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Video iOS 12 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?
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  • yeah what's up guys I was 12 is here and
  • in this video I'd like to do an
  • extensive coverage of all of the changes
  • from the smallest to the largest
  • everything you need to know about this
  • update and whether or not you should
  • update on a variety of devices now Apple
  • did release iOS 12 to the general public
  • today this is the final version and what
  • you need to know about that is that if
  • you were on the iOS 12 gold master
  • Edition there will be no software update
  • in the over-the-air settings it is the
  • exact same build number as that and
  • everyone already on GM has no reason to
  • update and Apple will be releasing a
  • small number update here very soon to
  • open 0.1 likely so keep an eye out for
  • that one and whether you have an old or
  • new iOS device I was told brings new
  • life to all of them so app launch times
  • have been reduced the camera opens
  • faster everything in general just feels
  • much faster very optimized and that
  • extends to all devices so from the 5s to
  • the iPhone 6s you'll notice a nine-day
  • difference from before and after
  • updating to iOS 12 and stack
  • notifications now notifications are so
  • much easier to handle you don't have all
  • of these just laid out on your
  • lockscreen they can easily be hidden and
  • managing all of them at once so you can
  • go ahead and deliver them quietly just
  • as settings all from here and in
  • settings there's a new section for
  • screen time where you can go ahead and
  • manage how long you've been using your
  • device as you can see all of these
  • options here you can also limit the use
  • of certain applications much better
  • parental support for blocking certain
  • apps and setting time limits and Do Not
  • Disturb has a new bedtime mode so you
  • can actually set certain times that you
  • would like to not be disturbed and there
  • are apps that can pass through of course
  • you also do get this a very nice new
  • screen when you wake up from that mode
  • and for Do Not Disturb you can actually
  • set certain times for an hour until the
  • evening or morning and from the current
  • location your app there's a reworked
  • photos up with new algorithms for
  • detecting the subject in the photos so
  • it's easier to search by that and then
  • there's a new for you tab with memories
  • and more laid out here and these share
  • sheets has all the icons down here so
  • they've all been made much more
  • friendlier and a slowly piece by piece
  • updated there's a new markup interface
  • so going into here when actually
  • selecting the tool you can actually see
  • the opacity right there and change
  • accordingly and there's a new color
  • picker with a hundred and twenty color
  • combinations as far as wallpapers go
  • Apple did add one new wallpaper to iOS
  • 12 but did remove the old Iowa's 10-1
  • and iBooks in iOS 12 has been renamed to
  • books and received a new interface the
  • news app has also been tweaked so it's
  • made simpler now there is no longer a
  • for you tab it's much easier to find new
  • sources using this new interface the
  • voice memos app has been redesigned with
  • an entirely new interface it's much more
  • functional now and straight to the point
  • both the camera and the notes
  • application have a new 3d touch toggles
  • and options here there's a new scan QR
  • code one on the camera and going into
  • the Notes one here are those and on the
  • home screen as you can see there's a new
  • default orientation for all of the icons
  • with FaceTime up in the top left now an
  • actual FaceTime has support for up to 32
  • people group FaceTime unfortunately that
  • support has not been added yet it was
  • never implemented in the beta and will
  • actually be added later on in a future
  • update in iOS 12 also with I was told
  • you can actually use an emoji so while
  • talking there's a new effects page where
  • you can put filters and all these cool
  • things during a FaceTime call and Siri
  • shortcuts it makes series so much
  • smarter just by adding a catchphrase to
  • do a certain thing such as hey and when
  • I say heya sends a text to everything
  • Apple Pro and in general Siri has been
  • made a much smarter Siri how much
  • caffeine in a Red Bull more access to
  • more data and check this out on the iPad
  • Siri Find My iPhone how cool is that so
  • Siri from another iOS device can
  • actually paying this one and find if you
  • lost in the nervous in it you can
  • actually use student IDs in the wallet
  • application it's officially supported
  • and supported by several campuses at the
  • time now you can have low-power mode
  • enabled and at the same time have hey
  • Siri enabled as well the functionality
  • for it and an emojis and memo jeez so
  • Apple has added new functionality with a
  • custom emoji character which you can go
  • ahead and customize to your heart's
  • content there are so many presets here
  • from all sorts of features and now
  • there's even more nmo jeez there's a
  • nice clean new interface for as well and
  • these four down here are new and there's
  • now wink and tongue support so don't
  • know when you're winking and
  • you have your tongue sticking bill
  • directly into messages is the new camera
  • effects page so click on the camera
  • click on the effects button and how you
  • can get an emojis directly in here as
  • well as a bunch of things in here so put
  • a filter on immediately put some text or
  • shapes into here it's quite diverse and
  • now all devices even without 3d touch do
  • support the trackpad feature just hold
  • space and then go ahead and move the
  • cursor around much easier navigation and
  • our topics are supported in the quick
  • reply menus just double tap on a text
  • and you have the same interface that you
  • would have any messages app and a couple
  • of optimizations in the messages app so
  • on your contact up here click on the
  • name to quickly have a shortcut to
  • FaceTime or call them and also the
  • interface down here for the photos has
  • been made different so you have to click
  • on the Photos app then go up here to go
  • into recent photos it's not as easy as
  • before so they kind of split up some of
  • the functions now there's a built in
  • thesaurus in iOS so you can look up all
  • the synonyms to a certain word and new
