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  • in today's video we are going to test
  • more clam recipes without using Botox to
  • see if they really work I always use a
  • flan recipe on Pinterest I want you to
  • slide that out and it is that you can
  • make lime I'm using only this fiber
  • product oily cop allows two tablespoons
  • of fiber and then a little bit of work
  • and then I play this in the microwave
  • for 30 seconds I look in transplant
  • the volume is a more slimy consistency
  • again
  • the only things that I don't like about
  • this line is the corner so I have a
  • bunch of glitter and look how all for me
  • look I'm happy to say this recipe
  • totally works
  • [Music]
  • the other day I saw here on youtube a
  • video how you can make blind by eating
  • only one ingredient and it is a hand
  • sanitizer like this one so what I did
  • was that I put inside bottle in a small
  • container and then I started collecting
  • now in the video sizes you need to leave
  • this in the freezer for one of the four
  • hours so after four hours reason how the
  • table looks like now let's see if the
  • client is ready
  • [Music]
  • no this recipe was a face boom
  • [Music]
  • I think this is the most popular recipe
  • ever so I wanted to try the loud in a
  • cup our Elmer's glue another few drops
  • of space if you want one full now a
  • little bit of style are mixing I think I
  • like so much sighs and why our first
  • look like this whatever you play with it
  • the more slimy idiot and you can
  • probably tell this recipe totally work I
  • was supply again the hands of ants are
  • slime because a lot of you were saying
  • that I added too much salt the last time
  • sorry make up I alla like you palms of
  • the soap and then you give it to the
  • colors I am a few drops of face
  • I'm going to add a pinch of salt just a
  • little bit and then I'm going to try to
  • make this I don't you can see it finally
  • pipeline what is in Turkey
  • [Music]
  • maybe to put it in the freezer for 15
  • minutes so now the moment we have been
  • waiting for let's take it it isn't like
  • yes these are something like my models
  • this was a complete paper you will know
  • that I love crunches line so today I
  • decided to try a new recipe first you
  • will need to make a clear line actually
  • I'll use clear Elmer's glue if you want
  • to make this completely clear you can
  • just brought a 5114 we're not using that
  • the way I'm going to add a little bit of
  • time I'm not going to give this line a
  • bluish tint and now needed with your
  • hand until you have the right
  • consistency now for the crunchy part we
  • are going to use hair elastics I promise
  • this is the most satisfying slime ever
  • if you want to try a lamb recipe of this
  • video I highly suggest you to try this
  • one out because it's my favorite
  • this is so crunchy and it is so relaxing
  • I'm super happy to say that these
  • recipes are totally work and finally we
  • are going to say the vital air we climb
  • so in a bowl a little bit of glue
  • another few drops of paint if you want
  • to add color and mix it now to make it
  • work do we need to use the air week in
  • lavender scent we come to the only thing
  • that works for flight make sure all the
  • windows are open and spray directly to
  • the glue for five seconds now you should
  • have a load like this floating in a pool
  • of air week so the heavens are mixing it
  • and then you have the right consistency
  • advert is going to be a lift if you
  • climb upon like all the slimes the more
  • you play with the less sticky get even
  • this super cool now you have excuses to
  • say that you can make slime that is for
  • today's video guys I cannot to drive or
  • wheel climb recipe so if you know one
  • let me know that in the comments down
  • below I love you guys so so much anyway
  • see you in my next video bye

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SUBSCRIBE➚ 1 Ingredient Slime PLAYLIST:

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Today we are going to test 6 MORE of those weird, extremely unbelievable 1-2 ingredientsl slime recipes that you can make using common household products such as shampoo, hand soap, air wick freshener in Lavender Scent, Metamucil Fiber Powder, Salt, Toothpaste and more... DO YOU THINK THIS RECIPES ARE GOING TO WORK THIS TIME? .... Watch till the end to see if they work!!

Share your weird/random slime recipes with me in the comments section for my next video!! The recipe with more likes is going to get a shout out on my next slime video!

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