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Video Exes Get Handcuffed For 24 Hours
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  • if you snored we wouldn't have dated in
  • the first always we went to college
  • together we you know started hooking up
  • started dating it was a long six months
  • it just like this to me a long day and
  • we're very different like there's a lot
  • of like things that you know kind of got
  • in the way of things on mmm yeah we're
  • not really different what really
  • happened I don't even remember totally
  • what happened yeah like well I know that
  • I know that I was moving across the
  • country to the study abroad for like a
  • couple months so that was like time
  • distance you didn't really trust me I
  • felt like no ya didn't trust you that's
  • that that was like a night well you are
  • knowing you're like well known at our
  • school for being a player they're gonna
  • say that I doubt that so we're gonna
  • have to make some sacrifices
  • yeah yeah I mean it's a Saturday you're
  • a big party animal and I'm not that
  • makes me a little nervous because I know
  • how you are when you go out what about
  • getting dressed I'm kinda looking
  • forward to that and it's
  • we're putting this on my left hand cuz I
  • need my right hand free this is this is
  • one of the biggest issues like she's
  • controlling like why do you get your
  • dominant hand because I need to teach a
  • yoga class
  • I need to write an essay also I put
  • makeup on you don't know I need my right
  • hand for more things than you do
  • let's go it's good locked ends maybe 24
  • hours starts now what are we doing in it
  • we have to walk around in public like
  • this if you want anything you're insane
  • alright it is time for the weekly yoga
  • that I teach thank you so much for being
  • here let's just start we're right where
  • we are in a comfortable seating position
  • you just start to settle in here one
  • more inhale deep breath out
  • you're our certified yoga instructor you
  • can see breath in interlace your hands
  • behind your back
  • she always takes forever to order
  • boys tonight I wasn't we dated no
  • now not how did you change
  • well I hooked up with way less people
  • and I'm in like a short amount of time
  • so we are about to go to a public park
  • to lay in the Sun get some rays there
  • are a lot of people here and I've never
  • been more uncomfortable and I offered
  • little offer and I take a picture for
  • these nice people
  • bad beams over there this is like fluffy
  • in Green Bay five years this one that's
  • my boy
  • what do I doing this little is the
  • telephone apply for my hands this a
  • hands out it needs to be your towel this
  • well I know you stole this from me we
  • dated we we got to get into our bathing
  • suits we have to work our arm over nice
  • we're just letting the stroke hang right
  • here just well show you them are gonna
  • get some rays
  • I drank this whole bottle of water that
  • was a mistake
  • where are you gonna pee well there's
  • Poland gas bathroom we're gonna we're
  • gonna go on the same bathroom together
  • so bad we just got home to a beautiful
  • sunset
  • we're home or about to start cooking
  • we'll sit out the fire a lot it
  • wasn't my fault
  • okay turn off turn on precipice
  • everything's a disaster
  • yeah will is holding I see fedka bottle
  • as he could cuz he burned his thumb so
  • apparently I wasn't cleaning everything
  • right yes grab your you are clean I
  • reach over in field water and you clean
  • the dishes with cold water
  • we're in our hurry I don't know the bar
  • it doesn't need to be spit shine and it
  • seems to be like kind of clean did
  • you were cleaning digits with cold
  • waters I thought you took over okay I
  • need to get to the bar okay like we
  • would see Ryoga I live in to the park
  • that's cool in your pesto now I need to
  • drink and go to the bar starting to be
  • like this is all about Sky's world and
  • I'm just attached here
  • god I did see you're like still wet have
  • a body you need them I got you
  • okay oh how where he tells they over
  • there it's cold didn't see my nads did
  • you scars been doing her makeup for no
  • idea how long
  • let's see what you have to do to get
  • ready well sorry
  • all right we're in the over on route 2
  • boys tonight uses via Horizonte and I'm
  • doing boys night for you
  • yo is that a yawn and boy so the big
  • issue was was I gonna like survive
  • tonight
  • look we didn't survive classic we'll
  • wake up wake up wake up you know for the
  • past 40 minutes waiting for you to wake
  • up just lying here look at all of the
  • day this is terrible this that was the
  • worst nights that I've ever had we
  • inserted all this I slept a little bit
  • shut up
  • okay don't nothing happened I swear you
  • want to tell what happened really I hold
  • on the bar Scott nothing happens asleep
  • yeah just nothing happens nothing I
  • think you're gonna miss me after we on
  • cuff I miss you a little bit we just
  • bicker a lot cuz we just disagree about
  • a lot of things I was drilling me yeah
  • all right I think it's good to expose
  • yourself to people and to spend time
  • with people who have different beliefs
  • in media you learn a lot about somebody
  • and I think I learned the little things
  • about you which I didn't already know we
  • already knew you were fun person to be
  • around that's why I liked you the first
  • place and I think going through all the
  • challenges together it just made us work
  • as a team if we were forced to work as a
  • team and we were a good team we're a
  • good team yeah just want me I just need
  • some I just need my right arm back oh my
  • gosh okay I red marks on my record no
  • all right well get out of my house yeah
  • oh you're like dried fruit like a figure
  • something
  • bring prunes gets bad I get P shy and so
  • usually wear headphones and I just
  • listen to music
  • Bevers almost far

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“Get out of my house."


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