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Video AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!
20:53   |   views   |   05/13/2018


  • this is just like the ultimate we need
  • to paradise hey guys later tonight I'll
  • be boarding a plane back to New York
  • that's ending my food adventure here in
  • India and what an amazing Twitter
  • adventure it has been but before I leave
  • when I asked you guys for ideas about
  • where to go what the heat and you know I
  • love my buffets many of you recommended
  • a couple places to me one was a barbecue
  • nation and then little place was called
  • a bean and these two places are fairly
  • similar so I didn't want to do a video
  • on them both so I chose ABC any of you
  • guys are wondering what kind of buffeted
  • this is let me show ya
  • [Music]
  • all right just from the sign that might
  • give you a clue on what this buffet is
  • all about here we go
  • also this place it's usually booked
  • yesterday or Sunday completely booked
  • even a lot of times today it was booked
  • so we're lucky to get a seat here this
  • buffet is a local favorite and as you
  • might have guessed by now we're eating
  • kebabs not only are we eating kebabs
  • we're grilling our own kebabs it's
  • basically the Chinese hot pot Korean
  • barbecue equivalent here in India so
  • let's just check it out let's just go
  • take a tour real quick so whatever I
  • pick they make it for me Oh oh cool they
  • really have all sorts of awesome meats
  • speaking Dutch EMU is a shark or a fish
  • it's a shark yes I'm eating a shark
  • today tables have turned on this
  • predator rabbit
  • I can't you rabbit because I can't eat
  • really adorable things chicken mole
  • chicken mobile with your special I love
  • a good Momo you're my best friend right
  • now yeah you are
  • and then you choose your vegetables and
  • over here this is the non-vegetarian
  • section this is where you get your meats
  • look at that swinging fire those are
  • sparks from best barbecue flame so
  • excited about this and what is on the
  • menu today is basically
  • [Music]
  • I think just start everything before we
  • start grilling let's go for the
  • Mongolian Grill I'm definitely gonna
  • have some shark meat look at this this
  • thing is already spiced up Wow
  • this is the Peking duck let me throw
  • some of that in there so we get a little
  • surf and turf
  • so they got a bunch of sauces here what
  • do you think me spicy spicy brown garlic
  • this is really cool I feel like I'm
  • tasting flavors at an ice cream store
  • except for I'm at a buffet and I'm
  • tasting the sauce yeah to make a coconut
  • that was good by the way the brown
  • garlic sauce wow that's tough choice
  • they're both really good let's do the
  • garlic sauce garlic that's great
  • feel like I need some vegetables right
  • now they got some fried tofu some
  • zucchini mushrooms I'll get this in the
  • Jamaican barbecue sauce this way I got a
  • little bit of both
  • [Music]
  • Thanks excellent sir
  • okay I guess I'm almost to thank you all
  • right
  • that's some shark got some Romo my
  • vegetables come in let's go eat I am a
  • my happy place right now you know happy
  • gilmore has this happy place this is
  • mine I just want to kind of whet my
  • appetite get get it started a little
  • veggie cooked in Jamaican coconut spice
  • Oh even that vegetables good that's
  • something I hardly ever shave but that
  • sauce is incredible the veggies got a
  • beautiful charred flavor to it my first
  • bite of meats I have some duck in here I
  • have some shark this is the shark meat
  • right here first time having shark I
  • don't know if there's a lot of bones and
  • shark needs
  • let's try truck meats interesting
  • there's really no fishiness to a very
  • clean flavor chase the shark meat with
  • about a tofu something I never thought
  • I'd say I'll literally hold sharks won't
  • take revenge I mean for eating sharks
  • because that that'd be really bad but
  • the shark neat very soft almost almost
  • crumpled extremely tender this is a duck
  • what I love about all this cooked
  • together is that everything is seasoned
  • so nicely I think this is a little piece
  • of the EMU I think to really enjoy this
  • it's just kind of eat this altogether a
  • little shark
  • little duck little EMU big ol bite with
  • the noodles with all the sauce
  • that just ridiculously flavorful
  • even on buffets the characteristics of
  • Indian food really shines because it's
  • just so much use of spices photo Momo's
  • there's no cute mmm actually these are
  • really good chicken dumplings nice and
  • meaty like seriously there's a big chunk
  • of meat in here
  • [Music]
  • you know once again Scott an idea think
  • I'm home all dip it in this just garlic
