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Video POST MALONE | The RICH Life | 2017 FORBES Net Worth ( Cars, House, Tattoos, & Popeyes )
10:01   |   views   |   11/25/2017


  • post Valon is a serious force in the
  • world of hip-hop having worked with
  • everyone from 50 cent to Gucci made the
  • kanye west and also this guy so it's no
  • surprise post ballon lives like a rock
  • star he's got a beautiful la mansion
  • which features large rooms high ceilings
  • and an endless supply of posts favorite
  • beverage they game in his fridge and
  • they come and stock it up because Bud
  • Lights a and of course he's got
  • staff to help around the house this is
  • Alec he's the beer bong guy keep around
  • makes a thousand dollars a day beer
  • bongs boasts Malone drives the decked
  • out Lincoln Continental he's also got in
  • 1992 Ford Explorer which he's turned
  • into a $73,000 whip he calls his Texas
  • lab but post Malone's found a ton of
  • creative ways to spend his cash so
  • forget about his house in cars
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • he's also got more jewelry than he can
  • possibly keep track of he's got a huge
  • collection of shoes guns and guitars and
  • so much ink he's starting to run out of
  • room it's a cow skull with two eagles
  • but I was too to finish the sides
  • because I hurt like a but
  • he's not just spending his money on
  • himself he was recently seen buying his
  • dad a pair of Air Jordan 12 retros and
  • he surprised his buddy rich chicken with
  • a church choir for his birthday
  • on top of that he treated one of his
  • audiences to around $10,000 worth of
  • Popeyes biscuits those balloons that
  • worth is a little bit difficult to pin
  • down there are several websites like
  • idol wiki famous birth deaths the Net
  • Worth portal and Gazette review which
  • estimated to be around 1 million dollars
  • now I really hope he's put more than
  • that away fortunately there's a good
  • reason to doubt this figure Forbes
  • reported that he grossed a million
  • dollars from just one year with the
  • touring he's released 7 platinum singles
  • and his debut studio album Stoney was
  • certified double-platinum
  • he's also signed with a major label
  • Republic Records and before that when he
  • dropped his self-funded music video for
  • white Iverson on YouTube well he kept
  • all that cash
  • I need a money lender
  • that video alone has raked in over four
  • hundred sixty three million views which
  • should have netted him a healthy 927
  • thousand dollars of course with all his
  • crazy purchases it's hard to tell how
  • much the guys really saved up I mean
  • it's not like you can just look in his
  • bank account and even if I could I'm not
  • gonna do that
  • and put that information out there I
  • mean he seems like a really really nice
  • guy you'd have to be a total jerk to
  • Docs um right now definitely not me I
  • would not do that in this video I'm
  • gonna walk you through his financial
  • come up when he spends his money on here
  • for you on the rich life my name is
  • Michael cretin I have a question for you
  • guys which if post below is 8 official
  • singles wasn't certified platinum by
  • RIAA place your guesses in the comments
  • down below the answer will be at the end
  • of this video now let's roll that intro
  • [Music]
  • triple platinum mouth so I need it
  • bigger more ignorant folks below was
  • born austin richard post on july 4th
  • 1995 in Syracuse New York he moved to
  • grapevine texas when he was just 9 years
  • old and his pops got a new job as the
  • manager of concessions for the dallas
  • cowboys he's come a long way from his
  • days in Grapevine high school as a
  • teenager he worked at the Texas based
  • fast-food chain Chicken Express in high
  • school Austin was voted most likely to
  • become famous and even back then he had
  • a taste for the finer thanks
  • the Dallas Observer reported that one of
  • his classmates and Brendan Clevenger he
  • said this in high school this man had
  • $1000 Versace shoes he would spend his
  • whole paycheck on foreign clothes and
  • design her clothes no it's hard to keep
  • that kind of lifestyle selling chicken
  • fortunately post Ballon after dropping
  • out of college he got the opportunity to
  • move to San Fernando where he roomed
  • with his buddy Jason Stokes the house
  • was a huge gated property nicknamed the
  • white house because it looked like the
  • actual one in Washington but Austin well
  • he opted to move into the closet to make
  • space for a recording studio in his
  • bedroom I was sleeping in my friend's
  • closet for a little bit and I always
  • would look through couches and opened up
  • Jason's car and look inside see if
  • there's any quarters just so I can go
  • buy a pack of cigarettes from there it
  • was
  • beads for just 50 bucks a pop but with
  • the massive success of white Iverson
  • he'd be making enough cash to move out
  • of the closet
  • he'd make a ton of Bank from that track
  • and the YouTube views he got off the
  • music video he'd also signed a lucrative
  • deal with Republic Records alright let's
  • move on to the fun part let's talk about
  • how he spends all this cash a good place
  • to start might be his cars because post
  • Malone is giving exhibit a run for his
  • money a while back he bought an old 1992
  • Ford Explorer for $1,700 with the help
  • of West Coast Customs he added Lambo
  • style doors custom body paint 26 inch
  • wheels with spinner rims upping its
  • value to at least seventy three thousand
  • dollars he calls the custom whip his
  • Texas slap that's how everybody comes in
  • my house and they see this car and they
  • know that I live here and they come
  • bother me but that ain't the only car
  • he's decked out with West Coast Customs
  • they also helped him to create this all
  • white gold Lincoln Continental basically
  • my whole life in the competition with my
