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Video Bohemian Paradise - Prachovske Skaly - Czech Republic 4k Drone Prachov Rocks
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  • ah
  • me
  • so Bianca made these wonderful people
  • online who are involved in homeschooling
  • their children in Prague and they've
  • given us a ride to a place called
  • rejewski Scalli so we're going to take
  • the drone up and apparently it's got
  • these really stark mountains that stick
  • out out of the forest I'll see what it
  • looks like so apparently this place is
  • known as bohemian paradise and I can
  • absolutely see why look at these
  • unbelievable rock formations it's just
  • insane it just goes up and up and up it
  • almost feels like they're gonna fall
  • over at any time
  • we just got to the top of this little
  • mountain here and from here you can see
  • all these pinnacles sticking out it's an
  • unreal
  • you
  • you
  • you

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We visit Prachovske Skaly (Bohemian Paradise) with our new digital nomad friends Paul and Caroline King from along with the Phantom 3 4k Drone


prague czech republic bohemia bohemian paradise digital nomad family Prachovske Skaly Prachov Rocks Prachovsky Rocks

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