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Video How to take apart your Benjamin Discovery (Disassembly only)
11:08   |   2K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:08


  • everyone this is Gabi and today I'm
  • going to show you how to take apart your
  • Benjamin discovery I'm doing this
  • outside so you're probably going to hear
  • a bunch of cars rolling by and birds
  • chirping and lots of other noises so I
  • apologize for that but this is going to
  • be a quick run through on how to take
  • apart your Benjamin Discovery I'm going
  • to try to do this with as few cuts as
  • possible so I'm going to begin by first
  • removing the scope first thing I to do
  • is take off your scope the next thing
  • you got to do is unscrew this bottom
  • screw now since mine is actually broken
  • it's a mile just fall out okay here
  • should not fog because hopefully yours
  • is not broken like mine the next thing
  • you have to do to remove the stock is
  • [Music]
  • take this take a flathead screwdriver
  • that's really flat go inside your
  • trigger system and you're going to see a
  • tiny bit of a spring and what you got to
  • do is you got to pull that string pull
  • that spring towards the trigger and once
  • you pull it out just a tiny bit you can
  • now push out the safety see you'll see
  • you'll know you'll see what I'm talking
  • about when you're taking apart your
  • thing it holds the safety button in
  • place so now your stock field would come
  • off just like that
  • after the stock we can get rid of the
  • stock lug again since mine is broken it
  • should just come out but yours should be
  • able to just screw unscrew and here's
  • the stock lug next we're going to get a
  • flathead screwdriver and take out the
  • other screw holding in the hole trigger
  • assembly it's just right here you just
  • unscrew it all the night you just lay
  • that over there the next thing I get rid
  • of is the gauge port and I believe it
  • uses a no uses a 9/16 wrench and you
  • just twist it off so you can see that
  • this gauge board has threading on it and
  • it also has an o-ring on the inside so
  • be careful not to lose that o-ring
  • now the next thing we can do is take off
  • these rail bands the bail bonds require
  • a a 5/64 allen allen wrench and on the
  • key a me so this is a 560 force and I
  • got to do is unscrew it
  • I believe the front side mount is also
  • 5/16 and yes it is all right just a
  • little bit slide right off out the
  • barrel and that's 5/64 all right the
  • next part should do is the end plug and
  • now you need a flathead screwdriver
  • flat-head screwdriver to take out the
  • top all right and it's under pressure so
  • once you take out the this bottom screw
  • you take out this top secure like I just
  • did and it should pop right out and
  • here's the spring and the end plug don't
  • forget that screw all right
  • it's a em plug cover the screw has to go
  • through this and plug cover wear was
  • called breach cover all right um now
  • next thing you have to do is unscrew
  • your bolt mine's pretty loose but here
  • is probably going to be tight and you're
  • going to need a 7/16 wrench and that's
  • just loosen it now push your bolt a
  • little bit back all the way back to
  • review to reveal a screw that sits
  • underneath the bolt and go ahead and
  • take that screw out that screw I believe
  • is called
  • Oh point oh five and it will be SAE one
  • 205 all right so now your top half from
  • RF are separated
  • here's that tiny screw connecting the
  • top after the lower half or in between
  • is this a little valve port sleeve and
  • underneath that sleeve is another oring
  • all right cool
  • now what should be able to come out is
  • your this little hammer pin see and
  • after you take out a hammer pin your
  • hammer should fall fall out like this
  • all right
  • you're the rest of your bolts able to
  • slide out to sitting just like that
  • now you have to remove the barrel from
  • the breech car 5/16 should be the same
  • yeah that's 5/16 and it's one screw
  • should keep the bell-sleeve is 1/16 I'm
  • trying to pull it out but it's
  • completely rusted
  • so nothing like that
  • see but I was right completely rested
  • there's only one screw holding in place
  • and there's this one but here's your
  • breach now here's the lower tube the
  • first thing you need is a Phillips head
  • and each remove these three screws right
  • here this is the bottom of the gun and
  • this is the first of three screws
  • connecting into the valve assembly go
  • ahead and do that one here's the second
  • screw connecting to the valve assembly
  • you just need a phillips head for this
  • and here's the last group connecting to
  • the valve assembly cool next thing you
  • need to do is go to the other end and
  • take off the fill port it requires a
  • 9/16 wrench go ahead and take that off
  • mine's pretty loose because keep the
  • loose but yours is going to be pretty
  • tight
  • all right this is your full port now if
  • you want you can take this part even
  • more by putting on this 9/16 wrench a
  • flatter one and then taking a 7/16
  • wrench and twisting its heart now for
  • the last part pushing out the gauge port
  • in the valve assembly simply take your
  • barrel and push from push from the rear
  • side of the gun so if this the stock
  • would be over here the barrel would be
  • over here
  • push forward now this will be pretty
  • difficult for you the first time I took
  • it apart talking about 30 minutes just
  • to push it out because I was I was so
  • scared but I just all you got to do is
  • push it out the front see here is the
  • valve assembly
  • and here is the gauge port and that's it
  • I can take it quite a little bit more
  • this apparently comes apart maybe years
  • we'll mind does not I've tried this was
  • to come apart but there's more Oh rings
  • inside and a spring also along with this
  • pin that can barely move it but see like
  • I said earlier this comes apart inside
  • there's a ring another ring yeah about
  • it and I think it spring also yeah and a
  • spring now we're going to spring inside
  • of this you can take this apart also
  • this does not come apart this might come
  • apart but open it I wouldn't take it
  • apart one piece - never broken so well I
  • haven't replaced it yet I guess yeah and
  • that's it that's how you fully take a
  • part of Benjamin's go ring thanks for
  • watching

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#- Taking off Stock
#-Removing Trigger Assembly
#-Removing Pressure Gauge
#-Removing Barrel Band and Front Sight Mount
#-Removing End Plug
#-Separating Top and Lower Halves of the Gun
#-Taking out Hammer and Hammer Pin
#-Removing Barrel from the Breech and Barrel Sleeve
#-Removing Valve Assembly Screws (only 3 of them)
#-Removing Fill Port
#-Pushing out the Valve Assembly and Gauge Port

Sorry, no video of Valve Assembly Disassembly.

How to Reassemble


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