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Video Markiplier Animated | GHOST HUNTER
02:12   |   2M+ views   |   today at 05:20


  • Ahhhh...
  • Ohhhh...
  • Yeeeee...
  • I'm like Mario! Oh look at me! Oh look at me!
  • Okay, so I know what I gotta do... A little bit. ;w;
  • Hello, Hooty. What you hooting about over there?
  • Where are you going? Wait, come back, wait!
  • No! Hang on! I need - I think I need you!
  • I- I think- Ah...
  • Jiminy Christmas, where'd you go?
  • AH!
  • Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Okay. YAH!
  • *chuckles* Oh God. It's so uncomfortable for that to be stuck permanently underground like that...
  • Oh...
  • *grumbles* Anyway, what am I doing here?
  • *background scratch*
  • *door creaks open*
  • *chuckling with excitement* Oh - hohohoho!
  • Hohohoho!
  • Hohohoho!
  • Hoho ha ha ha ha!
  • *creepy classical piano in background*
  • So - Whoah. What in the hell is that?
  • *creaking door...*
  • *SLAM*
  • Music stopped!
  • Mister orchestra, man, you could kick it up any time now
  • It's a little weird being alone in this-
  • AH!!!
  • Oh, it's dark!
  • Ooahhh!!
  • I don't wanna play this game!
  • I don't wanna play it! I don't wanna play it. I do. Not. Want to. Play it.
  • *giggling in background*
  • Ooh!..
  • Ooh. Hey, wow. You are pretty!
  • You seem to be...
  • Bulbous and...
  • Ohhh!
  • Bulbous...
  • I'm just gonna, like, caress your sweet, luscious - Oh!
  • Here we go.
  • Oh!
  • Oh!
  • Ghost: *giggles evilly*
  • Mark: *Stutters nervously*
  • Mark: "Ah. Ah! F*ck it!"
  • Mark: "I'm out! Ooooohhhh!! AH!" *slams door*
  • No! De- Da- WAH!
  • NO!
  • WOAH!
  • Wow!
  • Yeah, see how you missed me, and I don't miss me because I'm not bad -
  • Woah- ah- ah- ah-
  • Ahhhhh...
  • *falls on the ground*
  • My lower half! Where'd it go?! AHH!
  • *crying* Help me!
  • Please! Somebody to something!
  • *boink!*

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Markiplier steps inside Luigi's Mansion to take on a little Ghost Hunting!
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