  • spicy sauce this is ridiculous
  • that was a great call it is unlike any
  • Mongolian Grill flavor I've ever had
  • before
  • let's get the grill oh look at that Wow
  • they're so nice they actually gonna come
  • to the table and cut me something that
  • they only serve in this restaurant
  • and it's something I've had before at
  • barbecues and I love it and although I
  • typically reserved it till the end of my
  • meal I'm very happy to have it before
  • everything else because you know I can
  • always eat at the end as well cuz that's
  • the beautiful event no food regrets Oh
  • our grill is here I love it when it's
  • wood and charcoal makes a huge
  • difference in flavor if you want that
  • nice smoky flavor you gotta use wooden
  • charcoal oh thank you potato
  • thank you so much this it's like a
  • little flattened potato I can't believe
  • I'm at a stage the mines won't buy a
  • potato like oh thank you excuse me so
  • now what they're doing is coming over
  • and serving all sorts of meat that's
  • great let's get back to this for a
  • second this is a first time I'm
  • interrupting important meat programming
  • with a poor potato but it's happening
  • our second grill just got here but this
  • potato
  • [Music]
  • nothing is the same I've never had this
  • before
  • I might seem crazy right now come here
  • and try that potato the potato is crispy
  • on the house I don't even know how they
  • did it inside warm and gooey that was I
  • can only get better from here right oh
  • here it is so this is something I
  • usually eats mid barbecue or at the end
  • of our barbecue barbecued pineapple oh
  • yeah this is kind of like how did you I
  • the Brazilian barbecue look at this oh
  • my goodness I haven't had this yet it's
  • making me so happy thank you Wow look at
  • this it's just hard you can see that the
  • sugar of the pineapple is caramelized a
  • little bit they see the chews on the
  • other side seeping out of the pineapple
  • it smells like a pine apple cider you
  • can see can smell the spices all over
  • this thing
  • it's crispy on the outside it's slightly
  • because of the carmelization there's
  • even chilies on here as spicy it's sweet
  • it's Irby yeah that's how with their
  • stuff oh thank you
  • this is that in dory chicken sure ochco
  • chicken Wow thank you yes Lise well what
  • idea like hold on to that yeah very
  • happy let's try a piece of this chicken
  • look at this fresh out of the oven
  • because you guys can see see it
  • glistening in the chicken crispy core
  • yeah absolutely
  • please love this place so far
  • I'm amazing I'm amazing Wow Wow corn
  • kernels lightly crispy on the outside of
  • Hubbert and spices who are you fighting
  • to it there's that little pop from the
  • corn beautiful is sweet on the inside
  • everything they're doing here they're
  • knocking out of the park they said
  • something so ordinary and made it into
  • somebody's so extraordinary okay there's
  • a chicken fresh from the oven
  • and I'll just fell apart of my mouth so
  • tender so flavorful just like everything
  • else love the gentle smokiness of the
  • chicken everything I had here so far is
  • just so exceptional
  • so my skewers come I think they cooked a
  • little bit let's start out with the fish
  • I really tempted to go all barbaric and
  • eat it like this and just follow my in
  • Nate's meat eating caveman instincts but
  • we're gonna get this little pitchfork
  • looking for it oh look at this
  • okay now look at you guys see the juice
  • in this fish look at that Oh oh my
  • goodness look at this whoa oh it's just
  • like crumpling on my plate
  • [Music]
  • this is a local fish called a jawani I
  • never had this before that meet my dog
  • you should just wear a t-shirt that says
  • I'm super tender and delicious and
  • that's what I'm talking about with a
  • wood charcoal I can taste the smoke in
  • this spice to just seep into every
  • single morsel that day all right let's
  • try the chicken before it goes bad
  • because I know chicken can get really
  • easily overcooked oh by the way
  • okay that's chicken you guys seen all
  • that chews that's inside oh that's a
  • juicy tasty piece of chicken it's all
  • runny and chicken dish
  • the flavors are not as sharp there's I
  • don't think is any chilies in here great
  • smoky flavor a little crispy on the
  • outside where it's kind of furnished a
  • little bit I love that because you get
  • that just just a faint little hint of
  • bitterness with the delicious savory
  • chicken and they have like different
  • sauces here for you to zip
  • [Music]
  • mm-hmm that's all guys the heat there's
  • a little citrusy really spicy this is
  • pineapple salsa mash we take those I
  • love to bursting little bits of
  • pineapple wanna chew on that chicken all
