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Video How To Dropship on Amazon Make $20,000 Monthly 2017
16:02   |   02/23/2019 at 17:31


  • best method with low investments to get
  • started
  • you only need a really low investment so
  • if you don't want to spend thousand a
  • thousand on inventory this is a good
  • method for you to start living this that
  • you don't own that life you know so what
  • is the drop shipping drop shipping is
  • pretty much you post an item online it
  • can be on Amazon eBay Shop of five or
  • any online e-commerce site and once your
  • item sells you would go to your
  • wholesalers or your supplier and you
  • would order the exact same product from
  • them ship it to the address and you get
  • to keep the difference so you make you
  • know a little bit of profit or sometimes
  • you make a lot of profit but so it's
  • pretty much the best way and what this
  • does for you is it makes you your own
  • boss you have a lot of time freedom and
  • you have the location freedom so you can
  • pretty much travel anywhere around the
  • world and all you need it's the Internet
  • you start working and this only takes
  • about two to three hours a day so you
  • will just check your orders answer
  • customer inquiries and and then you're
  • free for the whole day so pretty much
  • this thing has a lot of time freedom and
  • you can start making money today being
  • your own boss
  • so let me show you how much I make first
  • I'm gonna show you some proof on my
  • account log on to my Amazon account so I
  • started this about a 6 or 8 days ago and
  • in the last seven days as you can see
  • here I made 93 sales let me show you my
  • transactions that I this manager works
  • so so see all of these transactions
  • there been completed so I get about I
  • get about 10 20 30 sales a day so which
  • is pretty good in our profit about 20
  • items per sale so I make about $300 a
  • day just song items on Amazon so there
  • we go so the reason why I use Amazon is
  • because
  • the number one biggest online shopping
  • website in North America and it has
  • millions of customers who uses daily and
  • you can actually make a lot of sales
  • doing this and unless you really it's
  • the best way so I'm gonna show you how
  • you can do this too before you get
  • started if you want to find a niche
  • product so you won't find something that
  • sells or something else hot and
  • bestsellers to do this this is the
  • hardest part so to do this you can
  • research if you use on watch calm calm
  • it's pretty much it tells you what sells
  • on ebay if it sells or not I'm gonna
  • show you a example let's do uh night
  • vision glasses that I did earlier then
  • this site tells you how much I'm sold in
  • the past and how much people have
  • watched it so that means the higher a
  • number the bigger the market is so you
  • can see so two thousand a thousand so
  • you know it's a pretty good market to do
  • this the watchers are pretty good
  • compare the past sales so for example
  • this driving glasses will be a good
  • niche and once you find your niche you
  • will want to start following your
  • suppliers so there's a couple of website
  • you want to use there's a website call
  • al Express which it's just which is this
  • one right here and you can pretty much
  • buy stuff for cheap so as you can see if
  • this cost four dollars almost five
  • dollars and on Amazon the Saxon glasses
  • is going out for $13.99 is that some
  • glass you can see look at the pictures
  • and some glasses
  • exact Sam we also have different
  • suppliers on I'll Express that you can
  • choose from there's lots of hires want
  • to find which one is the best for you so
  • once you find your product you want to
  • look for supplier so the most are
  • sourcing out items for example through
  • this one this one's a cheap price is
  • four dollars and support thirty nine so
  • anything about eight to nine dollars
  • profit a third Amazon fees per sale and
  • this person has
  • 9191 review so he makes a least 10 sale
  • a day so that's about ten a hundred
  • dollars maybe more than that a day and
  • you if you sell like 20 30 a day you
  • make more money so so before you start
  • buying from the supplier you wanna make
  • sure is a seller profile it's it's good
  • you use um you can get scammed from
  • these sites as possible it's just like
  • eBay you can't scam but you know is your
  • responsibility to research the sell it
  • before you start purchasing so what I'll
  • I would like to do is I look at the
  • profile here so we can see this person
  • been selling since July 2nd so one year
  • now and he has about 20,000 20,000
  • transactions and it's 94 percent
  • positive feedback I recommend going for
  • ninety seven percent or higher this one
  • is fine so cos he made over
  • he sold about over almost 120 orders and
  • the reviews is really good it has a lot
  • of five stars no one thought and one
  • four star so I would trust is supply it
  • so what you would do is go to Amazon
  • make your listing or a sell it under the
  • same listing and you know he's film that
  • your pricings and once sells won't come
  • back to this website and click buy now
  • and enter your address the actors that
  • your customers from Amazon bought it
  • from I don't wanna show you today cuz I
  • won't log in to my account but yeah this
  • is actually the best way to make money
  • online
  • there's many whole seller sites that you
  • can use for example there's an Express
  • there's DHgate calm this is a pretty
  • good site to use sometimes they have
  • stocks in the US so it would be a faster
  • shipping method then you know very
  • customer to wait for about two to four
  • weeks until the product arrive to the
  • door and when you do this you want note
  • that it will take 1 to 4 weeks for the
  • item to arrive because it's coming from
  • China ends cheap so here's some items
  • that isn't stuck in US you can look
  • through on the items and you know
  • Chancellor on Amazon and see if it sells
  • a know if it does it you move on to next
  • items but it's hard to find niche and to
  • find these you can pretty much do
  • product research by using watch count or
  • you go on and look at the
  • best sellers now sellers and let me show
  • you how you do that so you will go to
  • best sellers and will look at
  • the categories it's going to be awhile
  • to find a good niche product that sells
  • the best for example lets you home and
  • kitchen you want to dig deeper into
  • subcategories and see what sells
  • I'll show you example let's do household
  • fans because the summer is coming up you
  • know isn't be a big market for fans
  • these ones are high competition because
  • it has a lot of reviews and it's gonna
  • be hard for us to rank up so when it's
  • dig deeper table fans for example let's
  • say you want a self comes the random
  • item that do example let's say this one
