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Video REALIST NEWS - Happy ThanksCrypto Day Maybe? - Cryptos Looking GREAT
06:18   |   6K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:00


  • well party people
  • uh is this Thanksgiving or thanks
  • Kryptos thanks to you we need a new
  • holiday says slaughtering the Indians we
  • need something you know celebrate the
  • rise of kryptos and since it's going
  • crazy right now on Thanksgiving Day kind
  • of sort of uh maybe think thanks.thanks
  • crypto that sounds stupid but I'm going
  • with it
  • Bitcoin $8,200 III am nearing its
  • all-time highs four hundred and ten
  • dollars right now
  • Thanksgiving Day of course Bitcoin cash
  • back on the rise of it ups 18 percent
  • fifteen hundred bucks
  • however bitcoin is not budging you know
  • in other words last time we saw this it
  • was like Bitcoin was gonna fall and
  • Bitcoin cash was gonna rise alright that
  • volatility snippy played it guys got
  • himself working out of that deal
  • litecoin 75 bucks - 568 still around
  • that price what was the what was it
  • before eight well ruff was 89 or 86
  • litecoin 80 something
  • mid-80s we'll call it it's getting close
  • date 75 bucks man
  • neo still bouncing around that 30 34 30
  • something orange cos buck 92 well yo s
  • is loving it up there near lot two
  • dollar range
  • uh-oh Mesa go 779 eight bucks is
  • bouncing around no real movement there
  • I'm you know waiting and hoping of
  • course cliff highs data it'll not was
  • gonna be super you know super duper
  • correct now we see this thing just blast
  • off at some point again it's supposed to
  • be in the fourth quarter sometime when
  • we got a month and a half left before
  • the fourth quarter ends not to mention
  • his data last time was about two months
  • off no big deal not like I'm gonna hurry
  • for any of this stuff that just blasts
  • off on it nor popular still over nine
  • bucks 940
  • paipai
  • still looking quite nice 73 cents it's
  • up almost 80% today I know I had a big
  • pop up one point that pushed it up to 89
  • cents but if that didn't happen it would
  • have just been hovered on 71 70 72 73
  • and that's where it's at right now 72 so
  • there was a big push that looked like it
  • pushed it up in the 80s someone took
  • some profit gone back down and the other
  • interesting one
  • there it is
  • AG pulse look at this Oh granted there's
  • not a lot of volume but first it was
  • like to over 13,000 volume then it was
  • 14,000 now it's 18,000 it's 10 to the
  • climbing is this nothing to write home
  • about as far as volume goes but we've
  • seen coins with tons of volume not
  • perform like this we've seen coins with
  • crap volume also plummet so dizzy pulls
  • up 26% now I told you that day if you
  • got it on the pre-sale it was
  • approximately 46 cents I think and if
  • you got it in the regular ICO I wanted
  • to say it was like a 25% discount so 46
  • percent 46 cents plus 46 cents whatever
  • 92 cents minus 25% of that so you could
  • shave another you know 20 cents off that
  • wherever you call it a 75 cent whatever
  • something cents but again I was pushing
  • for a pre-sale let's see if I get my
  • people you know a little action the
  • bonus thing but it did take Tenney's if
  • you won the nice 50% bonus you had to
  • get come up with 10 ease it is what it
  • is you know me that's what they do
  • can't argue with it it is what it is so
  • those who of us who did get in bunk 56
  • right now 3.1 I came out there my video
  • is up two and a half times okay buck
  • fifteen buck 20
  • so it's now three times over three times
  • alright because technically 50 cents
  • times three buck fifty that would be
  • three times we're not talking fifty
  • cents we're talking 46 cents so this is
  • more than three times again nothing to
  • write home about the volume at all but
  • the price is what the price is if
  • someone was decide I've got some of
  • those dizzy posts I want to sell you're
  • gonna make a profit right now bottom
  • line and this is one of those ones that
  • wasn't really pushed across the internet
  • and marketing and everything else like
  • some of these other ones done did like
  • I'm you know maybe my channel and a
  • couple others really talked about dizzy
  • pose and that was it yeah I'm not really
  • I'm not really sure who have really
  • covered it and that's but again that's
  • on them that's on these people who do
  • these IPOs and stuff they're responsible
  • for the marketing they're responsible
  • for paying and advertising right I was
  • one guy that saw this thing oh my gosh
  • does sound like a fantastic idea which
  • is essentially you know you die in your
  • will your online will let your spouse or
  • loved ones know hey this is their crypto
  • portfolio here's how you access it or
  • will do it for you for a fee if you
  • don't still know what what to do will
  • help you but you can't figure it out I
  • mean you know we'll send the email to
  • you how to do it if you can't forget out
  • well for a fee they'll help you that was
  • the promise so that's that's interesting
  • you know yeah sure it'd be nice to see a
  • lot more volume than that but that's
  • okay
  • total supply is 20 million tokens now
  • does say circulating supply you know
  • according to coin market cap unknown at
  • this point in time but it'll be
  • interesting to see where this one goes
  • you know
  • yeah moong stellar says this bottom line
  • is today's Thanksgiving and it's thanks
  • kryptos day and they are taking off very
  • very nicely records are in reach Within
  • Reach
  • some of them already breaking records
  • take care

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