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Video Best Brandon Calvillo Vines Compilation 2016 | Top Vine Compilation of Brandon Calvillo
19:59   |   today at 09:09


  • I mean I didn't think he'd actually do
  • it we were joking that was a joke
  • Oh God pour it in my life go wrong dad
  • can you unlock the door I'm leapers shut
  • up about a moment oh my god I have a
  • crush on Billy but I'm too scared to
  • tell him all right I'm gonna comment
  • fuck my asshole
  • Hey
  • quit quit horsing around alright oh my
  • god I hate Donald Trump I am NOT voting
  • for him you're like 13 you can't even
  • vote no but I can tweet about it hey
  • guys um I'm gonna be going away for a
  • while but be sure to out like this video
  • and subscribe and follow me on Twitter
  • play something else
  • Beach can you tell me the difference
  • between these two photos they look the
  • same
  • alright what about these two nope they
  • seem pretty similar well what I wouldn't
  • want to have another one of those you
  • talked about me yeah here you go II hear
  • your drugs wait a second is this flour
  • yeah it is
  • did you just try and rip me off yeah I
  • did sorry about that it's okay you know
  • I pulled you over speeding no I want
  • your chips yeah my girlfriend's on her
  • period so she gets angry over the
  • smallest things I will fucking murder
  • you
  • attention passengers it is currently
  • 4:20 p.m. so please enjoy this in-flight
  • music yeah I don't let my kid eat gluten
  • meat or drink water is that your kid is
  • he dead yeah he's dead
  • let's switch bodies alright whoa this is
  • awesome let's push back let's respect oh
  • shit
  • one last thing can I have your phone
  • number
  • - oh my god what do we do just ain't
  • cool okay okay Oh what the fuck was that
  • look I just shit my pants
  • hey man do you vape no hey fuck off
  • you guys wait bill Rick from high school
  • Rick
  • is it hey what's going on I lost my
  • virginity it calmed down where's the
  • last place you saw it with you damn
  • straight
  • so what do you do first what sorry I'm
  • just really nervous
  • this is my dog she is addicted to drugs
  • and elko please donate now to Senator
  • Sara that you guys want to buy some
  • drugs so we vote for you fucking racist
  • roses are red violets are blue I have
  • herpes and so do you happy Valentine's
  • Day hey you want to go out later and
  • have sex with women dude
  • everyone knows you're gay it's okay what
  • the only thing I'm gay for is Plessy
  • what are you doing with my dog you know
  • we're in a drought he's having fun
  • I said no cats bless you my child
  • thanks God oh for sure haven't seen you
  • at church in a while oh here we go again
  • they did what's this thing in the closet
  • I don't know but it's been there forever
  • are we gonna do anything about it now I
  • will just go away eventually why is it
  • called Burger King why isn't it burger
  • Queen mom I'm gonna be late for school
  • shut up bitch texting and driving huh do
  • you know how dangerous that is son my
  • job is to keep people safe there's a guy
  • talk back to an officer son go go the
  • cops are coming away with second sight
  • the cops are gonna be here any minute
  • what's up nigga
  • did you okay oh shit fucking green I
  • remember that time we went to the beach
  • yes that was the day I realized they
  • could never be happy what the hell is
  • happening okay I'm starving
  • are you eating chips No
  • hello just shit my pants dude this guy
  • keeps staring at me then kick his ass
  • dude yeah you're right won't mess with
  • me pussy oh fuck I know when I'm late
  • and then I said to her I really don't
  • want this baby and that's how I was born
  • yeah anyways have a good day at school
  • son what kind of drugs did you take
  • literally all of them how are you even
  • alive god I love this song yeah and I
  • love you what nothing I said I like
  • pussy I love pussy hey Belle really yeah
  • looks a whole lot easier water no you
  • want a mint no you want to make out why
  • hey you want to explain why I found a
  • lighter in your room
  • oh I set a nursing home on fire oh thank
  • god I thought you were smoking weed up
  • next it's Drake with hotline bling do
  • you think we could play something else
  • for once you'll use to call me Oh myself
  • well have a good life good morning
  • students today we're gonna learn how to
  • do the dishes
  • so Jimmy you might want to listen up
  • because they've been in the sink for a
  • week you little shit there's no Wi-Fi
  • here I can't post this picture we gotta
  • leave why don't we just finish our hike
  • and post it later
  • oh sure I could post a layer fuck you
  • Jerry bitch man fuck you Jimmy mr.
