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Video Dan Mullen Talks About The Tennessee Job
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  • I love the one i have you know i this is
  • we've you know i think what you see is
  • what we've been able to build
  • mississippi state into you know as i
  • keep saying it I think everybody has an
  • opinion in the world of what I should
  • and shouldn't do most people that know
  • me then friends that have known me for a
  • long time
  • mom pre like my own opinion I'm not
  • really interested in other people's
  • opinions so all that much so I like my
  • own opinion and my wife got no choice
  • but to do that right me to give someone
  • advice radio nominate get in that
  • situation whether you like her opinion
  • or not you may want to take that one and
  • really contemplate on when you hear that
  • but no I love we like I said when you
  • look around we've been able to build a
  • facility you gotta have an ad that's
  • been a coach at the president that's
  • hugely supports our football program
  • you know we build a team that's a top
  • you know 25 program in my mind you know
  • and over the atmosphere Saturday night
  • so I

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