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10:27   |   today at 13:24


  • Toddy, baby
  • Todd, my buddy, you hanging out with your friends over here, what's going on?
  • Hello, everybody and welcome to my vlog
  • Right now you are listening to my intro song. In just about two seconds the show will go on
  • One, uhhh. Two you idiot
  • Alright I have to pull a prank on Jason, I'm not here right now, okay, sc @lil_aib
  • Okay. But you are here?
  • Yes I know.
  • I'm not here.
  • I'm gonna send him this footage right now David's here.
  • I'm leaving.
  • Time stamp it.
  • What did that mean?
  • I don't know
  • The 80D is this Canon, it's a camera. Scott, David and Jason
  • David will you shut the *blank* up, Todd is trying to film!
  • Thank you Scott.
  • No problem man, I got your back always.
  • Alright, thanks Dave, I appreciate the apology. On behalf of Todd.
  • Bye guys.
  • Bye.
  • You said can I have a cannon 80D.
  • Correct.
  • And I said: "When's your birthday?" And I already knew that, so why did I ask?
  • And my half birthday is coming up.
  • I don't care about your half-birthday.
  • You're not gonna use this so I'm gonna stop filming now.
  • Don't stop filming
  • I think... stop pointing it... And you can't film bad. You gotta film good. I feel like I could be a really good youtuber
  • film maker with this Canon 80D
  • [Sigh] I've just been really feeling down lately.
  • You know man, get back up here.
  • What the fuck is wrong with you.
  • That was...Oh my god, dude
  • You're like aiming it at me. Come on man, I didn't mean to.
  • I got an idea for a YouTube video from Jenna and Julian. You buy the outfits for your boyfriend or your girlfriend.
  • I'm gonna buy the outfits for Kristen. But I have the help of my trusty, dusty friend.
  • His boyfriend David
  • And his boyfriend Jason.
  • Jason - come on buddy.
  • It's been a long day.
  • Are you okay?
  • That's not the voice I would have went for that character.
  • Yea I know. [laughter]
  • Should we check out Top Shop?
  • Shhh, anyways, that's what we're doing.
  • You mean Todd Shop? [laughter]
  • I want to help you, yeah.
  • This gives me, fucking, a headache. Number one, looking through women's clothing and number two it gives me flashbacks to when I was married
  • and I had to fucking walk through here. And there's no rhyme or reason to it. I don't know what looks good. I don't fucking care.
  • I'm out.
  • It's tough because everything is shaped so differently. Look at the shape of this. What is this? sc@lil_aib
  • I don't know. Do you think she would like that?
  • No I don't see Kristen in that. No.
  • I think she would love that.
  • You do?!
  • She'd look like a Jedi if she put it on.
  • Yea she'd look like she was in the fucking phantom menace
  • No, I agree it's hard to shop, that's why I don't do it.
  • Jason picks out thongs. He's like "Kristen would look good in this."
  • I could maybe, maybe see her wearing that?
  • No.
  • Now I want you guys to know something. This is not a bathing suit.
  • This is actually something you put on and you put jeans over it.
  • It's the weirdest thing. Rompers, right?
  • No, That's not a romper at all.
  • It's kind of a romper.
  • Nooo
  • That doesn't look like anything she'd ever put on.
  • This looks like the inside of a car. cute.
  • Kristen worked in fashion, so it's like doubly hard.
  • She likes simple stuff.
  • I just got this for my girlfriend.
  • Oooo that looks nice.
  • Yea, maybe get one of these for Kristen.
  • Okay where can I get it?
  • Trying that on, Jason?
  • You gotta put it on without a shirt.
  • I don't think you can take your shirt off in here.
  • You can't, Of course you cant. You're in the womens changing room.
  • We're in the store.
  • And number one Scott, how dare you fucking question my gender.
  • It's 2017.
  • I didn't question it, I know you're a man.
  • I need hands. I can't get my hands out. It's a straitjacket.
  • Jason, if you're wearing something like that you gotta get a bra.
  • I think you should definitely take that off.
  • You look really good.
  • [laughter] It looks really cool
  • Its sucks that it worked. Why doesn't Jason model at Gucci and places like that?
  • Could you imagine I get on like top line runway work.
  • Id be like fuck, eat shit
  • I would be on the runway and I'd be like "fuck you david!!"
  • You're right next to Cameron Dallas
  • It looks dope as hell on me, we're not giving this to Kristen.
  • Wowww.