  • Rockpile yeah fuck you hey we should get
  • salads for lunch I'm a carnivore
  • okay I'm not a plant killer like you
  • asshole
  • yo that's my chapstick dude it's like we
  • kissed
  • welcome to Babies R Us you guys sold
  • sir that's ridiculous we don't sell
  • alright so one beer yes no see your ID
  • uh here you go
  • please don't call the cops okay look I'm
  • not racist or anything but Mexicans are
  • kind of icky that is extremely racist oh
  • thank god you're awake
  • I slept in what'd I miss not much Donald
  • Trump's running for president I'm going
  • back to bed why did the fish get bad
  • grades dad fuck off because it was below
  • sea level this is why mom's cheating on
  • you and would you be okay taking a drug
  • test for this job do you mean right now
  • ma'am social anxiety where are you going
  • all about to go to this party and have a
  • good time
  • guess again fucker Brandon hey guys just
  • wanted to let you know that you're worth
  • it and also push did 9/11 oh my god yeah
  • the third
  • hello you ever lay awake at night and
  • think about what it would be like to die
  • in a fire who the fuck invited you here
  • check a tree oh here you go a little one
  • happy Halloween I thought you were
  • having a heart attack
  • oh no I just said that to get you over
  • here ready to take care of the baby we
  • got a problem yeah it's well thought
  • fish I got it let's make a vine about
  • when the teacher assigns homework dude
  • you're like 35 so you don't want to be
  • in it hey what would you do if you had a
  • time machine probably kiss Hitler you
  • mean kill Hitler yes dad can we go get
  • Slurpees no fine I'll just call mom's
  • new boyfriend maybe he'll get his flu
  • all right let's go get Slurpees oh I
  • gotta hate this song I don't even know
  • why you would play
  • you're a Scientologist yes I am Oh
  • stupid all right what do you believe in
  • that there's a bearded man in the sky
  • who grants my every wish Hey look at me
  • when I'm talking to you young man mom
  • for the 80th time I'm blind so I don't
  • even know where the fuck you are right
  • now story the young man sat there
  • drinking as grape juice I am a god
  • Brandon you will bend to my will
  • oh my God look at that woman's ass
  • you're still in the loudspeaker hey do
  • you want anything from Starbucks just a
  • black coffee wow really
  • what it's African American coffee you
  • racist piece of shit Oh what's up man
  • I'm depression hey well I was about to
  • go enjoy a sunny day outside
  • not anymore bitch bless you um excuse me
  • I'm an atheist
  • oh I'm sorry let me change that then um
  • fuck you don't feel against I've seen
  • this girl here no no trust me honey
  • neither a body burn Hey look I found
  • this cat in the other way yeah does the
  • only pussy were ever gonna get I think
  • it's prettier mirror Becky well no
  • matter what I say I'm gonna be wrong
  • just sit you you don't really mean that
  • goddamn it what you're not gonna say
  • anything well I mean I do have standards
  • all right students have fun over the
  • weekend don't do anything I wouldn't do
  • what like get laid I already did that
  • with your mom I fucked your mom Billie
  • anyone some water does it have gluten in
  • it it's its water that didn't answer my
  • question
  • wait I'm gonna make a phone call
  • dude just use this anyone I'm not gonna
  • use your calculator okay Matt's
  • knowledge I'm not good at math okay hey
  • what's up fuckers Jesus hey vine you
  • guys want your joke
  • sure vine will tell me a joke so I can
  • steal it hey what's up I'm anxiety oh
  • hey what do you want I'm just here to
  • fuck up your all day bro I just don't
  • know if I can do it don't you ever give
  • up on your dreams hey you on the list no
  • let's try that club over there hey you
  • on the list shit what's up man are you
  • drunk I'm shit-faced can you drive take
  • a left on dude what did you give me I
  • don't know but you took a lot holy shit
  • what there's no food in the fridge there
  • never was why new wife two pots please
  • you see the mic get the fuck out of the
  • car oh dude I'm sorry
