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Video Eating A $10,000 Golden Steak (24k Gold)


  • what is uploading sirs today we're going
  • to be eating the most expensive and
  • Bizarre Foods like a Golden State
  • 24k tomahawk octopus kangaroo it tastes
  • like kangaroo jack cockroach goose liver
  • smell it before you need it it's making
  • my nose run shrimps got googly eyes are
  • you still chewing it only gets severely
  • we're serving oh speaking of Kobe beef
  • we're outside the restaurant let's go
  • eat it I am Logan Paul we are about to
  • eat Kobe beef I can't wait this first
  • steak is called Kobe beef and we wanted
  • to experience it because it cost $1,000
  • and we wanted to see if it was worth the
  • price did this just smells good this
  • right here is $1,000 yes this is like
  • $30 close to it depends on how you
  • didn't know well actually there's $40 no
  • it tastes like a bull Chandler do this
  • first
  • so good Wow that was insane oh my god
  • all right bros i'm pewdiepie we just ate
  • Kobe beef and pentagram beautiful Kobe
  • and we're gonna go to the next place so
  • we're waiting on our next reservation
  • and we're gonna play a quick game this
  • is a grasshopper
  • Chris I'll give you $100 if you eat it
  • hundred dollars yeah I'll give you $100
  • if either grasshopper huh
  • Chandler it's like crunchy crickets
  • grasshoppers thousand dollars would you
  • eat them before I do this yeah a
  • thousand dollars - Taylor what could you
  • buy with don't do it then are you doing
  • it just don't think about it in 1 minute
  • you'll be $1,000 richer and you'll be
  • glad you did it you think I'll do it I
  • want to I can there we go and we're
  • almost at cowfish I honestly don't know
  • what to expect
  • so we here at how efficient the first
  • thing they're gonna serve us is goose
  • liver and a 100 year old egg so we have
  • a fatten goose liver with a century egg
  • it's gonna be pretty gross Oh God did if
  • he said that's gross you know it's gonna
  • be gross
  • so gue slimmer I don't care let's try it
  • you just ate that whole thing man
  • it really goes okay you're eating a
  • goose is liver so hard right now it
  • don't you love the liver
  • you don't like liver man doll that was
  • so good I'm glad I ate it all it didn't
  • spit it in my day so we got to do the
  • egg now Oh
  • Sri egg smell it before you need it
  • Taylor you eat that whole thing you give
  • $500 okay all right I'll just throw up
  • five hundred dollars I don't know if I
  • want to do this
  • good good
  • [Music]
  • it's like it's somebody hocked a loogie
  • into your bullet of this I want to
  • remind you guys to do this sub mr. B
  • Stockholm to buy really clean shirts
  • like this or shirts like this I
  • guarantee you your genitals little
  • double in size just my Wang can I get
  • two this is a bonus chicken foot sushi
  • roll however we have Carolina Reapers
  • know all over it oh yeah switch with me
  • I seriously can't have boneless chicken
  • feet with Carolina way it's got Carolina
  • Reaper this world time now don't care
  • about the bonus chicken feed bro what is
  • that light stuff is pretty good am i
  • spit out napkin ray hey great
  • three two one
  • I can't breathe
  • hey no no no no it won't go away
  • okay
  • get real kangaroo we know kangaroo
  • avocado fish eggs
  • - thank you
  • I'm still recovering good too didn't you
  • pretty good they help put the reaper
  • yeah I need you to tap them for me man
  • yeah
  • [Music]
  • you ready weird enthused fusion so this
  • is octopus that's the flat rod shad roe
  • sashimi shrimp with the fried shrimp
  • head like Aaron I will give you $1,000
  • of this thank you close your eyes open
  • your mouth look at him looking at she's
  • my photo
  • we're gonna meet let me see brothers
  • anything about those 10 seconds
  • they're like poking out of your mouth
  • yeah
  • Chandler $2,000 did you take a bite of
  • this like challenge to grams all you
  • have to do is take a big bite of that
  • and swallow oh yeah I don't see you
  • doing that so you can even eat this
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • right here I do not know
  • [Music]
  • hey sorry guys to the camera jailor so
  • chatter Coco this is our cameraman he's
  • the new here this right here - granted
  • chew it until it feels like there's
  • inside
  • so don't think about the high Varna
  • [Music]
  • it's the whiskers it's still in my all
  • done good job thanks guys so we just
  • finished eating kangaroo camel fish
  • shrimp octopus all that stuff the guys
  • are over there just throwing up now
  • we're gonna go to New York which is a
  • little ways away and the Golden State
  • let's go do that this is the most
  • expensive restaurant we can find if I
  • don't spend ten thousand dollars all of
  • you compartments yeah cuz we will spend
  • ten thousand dollars
  • what's my name new nursery sure exactly
  • none of us knew how to pronounce it
  • which means it's good I want to spend
  • $10,000 on a meal for me in the squad
  • and this place is perfect because
  • they're known for putting gold on food
  • and other crazy things welcome to new
  • stretch tech house my name is Heidi I'll
  • be taking care of you today
  • do you have any questions about them so
  • far no it all looks good can we just get