  • Wow snapchat saw it first, but my vlog is still gonna see it too.
  • Come on boys, I'm all done, let's go.
  • Check it out you were wondering what I bought from the Grove yesterday.
  • Is it a puppy?
  • No, it's not a puppy. It's outfits.
  • Wait. Where is the dog?
  • She's out there playing with Jason.
  • It's outfits.
  • You know how Jenna and Julian did like my boyfriend buys my outfit?
  • You did not! You got a puppy?
  • No, I bought you outfits!
  • Babe! We can't handle another dog right now!
  • I know! I didn't get a dog! I got you on sc@lil_aib
  • Link has been enough.
  • Let's drop that whole joke, it's not a dog.
  • It's clothing.
  • You got me a dog...clothes?!
  • No gosh dang it.
  • Okay, okay.
  • I don't know what...
  • I wanted to do that one video for myself to do that video for myself.
  • That's fine you can do that after you try on my outfits!
  • You probably won't like any of the clothes, and I probably got the wrong sizes, gonna be completely honest
  • Did you like actually try at this or did you get me funny stuff.
  • I like kind of tried. This is the first outfit, this shirt and these pants.
  • Flowers?
  • You love flowers!
  • No I don't [giggle]
  • Yeah, you do look at right here! Remember when I bought you these the other day, and you were like "awe these are pretty!"
  • Yea because those are like, exterior flowers, not like on my body flowers.
  • Like okay, well you just have to try it on and then we'll see what happens
  • Okayyyy. Turn off the camera you freaking perv!
  • I'm not wearing underwear.
  • Okay the cameras off go ahead.
  • No.
  • She gets undressed on camera?
  • You look so good, honestly.
  • You know, I don't hate this like corduroy thing.
  • I like it. I would just wear it with like a basic like white...crop.
  • Yea, that makes sense. This shirt looks really stupid underneath it. I get it.
  • I kinda like this.
  • u due?
  • Yea! it's kinda cool! I would have never grabbed this off the rack, you did.
  • I grabbed like stupid stuff or whatever. Things that I think were kinda cool so you could try them on.
  • But when you're in the store
  • I know you're super picky and you get the most minimalistic things
  • You'll get like a small little white top or black jeans
  • And that's the way it is most the time, so you had to have me there
  • To pick out all the weird shit
  • Okay now take it off. It's time for your next outfit. She gets undressed on camera. You're wearing underwear only right now
  • That is not PG
  • Okay, so your next outfit is not your style at all, but I saw it on a mannequin
  • You were looking at a mannequin?
  • I was looking at the mannequin. And the mannequin looked really hot so....
  • Don't say that!!!!
  • I'm kidding, gosh!
  • You can only have me as your girlfriend!
  • It's not really your style, but I think you look really good in it
  • Awe, I love this cut of pants.
  • But I have legs the size of my arms. They're really short so it's gonna look weird.
  • hello
  • Link no! She's trying on new clothes!
  • Awe! She got a little nose spot on your clothes.
  • And that's because she just peed in the house, and then put her nose in the pee
  • That's our pup. What do you think looks pretty sick huh?
  • The shirt is cool.
  • I knew you'd love it.
  • Yeah, and you love the pants too. Huh link loves them.
  • I like them but just not on me.
  • You like them, but not on you? Link! Are you trying to look up her pants right now?
  • She's just a chicken muffin.
  • She's a dog not a chicken muffin, okay, so it's a no on this outfit, but you like the shirt
  • Let's see the back side
  • It looks funny on my bum!
  • It looks good. I think it looks cool
  • I think they should be a little shorter though like you were saying because your legs are kind of short
  • The shirts cool, I like the shirt a lot actually.
  • Good
  • I'm gonna keep it!
  • What are you doing?! Family friendly channel. Do it again?
  • You have two more outfits.
  • What getting undressed on camera?
  • I want to do this for you on my channel. For you on my channel
  • But I'll be buying your clothes.
  • And you'll be able to buy me clothes that I actually like!
  • And I'm very simple, just pants and shirts
  • With Jenny Craig, I lost four inches in the past 30 seconds.
  • It says romantic on the shirt.
  • Awe!
  • What's going on
  • Ouch!
  • Are you okay?
  • Are you alright?
  • That's what happens when you're being silly.
  • Holy shit that was really funny
  • These pants are so big!
