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Video True Blood Impersonation Season 3 - Bill Compton SOOKIE
03:52   |   5K+ views   |   today at 02:24


  • I think this video is gonna be cooler
  • than the last one think so my drugs are
  • really funny I don't know what I'm doing
  • thank you know it's gonna mess up my
  • hair look what hair the hair that I
  • worked so hard i'm getting so um act
  • like a British prettiest gay cowboy it's
  • not really gonna work so DJ so what do
  • you what do you like to do on Sundays
  • hmm big boy CJ yes for me it's gonna be
  • stupid if you don't answer me there's
  • something meaty paw happy the nipples
  • are getting hard just fucking gay so
  • what what happened is oh so what
  • happened is I got my surgery surgery i'm
  • talking about EJ no surgery i'm talking
  • about i got this surgery and it really
  • and here's what it did is during the
  • surgery I got my hip replace with a what
  • do you call it um you guys have any week
  • I need some wheat to suck on right now
  • anyway what happens is do you guys watch
  • true blood at all I'm from Louisiana I
  • could be like Bill Compton it's okay i
  • need to atone from what I've done that
  • true blood is a really good show that's
  • my bond another impersonation what other
  • impersonation can I do pick something
  • all right it was funny what you said
  • pick something and so I picked my nose
  • EJ give me something why am I still
  • talking like I'm a redneck why are you
  • messing with the lights DJ everybody you
  • could be better night not do this
  • anymore hang on hey it's uh shoot should
  • get out of here shoo shoo shoo shoo so
  • anyway here's what's gonna happen in
  • today's episode of Chris Chris's
  • impersonations all right I'm gonna
  • imitate are you guys whispering about me
  • because I can't understand it what you
  • guys talking about so here you okay so
  • here's what happens in and Kristen's
  • impersonations today so i just turned
  • gay come here so this is bachelor number
  • one actual number one please tell me if
  • you were to take me out to eat these
  • tell me one time touching all your body
  • parts I don't like women DJ come here EJ
  • okay so fast on number one what's your
  • name cowboy you're not talk abou going
  • on I'm gonna call him Stewie not from
  • family guy
  • so that's a stewie um Stewie I don't
  • know if that was I got far hang on all
  • right um oh man I need a butt plug or
  • something you know if you ever plugged
  • your butt like the thing smells like him
  • this was like the Chinese food I had
  • last night actually anyway hey DJ let's
  • go bowling Chris yeah you're such a tool
  • all right you're putting a wrench in our
  • relationship I think it was me on the
  • are you recording it what that oh oops
  • are we taping are we taping is it taping
  • think so focus on are we taping what is
  • this I think you're screwed haha that
  • was a sheer incident what just happened
  • couldn't even see the sheer there's a
  • sheer accident or incident shears I'm
  • gonna cut all your ears office years
  • dude the specific stuff is so simple now
  • let me do it give me few you give me ask
  • you that yeah stab you look hahaha
  • there's something you can use on a scale
  • from one to ten I wait ten we're having
  • a ball I'm taking a stand that was an
  • outstanding pun let me use that thank
  • you stop at this over my face it comes
  • on your mouth upside down oh it is well
  • go ahead your foreheads you actually
  • have a tumor and smells I look like subs
  • Europa more comment or like smell myself
  • all right um oh man i do buffalo or
  • something here

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Chris impersonates True Blood's Season 3 Episode Bill Compton, Sookie, and a British gay cowboy while being punny.

Real Punny

Chris needs a butt plug.

Chris Shepard
DJ Monopoli
Sabrina Abu-Obeid


Season three two one episode Very punny real realpunny chris shepard Monopoli Donald Sabrina Abu Obeid Abu Obeid AbuObeid does anyone have butt plug impersonations impersonation gay cowboy puns pun funny True Blood Sookie Bill compton british Picking nose true blood sookie Compton Vampire

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