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Video Treat Your Customers Right with Phaseware Tracker Software
02:19   |   335 views   |   07/18/2018 at 21:41


  • have you ever heard a tree cry don't
  • make trees cry use the zoom catalog oh
  • yeah Yello happy blurry blender smoothie
  • company how can I be of helping service
  • to you today hi yes my blender has
  • broken again you guys keep sending me
  • replacements that they keep breaking I
  • think the model is defective is there
  • someone who can help me ah yes our
  • company is pleased to have your business
  • monies I'm sorry what did you say I'm
  • thanking you for calling what and much
  • appreciate in your business goodbye no
  • no way to hang out ah ah greetings
  • future satisfied customer how am I being
  • of service to you hey I just caught a
  • moment ago and I was treated very rude
  • iver one of your employees I would like
  • to make a complaint yeah Jenna honey
  • toast or not to that which an arrow shot
  • Nick hello wait don't you need more
  • information my name is Ramona I'm
  • calling about the blender da yes I am
  • taking all informations oh okay all
  • right
  • hello whoa with phase we're tracking
  • software you can efficiently track and
  • manage complaints which will help you
  • provide better products and services to
  • your customer base hello and with phase
  • where defect tracking software you can
  • efficiently track defects and provide
  • better customer service so get phase
  • where and give your customers that extra
  • versatile touch loom catalog not only
  • digitizes your catalogs but they also
  • save trees I love trees

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PhaseWare, founded in 2005, is a leading provider of Customer Service and Support software applications optimized for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) to deliver robust and financially viable solutions. There is a major distinction between installing software and implementing a solution. PhaseWare enables companies to better manage their business processes, reduce operational expenses, and significantly increase the effectiveness and quality of customer service. The PhaseWare Tracker suite of products is uniquely designed to accelerate implementation of the solutions, which are delivered in either an On-Site or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. PhaseWare provides a competitive advantage for the SMB to serve, support, retain, and maximize the value of every customer.



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