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Video Benjamin Discovery Disco Double Scope Cam Boyds Gunstock
01:42   |   10K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 21:55


  • howdy folks this is archers paradox I
  • just got my Benjamin discovery disco
  • double kit from Lloyd Sykes today I got
  • it all installed and finished up I ended
  • up taking the rust-oleum truck bed liner
  • and put it on several light coats to
  • finish out the rifle I did take some
  • blue painters tape you can see where I
  • transition I didn't want to paint over
  • the warning label on the stock discovery
  • breech anyways a or I felt turned out
  • really nice this is no hob your gun labs
  • the duct disco doubles kit and then
  • discos are us the Boyd's thumb hole
  • featherweight stock anyways I ended up
  • getting the double-barrel band I had
  • that on my original Benjamin discovery I
  • was very impressed with the accuracy so
  • I kept it on one thing you notice the
  • two end caps that Lloyd provides the the
  • first one wouldn't clear the Tiki oh
  • break so I ended up just leaving that
  • off and I just got one of these
  • paintball caps I like the looks of that
  • anyways but worked out real nice I'm
  • real happy with it I just got done
  • shooting and accuracy did not change I
  • will be doing a further review on the
  • shot count and so forth anyways there's
  • my scope cam I'm taking this video with
  • my Nikon digital camera that has video
  • capability alright guys well we'll see
  • on a GTA hope you enjoy the video

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