  • right let's take a little break and
  • let's see the mushroom ooh you guys not
  • gonna believe me but so far I can't even
  • begin to describe to you how great the
  • vegetables are here
  • I'm a meat lover through and through
  • very much immediate area but the
  • vegetables here man that's some of the
  • most tasty I've ever had this mushroom
  • is absolutely off the hook there's juicy
  • love how they paired it with the tomato
  • which gives it just a nice bit of
  • sweetness and acidity
  • oh man steak I think I love this date
  • huh - roasted yeah yeah I cooked this a
  • little too long that's not there flies
  • my fault oh that's right I show you you
  • know what this might go really good with
  • some pineapple
  • [Music]
  • give that by the roundel plot oh yeah
  • thank you
  • this is Punjabi lemon dungaree and this
  • was just brought over to my table look
  • at this oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
  • so I think I just sounded like the
  • kool-aid guy this is a firey chicken I
  • mean it's to say this chicken was
  • barbeque with the fires of Mount Doom Oh
  • mom all right I got hungry Hugh hmm I
  • love that - no I think it might be a
  • little better little mint chutney mmm
  • Wow this is definitely an angry chicken
  • it's upset it's fiery I think with a
  • little mint chutney give it a slightly
  • bit more acid hey tone sounding a little
  • bit gives a little more flavor good
  • combination mutton
  • yeah I love mutton we're best friends
  • let's go thank you this look at this I
  • haven't done anything slow yet it's
  • already beaming at me oh this you go
  • swimming you know the juice does in this
  • one bite
  • [Music]
  • I love the little crunched of the
  • peppers that's in the skewer
  • the one tinder money this is tender mud
  • all right let's do some grilling I got
  • somethin ear here and just some mixed
  • vegetables over there I love the smell
  • of the charcoal all right I think
  • everything is is cooking perfectly let's
  • eat this I love skewers
  • anything paneer I love yes my so cheesy
  • under charcoal just made it so much
  • smoke here slightly low crisp on the
  • lsat you
  • [Music]
  • what's going on with me I'm like falling
  • in love with the vegetable if vegetables
  • were all this tasty okay I consider
  • being a vegetarian okay actually let's
  • be realistic here now I mean I still
  • need my meat but this is fantastic
  • oh the poor at this place
  • it's so sweet hey so many stores there
  • let's the place is awesome everything
  • tastes so good oh yeah oh yeah I know if
  • I leave here without eating some more
  • these potatoes I'm gonna require oh my
  • gosh
  • Oh usual ball of wood coming here you
  • know I love grilling meats and I had a
  • great time trying all the different
  • meats they have here but oh my good lord
  • this is that good
  • I've never had potatoes like this report
  • and this just
  • I'm pretty sure these potatoes just
  • completed a part of my life that I don't
  • even know needed complete but this just
  • did it
  • I feel more fulfilled I do and happy now
  • I've tried basically every single score
  • they have here they also have a bunch of
  • dishes over at that Inn I'm gonna go get
  • some of that my potatoes gonna wait for
  • me but let's be quick I wanted to wait
  • too long because it's too delicious to
  • wait you know ah probably my last bite
  • of biryani in this country anyway mutton
  • curry Fung gaudy chicken Oh egg curry
  • fish curry oh yes little lime yes to the
  • fried chillies oh by the way yes
  • fried chillies oh I'm here coconut curry
  • this is insane man I can't wait to bite
  • into these Chili's mutton curry and
  • biryani couple my favorite things I've
  • had in India splendid I'm really gonna
  • miss that what I mean oh yeah love
  • different here love this egg love this
  • very simple kabob Oh what's so cool they
  • just brought over this is the Haryana
  • kabob and it's just like a patty but wow
  • it's hot
  • maybe with a ton of vegetables and a
  • little Tara make sauce on top there's a
  • restaurant so awesome no wow wow good
  • job
  • this looks like a bunch of vegetables
  • got together form the patty and lived
  • happily ever after that's all you're
  • gonna feel once you think about it is
  • this happiness
  • I love the potato element you it makes
  • everything so smooth you can taste the
  • herbs - coriander slice like crunch of
  • the terrace the outer shell is nice and
  • crispy everything inside ridges melts
  • together what's also great about those
  • places oh thank you oh yeah let's go so
  • great about this restaurant is that they
  • serve you not fresh nada your
  • I mean you can't have curry without some
  • awesome done go for something your curry
  • whose none is so fresh crispy and tender
