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Video TRASH TALKER EXPOSED! INTENSE 2 on 2 Basketball Game With CAM PIZZO!
13:35   |   7M+ views   |   today at 05:51


  • this video is brought to you by cat
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  • backs and hats alright guys what is up
  • ECE or video and today I have another
  • two-on-two video I filmed this with
  • campus I when I was visiting him in
  • Connecticut last week I have two more
  • videos with him on my channel and two
  • more I believe on his channel I'll leave
  • the link to his channel on the top of
  • the description but basically we filmed
  • a bunch of videos and trust me if you
  • like the videos with me and him you will
  • not be let down in the coming months but
  • basically I want to get into this video
  • so in the beginning in a week mister
  • Pizzo cans dad was like oh yeah if you
  • guys want I can get a two-on-two video
  • of me and my coworker playing you guys
  • it's pretty good and me and cam when we
  • heard that we're already talking shit
  • like oh yeah and definitely do that well
  • you know we'll beat them whoever it is
  • we just were cocky little kid if we
  • think we're gonna win I was like okay
  • definitely that actually a great video
  • mean cam thought we're gonna get an easy
  • W we thought we're gonna play like some
  • old-ass like business white guy but that
  • was not the case
  • alright then fast forward to the day
  • that we actually played them and the
  • whole car ride to the park mister mr.
  • tezo and cam were just talking shit to
  • each other I mean Evan I think I took a
  • few videos of that actually that's focus
  • on Ellie
  • yes I can know where I stopped and then
  • once we get there and see Eliot he was
  • cans dad's coworker slash friend and he
  • was talking shit too
  • I was just sort of sitting there like
  • all right I'm just gonna I'm just gonna
  • bring my a-game right now I'm not gonna
  • even say anything let's just get this
  • done like basically everyone was talking
  • shit like whoever loses is going to be
  • it exposed for trash-talking but
  • honestly like after flying with Elliot
  • mr. Pizzo it was it was a great game and
  • I can't wait to rematch them shout to
  • you guys if you're watching the video
  • but yeah just we got to get another game
  • in but I'm not going to keep you guys
  • for any longer I know you guys want to
  • watch this super intense video um just
  • one more thing I got to say if you like
  • basketball videos please please please
  • just all asses you consider subscribing
  • I have 21 games two on twos one on ones
  • like even mini basketball games like
  • anything basketball-related is on my
  • channel so I'm sure you guys would like
  • that without any further ado here it is
  • enjoy the video guys
  • No
  • living it
  • lady
  • Oh
  • Oh
  • yes
  • 14:8 still here good very good muscles a
  • lot you watch guys step are you quiet
  • knock him up grants in the granny cow
  • let him kill his boy start around 13
  • what is a matter of time before the
  • skills come to Colchester man 59
  • Oh
  • change right bottles on me young so
  • drink it
  • never try to walk
  • Yeah right make sure you guys go
  • surprise well I can't even speak I
  • shouldn't drove tell me how I'm getting
  • home do you fly to be laying down in bed
  • alone could teach you how to speak my
  • language rosetta stone

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Hope You Guys Enjoy This Crazy, Insane Two on Two Basketball Game With Cam Pizzo


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