  • dad to see his cooler he's still waiting
  • but I'm almost there on top of that
  • according to jake paul who decided to
  • document a surprise visit to post below
  • its house in July of 2017 he's got like
  • a ton of dope cars outside he's got like
  • Rolls Royces and whatnot no we know that
  • house looks decent enough but you don't
  • really get the full effect until you
  • take a look inside
  • [Music]
  • and a huge chunk of this house is
  • reserved for his massive guitar
  • collection you know I'm working on it I
  • need the bigger orange amp in his
  • collection he's got a Gibson Custom Shop
  • cream SG triple pickup with gold
  • hardware it's like what God would play
  • if he played guitar he's got this beauty
  • with a double pickguard customized with
  • his real name on the fret board this icy
  • acoustic which I'm assuming is covered
  • in rhinestones well not real jewels
  • anyway buzzies got a Louis Vuitton
  • fender which apparently Bruno Mars was
  • interested in but post Malone scooped it
  • up first
  • of course guitars aren't all he collects
  • let's take a look at the jewelry he
  • keeps on hand in his tour bus I just got
  • a text it's not post although I wish it
  • was oh this is 2 Chainz
  • app honking Bevo it was actually h3h
  • dude they're like stop cramping my style
  • now on top of that he got a diamond
  • studded gold Rolex watch a Rolex gifted
  • to him by his manager and this icy Hello
  • Kitty chain as for grilles well after a
  • bad experience ordering a set over the
  • Internet
  • post blown decided to get a proper set
  • made and when you're looking for the
  • best there's only one city to go to I
  • went to a guy from Toronto in Toronto
  • grills no post balloons also got a
  • massive shoe collection but he doesn't
  • like to keep it all to himself
  • when complex decided to feature him in a
  • shoe shopping video he decided to bring
  • along his dad Richard and in that video
  • well he bought a pair of supreme Nike
  • Air Force One HEIs a pair of Air Jordan
  • 11 retros and a pair of Air Jordan 12
  • retros racking up a bill of 1767 dollars
  • and 16 cents
  • Wendy's up in an 11 move yet another
  • thing post blown collects his tattoos
  • according to him it was Justin Bieber
  • who convinced him to first get inked and
  • Austin opted to start off with a Playboy
  • bunny on his forearm but that tat is a
  • bit jacked
  • and according to post it's all Justin's
  • fault playing basketball with Justin
  • Bieber and while it was healing and he
  • just messed up the whole thing Justin
  • did apologize but
  • he's gonna have to buy me a new way post
  • balloons also got a grizzly bear on one
  • hand a bunch of his musical idols on his
  • knuckles he's got the don't tread on me
  • snake and a snake wrapped around an m16
  • most recently he's added a black and
  • gray portrait to his left hand he's also
  • gotten a couple face tattoos a Nirvana
  • inspired smiley face on his right cheek
  • and barbed wire across his hairline but
  • what's the most painful one he's gotten
  • so far this love cartier love bangle
  • logo right here and that was the most
  • painful one that I've ever gotten in my
  • life
  • now you may be thinking you've seen some
  • a post below while his purchases but
  • you'd be mistaken I've saved the best
  • stuff for last
  • he bought this crazy Lord of the Rings
  • inspired sword he got a massive
  • collection of guns and if that weren't
  • enough protection he's also got a pretty
  • ferocious looking guard dog but like
  • most Millennials post below values
  • experience more than material objects so
  • after his Buddy Rich chigga gifted him a
  • mariachi band for his birthday he
  • returned the favor on Chika's birthday
  • with an equally special surprise but
  • post blown isn't just spending his cash
  • on fellow artists at Coachella 2017 he
  • treated one of his audiences to around
  • $8,000 worth of Popeyes biscuits on top
  • of that he's got big plans to buy a
  • 13,000 square foot bunker in northern
  • Utah for a price tag of 3 million
  • dollars so what does he need that for
  • well as he explained it's free country
  • out there like you can buy suppressors
  • in Utah
  • you can open carry walk into a grocery
  • store with a handgun on your hip
  • Cowboys I can't wait he also set up
  • the underground bunker it's gonna be fun
  • until the world adds but whenever the
  • world ends it's gonna be functional well
  • I really hope the world doesn't end and
  • if for no other reason so I can continue
  • to watch post below buy some crazy
  • I'm sure he'll be able to afford it the
  • guy keeps putting out bangers and that
  • even if candy paint wasn't certified
  • platinum it still went gold and that
  • ain't half bad
  • my name's Michael Craig thanks checking
  • out this video this is a episode six
  • season two of the rich life let me know
  • who you want me to document next in this
  • series about a thousand artists we
  • haven't got to so cert send me your
  • suggestions you
  • find me on instagram or twitter at
  • mcreddin m see guys in another video
  • well I think I think he likes us bro
  • he's a fan you say he's gonna be on the
  • song

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POST MALONE | The RICH Life | 2017 FORBES Net Worth ( Cars, House, Tattoos, & Popeyes ) Post Malone's net worth is a bit difficult to pin down, but several, Idol Wiki, Famous Birth Deaths, The Net Worth Portal, and Gazette Review...estimate it to be around 1 Million Dollars. I really hope he's put away more than that. Fortunately, there's good reason to doubt this figure. Forbes reported that he grossed a million dollars from just one year's worth of touring. Find out more in this The RICH Life video:









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PRODUCER: Matt Rubel, Question Time

EDITOR: Keval Prajapati


We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right contact McCrudden:



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