party and not spend my hundred billion
  • and I will be broke okay alright guys so
  • real question would you buy this if you
  • had 1 billion dollars that's the
  • question a billion is too much and you
  • got to saw how like kind of not really
  • like I mean there was nothing special
  • about the boat you know I mean it's
  • nicer on the outside this thing looks
  • like the sickest thing of the planet but
  • on the inside kind of looks like an RV I
  • mean that over there that trailer it was
  • pretty sick too I mean I tell you that
  • trailer doesn't go on water but like I
  • bet you that was like 75,000 you pull up
  • to a dock in one of these
  • it's game over I won't one that has a
  • helicopter on it I bare minimum bro
  • bare minimum you saw that one in Monaco
  • that dude had that was a billion dollar
  • boat he it was the longest one ever hit
  • a helipad a helicopter a helicopter on
  • his boat and it was like three times the
  • size of this thing all right here's the
  • catch guys it's fully electric no it's
  • not
  • [Music]
  • alright guys so effectively the
  • automotive section for CES is it's going
  • to be over we went through a lot man we
  • saw the Mercedes we saw the big truck we
  • saw the what I thought was the
  • quadrocopter but it has its propeller
  • six propellers on a helicopter us no I
  • don't know how many the hexacopter sexes
  • a copter six a doctor I don't know man
  • that was funny then we saw the big boat
  • okay first of all of you bring an
  • 80-foot yacht to CES does that mean
  • you're like the biggest baller here you
  • have to you have to be right along with
  • the whole yacht thing was basically
  • there's probably 100
  • there's definitely four hundred
  • thousand-plus is what you see there's
  • half a million people here yeah they're
  • hoping there's that one person that's
  • like hey can i buy this like it's a nice
  • boat I think I want to yeah one for the
  • Mediterranean and one for like the
  • Bahamas so we did actually find
  • someone's stuff in it inside the boat so
  • I think that someone actually like like
  • sailed it here put it on a trailer and
  • then drove it into CES there wasn't just
  • the clothes
  • oh yeah this was a party ready to see
  • you started okay Laurie I'm ready to get
  • out of the automotive section and I want
  • to close out today's vlog basically
  • because I'm ready to go each of the
  • central hall which is going to be the
  • tech section where you got Sony Samsung
  • and all the big boys showing off all
  • their new TVs or new cameras maybe the
  • new a7 is their 7r for TV
  • no or when no3 station five a7 s 3s he's
  • not gonna do Karen that we want to get
  • but that's just a
  • alright ok so guys check next video
  • because we're going to the tech section
  • right now
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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