  • stop apologizing so much oh sorry fuck
  • I'm sorry shit fuck sorry got three
  • filius oh god what do you want money
  • know what can I hear Pok do you use crew
  • molding clay why that's gorgeous you're
  • welcome I just feel like all the good
  • guys they're gay you know
  • well what about Jeffrey he's not gay oh
  • well Jeffrey's ugly as shit he doesn't
  • count
  • I've been waiting many years this moment
  • to look you in the eye oh shit hey man
  • how do I know you win a cap if I was a
  • cop would I have this shit you right all
  • right students turn to page 42 and take
  • off your pants take out your pencils hmm
  • go ahead and take out your cocks your
  • pencils shit dude I fucking hate Tom he
  • is such a douchebag hey guys
  • Tom's dead oh that's sad he was such a
  • great guy no thank you
  • be frank you look good today
  • Thanks so do you
  • oh my god you didn't need to say that
  • you didn't oh my god I love my kids
  • their mom anyways hey Dad can we get
  • Slurpees no we can't why because I said
  • no why because fuck you that's why
  • results are in and it shows that you are
  • gay wait you can tell that just from the
  • results now I can tell as soon as you
  • walk in the door Wow hey Jimmy your
  • mom's still dead yeah she dog dead too
  • you fucking loser gotta hate people who
  • put written messages and vines that you
  • have to pause the vine in order to read
  • hey could you shut up I'm trying to read
  • something hey mr. Jefferies you know the
  • waters not even hitting the grass right
  • all right love these talks give me a
  • month
  • cuz I have it no I'm just a bit held up
  • at the moment
  • hahaha bed yeah bad I love you bid oh my
  • god babe I love you too baby hey guys
  • could you shut the fuck up please I'm
  • taking off yeah probably wondering where
  • I'm going sure so you want to go on the
  • teacups
  • Brandon you're 21
  • fifteen what the fuck are we doing here
  • I have no idea um so do you like sports
  • this is where you die not today hey
  • kiddo
  • get out of my room motherfucker yep I am
  • a motherfucker I hate you so much all
  • right I'm gonna go fuck your mom yeah I
  • feel like I don't have any friends well
  • what do you like to do for fun I like
  • collecting stamps jesus fucking christ
  • hey did you hear they put Tom in a
  • psychiatric ward oh yeah was he nuts
  • no John he had dementia it's still less
  • than she choked him I've just been
  • really depressed lately oh yeah I
  • remember getting my first period - well
  • these got together is mom hey someone's
  • awfully quiet back there oh my god oh my
  • duck
  • Jax we got it Disneyland's no mom's new
  • boyfriend would take us to Disneyland
  • get in the car we're going trying to
  • fuck yeah all right my cars over there
  • all right put your seatbelt on we're
  • going to Grandma's house oh I can't I
  • have AIDS that's not gonna work Jane
  • doing it hey Dad can we go get ice cream
  • sorry buddy we can okay fine I guess
  • I'll just tell mom that you're cheating
  • on her ice cream sounds great let's go
  • all right guys need a new friend what do
  • you got why don't we just come up with
  • the original ideas
  • what are those that's it hey do you guys
  • have a bathroom here nope this house was
  • built without a bathroom we just shit on
  • the floor it's over there you fucking
  • idiot
  • Jews turn the page fuck you Timmy
  • what did I do just fuck you Timmy do me
  • a favor
  • yeah dare that pussy up tonight oh hey
  • did you hear that gay marriage is legal
  • now in the u.s. really yep you want to
  • get married
  • yes where's the baby okay put the money
  • in here we go oh my god that's a cute
  • little bear I'm gonna grab that bear I'm
  • gonna pick that bear up here we go and
  • whoopsie Daisy fuck you Brennan you're
  • not gonna stick around
  • naughty all right so now I'm gonna need
  • you to take off your pants wait but I'm
  • here for an ankle injury I know Jason
  • brandy you're having a party now I have
  • a fucking sick party could you stop
  • playing that damn music oh fuck shit on
  • my music

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