  • I love the crispy I'll say layer so you
  • get a little crispness a little
  • tenderness a lot of deliciousness I'm
  • really interested in this star chili on
  • a stick
  • [Music]
  • this I love
  • [Music]
  • shake with your chili it's borderline
  • sweet then it hits ya oh I like that
  • sweet in the beginning fiery when you
  • get to know it better a lot of fire oh I
  • was really sweet in the beginning Wow
  • so really deceptively sweet at first and
  • spicy like a firecracker eager to know
  • it sounds like my mother
  • oh you know what I think it's time for
  • dessert now ice cream
  • Oh eat some ice cream Oh baby special
  • sounds good
  • yeah oh look at this this is awesome
  • check that out
  • [Music]
  • oh thank you this is the glory guava jam
  • oh I'm glad is the last smaller here
  • because this stuff is really sweet sweet
  • samosa absolutely this is the Mojave ah
  • which is an Arab desert Ringo rasgulla
  • oh the puny this is one of my favorite
  • Indian desserts first of all let's try
  • the pond ice cream go gray a little red
  • literally it looks like Christmas and
  • the pun is a really refreshing Street
  • without in my head and this is the first
  • time I've seen any an ice cream form Wow
  • it tastes like the Street food item the
  • minty flavor mainly comes from these
  • little jellies right here it's extremely
  • minty but very well-balanced because of
  • the ice cream itself Wow
  • actually if this is the last thing you
  • eat you're good you're good to walk out
  • read on anybody you want they're just
  • gonna say thank you because you're gonna
  • smell fresh as a pine this is one of my
  • all-time favorite Indian desserts and is
  • incredibly rich and sweet I love to hang
  • out of this ah that's hot drop this on
  • my ice cream you know like this
  • I love it why I can make my ice cream
  • better the sweet samosa I think it's
  • just sugar looks like the inside is just
  • pure sugar no whoa all right really
  • sweet that's good because it's fried the
  • fries dogs yummy but that's just like a
  • hundred proof sugar right there and this
  • is really pretty Cletus hmm there's a
  • little Run Creek on the inside and this
  • is actually the least sweet of all any
  • desserts I've had in this country that's
  • great because the cake soaked up all
  • this beautiful milky mango weed syrup
  • that's fantastic the burning it's like a
  • rice custard so my favorite in desserts
  • oh yeah well they do a really really
  • well here this bloke up those ice cream
  • is so refreshingly fantastic sure sir
  • afterwards minty fresh wow what an
  • amazing all-you-can-eat barbecue journey
  • I mean I loved a fancy five-star
  • extravagant but face because hey who
  • does it but whenever I can find a buffet
  • serving local Yeats I'm a hundred
  • percent there in this place guys this is
  • crazy so with the Mongolian bar all the
  • skewers all the dishes all the desserts
  • everything about $10 I mean last time I
  • spent $10 out of up there everything was
  • so dry I thought they cooked it all in a
  • desert and not only is the food
  • fantastic here of service here everybody
  • working just so incredibly friendly and
  • helpful and welcoming and I know like
  • it's not fair to compare pop a prices
  • here to the US but still come on this is
  • $10 and guys this restaurant is a chain
  • so you can find it in different cities
  • in India so if you guys are ever in this
  • country and you love all-you-can-eat
  • buffets as much as I do definitely give
  • this place a shot and of course I have
  • their information for you as always in
  • my description box below again my last
  • video or my last food video here India I
  • just want to say that this has been such
  • an incredible incredible journey not
  • just a incredible food journey but a
  • cultural one as well I mean I've seen so
  • many beautiful places mess so maybe
  • super friendly people so I just want to
  • say in general India thank you for your
  • hospitality and thank you Bhosle for
  • your food which i immensely enjoy also
  • one last thing guys when you're watching
  • this video I'm probably not in India
  • anymore as these videos are delayed by a
  • few weeks just because I can't edit when
  • I'm traveling and when I get back yet
  • eating takes time as well so if you want
  • to know where I am at
  • all times you can follow me on my
  • Instagram account which is also in my
  • description box again thank you all so
  • much for watching and the last time from
  • India I would tell weed again see you
  • later

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I'm always on the lookout for new amazing buffets, and when I heard that AB's had all you can eat kebabs, I knew I had to go.

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