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Video Better than a GorillaPod? Fotopro uFO 2 Review
04:21   |   7K+ views   |   today at 04:49


  • this is the photo Pro UFO - this is the
  • Joby Gorillapod SLR zoom I'm gonna see
  • if this sub 20-pound tripod can take on
  • this nearly 60 pound tripod we've been
  • to this channel before then you will
  • already know my thoughts on the Joby
  • products if you don't then you can check
  • it out here
  • following that video photo proed asked
  • me if I'd like to test out their
  • flexible tripod I said sure why not
  • whilst they are not sponsoring this
  • video they did send me this review unit
  • for free but I will give you my honest
  • opinion only said product the photo pro
  • 2 has both articulated and flexible
  • lengths now unlike the gorilla pod these
  • legs are infinitely flexible and can
  • actually wrap around on themselves but
  • also unlike the gorilla pod the photo
  • Pro has an integrated ball head mount
  • and the DSLR zoom has a detachable
  • quick-release for that man the photo Pro
  • is more akin to their action tripod this
  • one in the Box you will get a GoPro
  • mount a phone mount a Bluetooth shutter
  • release button as well as the tripod
  • itself pretty good for under 20 quid so
  • the first thing I'm not particularly
  • keen on with the tripod is the
  • integrated ball head mount for two
  • reasons
  • one it's not a quick release mount it's
  • simply a standard screwdriver you have
  • to wind the camera on and off could be
  • remedied with an accessory though number
  • two is the adjustment on the ball head
  • itself it has a collar which you unscrew
  • then adjust the ball head and then
  • tighten down when you've actually got a
  • larger camera on the tripod it can be
  • difficult to adjust underneath the
  • camera you don't have that fine control
  • like you do on the ball heads that you
  • get with the gorilla pod SLR zoom
  • assuming you buy that version of the
  • tripod that is extra you can buy without
  • just for reference the action tripod
  • that jhagadu does come with the same
  • style of ball head and a quick-release
  • the tripod weighs 227 grams and can take
  • a maximum load of 800 grams this is good
  • for a small DSLR with a lightweight body
  • or anything compact or mirror
  • we'll be fine whilst I can tell you what
  • it's like in the studio I took it out in
  • the field to see what it's really like
  • wrapping the legs around something like
  • this fence is made simple because the
  • legs are both articulated and extremely
  • flexible they're also covered in rubber
  • so there's plenty of grip there to stop
  • the camera slipping around the phone
  • attachment is a simple sprung grip you
  • just pull it apart and push it over the
  • phone you've then got two tripods
  • attachments one on the back and one on
  • the bottom
  • [Music]
  • using this tripod for vlogging is
  • certainly possible the rubber grip is
  • cushioned so holding it for a long
  • period of time is no problem and even
  • copes fine with a camera this big and
  • heavy the flexibility of this tripod is
  • impressive and the grip is really good
  • because the rubber coating goes over the
  • whole thing
  • unlike the gorilla pod where it's just
  • in rings around each of the articulating
  • bulbs can be a little bit tiresome
  • taking the camera on and off without a
  • quick-release that's something you could
  • remedy with an additional accessory I
  • love the fact that you can wrap this
  • thing really tightly around small poles
  • and rails the gorilla pod just doesn't
  • have that same articulation it gets to a
  • point and it stops itself from wrapping
  • further around whereas this thing is
  • insane you can wrap it around on itself
  • so what's my overall thoughts on the
  • tripod if you're looking for something
  • as an alternative to a gorilla pod this
  • would definitely work the legs are far
  • more flexible and less likely to break
  • in my opinion it can handle the weight
  • of most cameras if you're starting out
  • and if you can get past the
  • quick-release and the ball head mount
  • then it's a winner and under 20 Quint
  • you can't really go wrong so I would
  • definitely recommend it links to all the
  • items featured in this video will be in
  • the description while you're down there
  • why not hit a like button or leave me a
  • comment if you want more of this type of
  • content then hit that subscribe button
  • otherwise I'll catch you later
  • [Music]

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Is there a better alternative to a GorillaPod? I test out the Fotopro uFO 2 flexible tripod to see if it's got the chops.

Tripods featured:
Fotopro uFO 2 (as featured in the video)

Also available in a smaller size:

Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom

Joby action tripod

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