  • one of everything
  • are you sure about that yeah good
  • evening gentlemen welcome this is our
  • meet sushi this is cooked rice you're
  • gonna put the ginger pickle on the top
  • dip it in the soy sauce enjoy I think
  • we've been cooking food ramen our whole
  • life yeah you're supposed to cook food
  • with flamethrowers
  • sigh credit
  • if you grab it by the dinner
  • and don't watch out for news for food no
  • pork - no Fillmore ok so just one shot
  • right in the meth breath this is the
  • best grape juice you guys have right
  • absolutely
  • crystal off-script this is I love I'm a
  • big grape juice fan
  • all right so how would your premium
  • grape juice it's very good babe it's way
  • better than Welch's is this better than
  • the grape juice they serve in church
  • [Music]
  • Billy's taking the test at home just
  • like some olive oil some aged balsamic
  • oh that I know it looks good yeah see no
  • spoon oh boy enjoy don't bring this boy
  • out to a fancy restaurant
  • [Music]
  • do not like it my turn my turn
  • let's get over here it's time for me
  • your turn I like it
  • I think anybody's ever damned in this
  • restaurant - the first person playing in
  • slow-mo I think I figured out the
  • expensiveness of this place
  • it's the plate washing every time they
  • bring you something they bring a new
  • plate these are going through so many
  • plates so watching so many yet that back
  • room is just plates thank you so much
  • this is our look Home Slice Lee Phillips
  • it's a tenderloin cuts this is one of my
  • favorite is this one like oh man
  • oh that's what love
  • my mother made before your choice of a
  • with love I'm the only one who gets to
  • us can I get a smiley face on my smiley
  • face why not yes
  • look it did this is Sonia
  • whoa oh my god dude it's like eating a
  • steak butter wait a minute
  • sensation hi guys this is our meat
  • marinated tenderloin it has onions and
  • shallots inside and our special secret
  • sauce inside delicious gentleman oh that
  • was a delicate placement you always get
  • more delicate placements to me oh that
  • looks pretty delicate oh look at that
  • that was diligent I want to go first hey
  • why does everything here tastes like
  • chicken butter chicken butter this is
  • gonna sound weird but if you mix the
  • taste of spaghetti with steak that's
  • what that tastes like
  • really soft sphere yeah really soon it
  • has like a spaghetti taste to it does it
  • not does it not have a spaghetti thanks
  • to it Taylor
  • now dude it tastes like spaghetti but
  • it's all smell
  • I know it tastes like a mushroom oh my
  • god it smells like talkin so but it
  • smell so good Jimmy you gotta take a
  • small pinch of salt you will not regret
  • it
  • that's the best song you've ever had put
  • it in your mouth that's good song that's
  • so good it's like you guys know talent
  • put this one away oh this house Allah
  • baby home it's above you Simone state
  • are we gonna wrap
  • well the first thing is fitting a lot is
  • gone ladies and gentlemen 24k gold stage
  • ha ha ha rat with edible gold nice rack
  • oh my goodness nice things I finally did
  • nothing new here
  • [Music]
  • say this make me unicorn is gold ladies
  • and gentlemen 24k tomahawk
  • the big boy this is thousand dollars you
  • are the second person actually ever eat
  • the steak right now the first one I did
  • it the box of Canelo
  • after the
  • three days ago New York bill conceded to
  • have enough
  • how mad would you be if I dipped it in
  • ketchup
  • if something what series I'm gonna like
  • it as you see lots of gold corn on the
  • cob this is our initiation into do my
  • fingers are covered it all look at that
  • hold the two tables together we've hit a
  • grand but we've run out of things to buy
  • that's so we're thinking about buying to
  • people in this place a tomahawk steaks
  • let's do it let's do it earlier we can
  • just order a tomahawk or in the table so
  • they want to buy you a steak
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • thank you to get from
  • there we go the bill is ten grand
  • so we have the carbs to pay for the ten
  • grand for the tip we're gonna do one two
  • three
  • [Music]
  • boa and 2240 $55,000 for the tip hurry
  • up here's the tip thank you so much
  • gentlemen remember that video where the
  • last to leave the circle got 10 grand or
  • that other video where the last to take
  • the hand off the Lamborghini gotta keep
  • it or the recent one last take handoff
  • house kids to keep it well we're doing
  • another one of those in February except
  • for this time we're only inviting people
  • that buy merch
  • we're gonna pick four random people that
  • buy either shirt or hoodie during the
  • month of January we're gonna email them
  • fly them out and let them compete in one
  • of those challenges a big prize this
  • might be one of your early chances to
  • ever be in one of my videos so if it
  • interests you make sure you buy merch
  • before the end of January I like except
  • we'll pick four random people and fly
  • them out
  • [Music]
  • if you subscribe I'll show you
  • Chandler's tattoo well that's a good
  • prize Chandler they subscribe Schulman
  • where is it so MIT they subscribe yeah
  • do it

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