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Video Dream Gold Clothing
07:33   |   2K+ views   |   09/20/2018 at 20:18


  • terabrite daily all right guys these
  • awesome people who have um this company
  • a shirt thing going called dream gold
  • send us some of their shirts okay check
  • them out all right look look this is
  • pretty cool what is this they got some
  • good stuff going here yeah it's freaking
  • coins and pins and stickers oh hey
  • there's a there's a note in there oh oh
  • look how look how good the handwriting
  • is hey guys hope you enjoy your new
  • stuff make sure to let us know that you
  • received a package looking forward to
  • working with you stay gold and then and
  • then we got some of their cards that we
  • can hand out so this is a ladies small
  • it's for me like the goal ya know hmm
  • it's pretty cool like this so this is
  • the ladies here is the unisex small
  • cool things off house for me to think
  • yeah I'm not I can't wear this is big
  • they didn't have v-neck so I asked for
  • anything that wasn't a t-shirt that's
  • cool you like it I've never really worn
  • a tank top of course it would be I feel
  • like it's Christmas time here's a unisex
  • I'm the assuming this is another one but
  • in white really I know Ethan's golden
  • boy oh it's a tag or something wow they
  • even got bags here golden tags what did
  • that see it feel it be it tell me that
  • one song so this is the same thing as
  • the black one I like the white one
  • better I know is yours no it's a unisex
  • same thing is that with my voice yeah
  • that's for me this is for you DJ well
  • I'm probably gonna steal it only in the
  • winter those kind of hot for this male
  • this some good quality this is the front
  • which is not really much in the back
  • it's like that it's pretty cool wow
  • thank you you can throw these awesome
  • starts and jacket and tank tops are you
  • talking like that cuz I'm weird oh thank
  • you so go check it out will leave a link
  • in the description for you guys to go
  • check out there they're awesome stuff
  • they have a lot more than that that's
  • just what we picked out
  • I know I've picked out that one shirt
  • but I look he's a little oh wait what
  • are you doing these you do this point
  • heart thank thank you sir census thank
  • you yes thank you all right how you get
  • us off baby you can you take this off
  • it's good newburgh you take this off
  • with the pin i think confuse don't cut
  • me in the neck here it's not here oh ha
  • thank you i think still recording much
  • weight by a leg Gibson I feel like I
  • need to wash it though to soften it up
  • you know it's often well I like to I
  • like to soften up my shirts need soften
  • don't then you say to TV so softened me
  • up
  • so Christopher sneeringly right his
  • scene glasses seen glasses I was doing
  • drywall so I have like drywall over my
  • clothes as opposed to what wall I like
  • I'm on my feet with your feet my
  • feetsies mycoses so Chris is putting
  • sure of the day no I'm just I need to
  • get through tomorrow and then I'll be
  • fine cuz I just I've had a busy week man
  • this week missed you miss two days you
  • write to mr. third day no because I got
  • to go home cuz I got to wake up in nine
  • hours I need like 10 hours of sleep in
  • order like not be cranky it's weird are
  • you cranky right now no I'm tired though
  • dude I've been watching ancient aliens
  • DJ have you ever heard of that show it's
  • sick it's like like people like people I
  • like going back into like ancient Egypt
  • and stuff and they're like figuring out
  • how like people built the pyramids and
  • built like all these structures and they
  • think that extraterrestrials helped to
  • build all this stuff and it's really
  • interesting and they relate stuff back
  • to the Bible and stuff yeah explain
  • what's going on what oh so we're just on
  • facebook and every time you go on
  • facebook chris gets all freaked out I've
  • met on Facebook in four and a half
  • months and it's because of his stupid ex
  • girlfriend with a guy named that is I
  • could say a lot of bad things about her
  • right now so he freaks out about her
  • because I mean about Facebook because
  • he's afraid that he's gonna see her on
  • there and then randomly he told us to
  • type your name in and go through it so I
  • can see the profile picture and he was
  • freaking out he's like who's in the
  • picture who's in for gentlemen look at
  • it is that a good explanation I don't
  • know is every time you start typing
  • something in like we did times in
  • terabrite and that's the first letter of
  • her name and you freaked out so jumpy
  • you calm down dude I'm trying to like
  • peel my laptop that's how nervous I am i
  • glass up I like picking at it I've been
  • coloring in the comic book for the past
  • two days well I have pages three and
  • four not the whole Cohen and let me tell
  • you is really time consuming and crazy
  • but I mean it's not that bad this is the
  • one I yesterday I'm just doing base
  • colors and then of someone else is gonna
  • do detailing like this one has a little
  • bit of detailing see that's like clouds
  • stuff but I added this gray up here
  • because it was white I probably have to
  • add like something to make the ceiling
  • look more like death whatever and I
  • couldn't the picture here was cut off I
  • couldn't really do anything with that
  • but hopefully somebody else can you do
  • something with that and right now i'm
  • working on this one it's really time
  • consuming but i'll show you guys when
  • we're done we used to be Oh
  • I'll be a troll but you're not very nice
  • you

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