  • That's how my pants fit me
  • They're supposed to be high waisted and they are down here.
  • Pull them up then!
  • I think I broke my arm.
  • Are you okay?
  • Okay if you have those exact pants in the right size, then it would look better right?
  • Yea, they're too big.
  • Too big, wow you look amazing sweetie!
  • Now, let's try on the last outfit.
  • This one was kind of Liza inspired. The shirt says tomboy on it. And she's like a little brown boy.
  • And then I got these pants which are also probably the wrong size.
  • They are a four so
  • They should be fine.
  • So, this and that, tucked in.
  • And it's just kind of like an outfit.
  • She gets undressed on camera.
  • You look like a Chinese boy, that is going to school.
  • I doooo! I kinda like it when you shop for me.
  • Why?
  • Because like I said, it just makes me branch out into something I would never grab off the rack.
  • I think that looks pretty cool. Actually so you like them?
  • I like this. Did somebody help you?
  • No, but I did talk to a guy who said that he helped you on Tuesday,
  • Oliver?
  • Yeah!
  • I remember him!
  • And that's it! That's the outfits I bought for you. Did I do an okay job?
  • You did! You really did. Look, I'm trying to tighten it here but that makes this pop out. I think you're my new stylist.
  • My arm hurts so bad.
  • Maybe you shouldn't hit your computer with it
  • Oh, it's already bruising.
  • I think that's my favorite outfit out of the ones I picked.
  • It's my favorite outfit. Do you want to see something? Back up back up back up.
  • Ready?
  • Oo, that was sick. Should I get a shirt that says Tom girl? and add @lil_aib on sc
  • yeah.
  • And those pants.
  • yeah.
  • and then we could match.
  • yeah.
  • This is the coolest idea we've ever had! High-five!
  • Elton
  • Yes.
  • Fitz.
  • Yes.
  • What the flippin heck are you doing in my house?! This never happens ever ever ever ever ever ever.
  • It happens sometimes.
  • It's happened a couple times.
  • Not at the same time. We've never been here at the same time.
  • We've never been here at the same time?
  • Huh.
  • Elton was hardly ever at my house when we lived together.
  • That's true.
  • Does anyone know that you were the one that like put everybody together?
  • He put Denny house together for sure.
  • Yea, I made you rake your leaves and you paid like a 5400 fee to do that, to come live with us because you wanted a pool.
  • It paid off!
  • Originally Zane wasn't gonna move in. Zane did not want to live with us.
  • I considered it though, the house was amazing.
  • It was either you or Zane though, and look who's bigger. You fucked up.
  • We're signing some posters and then Elton is running a competition.
  • Anyone who buys you can all touch my beard on iTunes any 10 random people, they're gonna get the signed poster sent to them
  • Put our names on it!
  • Be sure to check out the video which is gonna be linked in the description below also buy the fucking song, you know what I'm saying.
  • And that's all folks thank you guys for watching
  • Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more from me in
  • the future and not give a shout out some of my notifications on today that person is Rose. Rose, here's your shoutout. Oh
  • Buy, my girlfriend clothes now shout out to Rose. I hope you liked this extra post hottie Smith strike a pose!
  • Fuck, do that again.
  • Okay Jason, you know how I do my credits. Let's do it.
  • Yeah, let's do it. Hi I'm Jason.
  • No, no, no come on let's do this quick.
  • I'll do it, I'll do it.
  • I thought you watched my vlogs?
  • I do but...
  • Scott can you buy me, Scott can you buy me, Scott, Scott, Scotty Who, Scotty Doo.
  • And that's all for today [clears throat]

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Todd hangs out with some new friends, farts alot, I surprise Kristen with some new clothes and Elton, Fitz, and I release a new goofy song.

New Song! /watch?v=I8Sz9gs6pew


Jenna's Video: /watch?v=tBN9kLaS-uw


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If you're still reading this, that's so great. Good for you, reading is really good for you. But, I think you should probably stop reading this and find something a little more intellectual. You know, a book or a magazine... something that will really get you thinking. Maybe Seventeen's issue with Cameron Dallas on the cover? Whatever you decide to do, have fun! See you next time :) - Download Hi-Res Songs

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