  • measure app can actually be kind of fun
  • and very handy in day-to-day activities
  • so it's a little off here for my iPhone
  • tennis max that should be a six and a
  • half inches but fairly close the stocks
  • application has received a complete
  • redesign very very beautiful and for
  • individual stocks you can go back from
  • five years now to all-time and in
  • settings the battery settings now have a
  • new section for advanced tracking so you
  • can see so much detail here on which
  • application and what's doing what
  • there's even a separate category here
  • for when you have no cell phone service
  • it'll show you that and how much of a
  • drain it is as well and in the cellular
  • data settings all the applications are
  • organized by the amount of data they
  • take up instead of alphabetic and the
  • new Maps application is actually quite
  • great so much more detailed thanks to an
  • in-house maps the solution now instead
  • of relying on TomTom so apples
  • rebuilding the entire Maps application
  • and it really shows for now only
  • California is supported hopefully the
  • rest of the world will soon follow and
  • by the way every single time you call
  • 9-1-1 your exact location data will be
  • shared with them immediately and i
  • believe you can disable that
  • functionality if you don't want it but
  • it could potentially save lives and on
  • the iphone 10 no more accidental
  • screenshots so clicking volume up and
  • the power button with the screen off
  • will no longer activate a screenshot you
  • have to turn the screen on and then
  • ahead and take it and on the iPhone 10
  • you can easily do the apps now with a
  • single swipe up instead of having to
  • hold it and then swiping it up in the
  • music application you can actually
  • search for songs just by searching
  • lyrics now and it's so nice because
  • sometimes you remember a little excerpt
  • and you just want to search by that and
  • searching for there it goes gravity does
  • bring up lose yourself cool and a super
  • cool function Apple added to music is
  • now when you go ahead and click here
  • it'll ask you to go to the artist or the
  • album belonging to that song and now in
  • the control center there's a new toggle
  • for scan QR code which is kind of
  • redundant because it's already available
  • in the camera app but works very nicely
  • I know boy the iPad receives the
  • craziest upgrade of them all it's now
  • been made more like an iPhone 10 so you
  • don't even need to use the home button
  • whatsoever except to wake the device so
  • you now swipe up to get into the app
  • switcher you can easily dismiss apps
  • just like that and the control center
  • has now been separated from the app
  • switcher so it's available on the top
  • right just like on the iPhone 10 the
  • actual status bar has been separated and
  • this is because of the upgrade to the
  • ipad design you can quickly swipe
  • between apps now it is so much more
  • intuitive and portrait mode has received
  • some upgrades as well it's now more
  • accurate with more edge detection as it
  • actually uses a separate mask to detect
  • faces and objects and password support
  • has been improved greatly in iowa's 12e
  • now airdrop passcodes to other devices
  • and safari now suggests pass codes and
  • user names for new accounts and face ID
  • has been greatly improved in iOS 12 you
  • can now set up an alternate appearance
  • so if you look different at other times
  • you can go ahead and get your iPhone
  • familiar with that appearance also from
  • the lockscreen if you fail to scan your
  • face once you can now swipe up again to
  • rescan instead of having to wait for iOS
  • to do it an augmented reality and iowa's
  • well has been greatly improved there's a
  • new file formats you sdz it's gonna be
  • used as a universal AR formats for Apple
  • and overall detection for new surfaces
  • in a variety of models has been improved
  • and in the control center there's a new
  • mode here for live listen use your ear
  • pods to greatly enhance a sound and hear
  • things from much further away and if you
  • have an Apple watch in the messages
  • application there will be new activity
  • stickers here so a variety of them to
  • choose from and it's Safari there's a
  • new feature to enable favicons in the
  • tab view so you can see the little icons
  • for individual websites and podcasts and
  • now
  • portes chapters so you can actually see
  • where an individual part starts during
  • the podcast and in Iowa's 12 Apple
  • enabled a new security feature where if
  • you're connected to a computer you have
  • to be unlocked in order to use any sort
  • of data transfer or sync services and
  • there are now automatic software updates
  • available in iOS 12 and you can now set
  • automatic updates to happen overnight in
  • iOS 12 when carplay now allows for
  • google maps and ways to be used
  • I guess so there's my recap of the
  • Iowa's 12 features that matter there are
  • a ton of smaller ones that I wasn't able
  • to cover there's just way too many but
  • this is most of the bigger stuff that
  • you'll actually notice now as for
  • whether or not you should update I think
  • hands down yes you should despite which
  • device you have it improves everything
  • from speed it gives you some storage
  • back even it just makes your experience
  • so much better especially on the 5s
  • iPhone 6 and 6s I think those devices
  • stand to benefit the most from iOS 12
  • the battery life is very good as well I
  • actually got some improved battery life
  • on my iPhone 10 that will certainly
  • optimize that so after 12 betas this is
  • certainly one of the most perfected iOS
  • versions ever and I highly recommend you
  • update alright and there it is guys I
  • was 12 again without any hesitation you
  • should be updating your device right now
  • it's gonna make your life so much better
  • easier the quality updates are very very
  • nice I mean my favorite has to be the
  • group notifications and so many small
  • little changes here and there so stay
  • tuned for any and all future iOS 12
  • updates I certainly will keep you
  • updated and enjoy this new iowa's 12
  • update peace

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Final & Ultimate iOS 12 Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? New Features, Speed, Hidden Features & More Before Updating!

iOS 12 vs 11 Speed Test: /watch?v=PEKoeOE34nE


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