  • here so when you want to sell a product
  • on Amazon you will compare the product
  • just selling you want check the ratings
  • rankings and the reviews of these so
  • this one has 92 reviews which is really
  • good and before you start buying items
  • you wanna make sure the item rank is
  • below 20,000 around there because it is
  • below there you will guarantee to make a
  • sale within a week or in a few days and
  • once you start making sales your listing
  • will rank up and you'll get more sales
  • as that day progresses so see you just
  • want to here it is in rank 5,000 in home
  • and kitchen and rank 5 and home kitchen
  • fan table so this ring is really high so
  • this person makes I would say ten to
  • thirty thousand dollars in sales a month
  • so that's a big chunk of profit that you
  • can make out of
  • doing some nice products on Amazon and
  • it's it's really easy let's go on I'll
  • Express and see if there's a table fan
  • let's look at DHgate gives you it's
  • really good table fan o ran fan so you
  • can see these projects it's only $12 I'm
  • similar to similar to two DS but we've
  • defined a similar one that you can use
  • on DHgate JJ is like the exactly here
  • this one here is XM one I'm pretty sure
  • that was accent one so we have this one
  • these accent is exome one i'm symbol
  • there's this one goes for about $7 each
  • this one goes for you want you're
  • looking for products one cell and you
  • wanna and for your listings i'll i'll
  • make more video on how to do this so
  • before you purchase any products and
  • post it up your listings on amazon what
  • you want to do is you want to compare
  • different products with the same product
  • that you have but but different sellers
  • and brands and compare their show
  • example you want to have keywords one by
  • keywords you want you want to go to
  • google adwords or merchant words and
  • type in the practice selling and you
  • know you for what are keywords for your
  • for your item you would enter them in
  • keywords so it makes a customer find
  • your product easier and keywords is most
  • porn part for your Unseld and your title
  • has to be really really eye-catching and
  • it gives you a lot of information and
  • your bullet points has to be really this
  • this added listing is not the greatest i
  • can pretty much make a better one would
  • be so look at the four bullets or five
  • bullets is just one sentence pretty much
  • one sentence each and you can do better
  • you can look for keywords on Google
  • AdWords to add those keywords and two
  • sentences on to the bullet points and
  • saying
  • you know like you'd be like durable fan
  • hi fan let me show you what you want to
  • do for this so we go whoops
  • add words so this is one of the way to
  • do it
  • Google AdWords going to show you another
  • way is called merchant words there's
  • many different website that does the
  • same thing but you know you won't look
  • for the one that works for you I'm sure
  • your merchant works first you want to
  • type in table fan then it gives you
  • different words that people use so this
  • point I think you'll pay for this but I
  • recommend using a Google Adsense I mean
  • add words so you have table fan fan
  • table table fan Clips let me just log on
  • just in being really slow right now
  • [Music]
  • all right sorry about that my internet
  • speeds I don't know why it's so slower
  • to today so once you log on Google
  • AdWords you go under tools and go to
  • keyword planner what this does is it
  • finds different keywords that's
  • religious your product so your customer
  • will search their search terms and I'll
  • come up to your product for example
  • there's table fans someone might have
  • search best fast table fans and that
  • keywords won't put that into keywords so
  • someone search the exact same term it
  • will come to your listings so for
  • example type in table fan click get
  • ideas it shows you a whole bunch of
  • matches and the search results and how
  • much such as it gets a month so you can
  • see every searches a month tower fan you
  • can and you want to get the ones with at
  • least a thousand such a month for it to
  • be good there go desk fan so table fan
  • can be under desk fan let's see it is
  • hunter desk fan I know what that is but
  • one look noisy test and unique this fans
  • you weren't you looking and little
  • keywords and make sure you know just
  • make sure it's over a thousand such as a
  • month and just look at keywords just we
  • searched keywords tick about 30 minutes
  • or so find keywords and then you will
  • put your keywords on your Amazon listing
  • I'm not going to show you this now but I
  • will make more videos if you want to see
  • my videos in future just subscribe to my
  • channel unleash hope you guys who ever
  • watched my videos you know start making
  • money online the easy way and you can
  • see this listing is not too great you
  • can make this better let me show you a
  • good example of a listing I'll see this
  • one
  • three simple to find a good example the
  • listing actually let me show you a
  • listing on night driving glasses which
  • is I found a few that has a really good
  • listing and one's not too great not too
  • great
  • here you go this is a good listing look
  • at the title very long is really like
  • description like a lot of descriptions
  • on the title you know as far as a
  • polarized professional each night vision
  • like these are words that people
  • searches on the search bar on Amazon to
  • find these so these the title is a the
  • important part for this and also look at
  • the bullet points is about two cents
  • into two sentences each so it's pretty
  • good look at this is stylish is on so so
  • this is a really good listing and you
  • want to have HD images and all one have
  • all the sides so this one is actually a
  • good images see over here it has the
  • front back sides of image and high
  • quality because if you want a high
  • quality image because you know once you
  • sell online the image is the main thing
  • to looking at because they don't really
  • they can't see it physically so the
  • image the main thing you want to be
  • high-definition and look at the
  • description is really good is very clean
  • this is a good description that they
  • have this is actually good I'm listing
  • so you know you want to find a listing
  • replicate replicate it just change it up
  • a little bit to your own wording so this
  • is a good listing he has 399 customer
  • reviews so he makes a lot of sale a day
  • and goes for $24 and I'm pretty sure you
  • can get this for under $5 so he's making
  • about ten to fourteen dollars profit per
  • sale after Amazon fees and that's really
  • good so you know you can start doing
  • this today and it's reasonable so
  • alright guys I'm gonna start going and
  • you know I'll make more videos if you

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