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Video Healthy Lifestyle: (How I TRY to stay HEALTHY)
11:28   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • what is going on guys good to be back at
  • it today's video we are talking about
  • vitamins well just kind of events like
  • how I stay healthy are you stay healthy
  • coming up
  • I wanted to do this video because I was
  • thinking about things that I you know
  • that make me who I am so basically I did
  • these videos that I'm gonna make videos
  • for you guys as well as videos to help
  • other people on the spectrum so
  • basically it's like content about the
  • things I like like my special interests
  • and vlogging stuff like that anyway that
  • stuff aside I really wanted to talk to
  • you about healthy lifestyles and stuff
  • so basically you guys know that I am
  • really into like healthy living and
  • stuff right
  • [Music]
  • I'm like a health freak I like only buy
  • organic food as best I can
  • I'm a vegetarian I like how like
  • eco-friendly washing powder and
  • conditioner and stuff buy toothpaste and
  • shampoos organic everything I have is
  • organic even that's like the baby's food
  • is organic so everything that we do in
  • this house is like try to be as healthy
  • as possible try and be is kind of
  • healthy and fit so that our lifestyles
  • can like help support our bodies
  • basically that being said I did a video
  • a couple months ago about vitamin D
  • supplement and I think of MD as well as
  • women see every single day to really
  • help my immune system and keep me kind
  • of like I'm getting the common cold and
  • like the influenza and stuff like that
  • because I feel like if you don't try and
  • take care of your body with with
  • supplements and vitamins and things like
  • that you've been missing out on some
  • vital vitamins your body needs and I
  • think this is why a lot of people
  • actually have colds and stuff like
  • that's kind of funny we never really sit
  • down on this couch it actually has an
  • Instagram pillow and a YouTube pillow on
  • this couch and I see most skateboards
  • behind me there
  • [Music]
  • so basically let's talk about vitamins
  • and like how I stay healthy cuz I feel
  • like that is super important and I've
  • started my vitamin D earlier and what I
  • mean by that is I take those vitamin D
  • supplements on the famouse supplements
  • have my immune system because especially
  • where I live in the UK we don't always
  • have a super huge amount of sunlight
  • which is quite interesting because some
  • places in the world you get a lot of
  • sunlight and some places in order to get
  • a moderate amount I say we get some
  • moderate to low amount of like super
  • good sunlight so I take vitamin D to
  • make sure that I actually get the stuff
  • that I want now vit and D basically
  • controls the absorption of calcium and
  • that means that like as you intake
  • calcium vitamin D helps you absorb it in
  • certain areas for blah blah blah that's
  • the idea of vitamin D because we all
  • need calcium but the awesome people are
  • new you nutrition semi some vinum in k2
  • now a lot of people probably think like
  • what on earth is between k2 and why do
  • we need it now even k2 is a villain k
  • supplement that we need in our bodies
  • for this simple reason the vitamin D
  • helps absorb or control the absorption
  • of calcium into your body but the
  • vitamin k2 helps the distribution on the
  • location of the calcium so these two
  • work together so if you're taking your
  • MD and not taking vitamin k2 then you're
  • missing out on the correct way to absorb
  • calcium into certain locations basically
  • like this is the distributor of it for
  • vitamin D
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • now these are Pittman k2 these are this
  • is a one-year supplies of students 65
  • vegetarian tablets in here with a GMO
  • free and the super super awesome the
  • company are super ethical the other ones
  • I have some amazing these actually made
  • in the UK I will leave a link in the
  • description so you can actually get your
  • hands on these because if you're already
  • taking the vitamin D then I highly
  • advise you get the film k2 and the
  • company reached out to me and asked if I
  • wanted to do another video on any of
  • their products and I said yeah I'd love
  • to do on k2 because I feel like this is
  • super important as a an important part
  • to your healthy lifestyle because if
  • we're not doing care of our health and
  • what are we doing hey so the vehement k2
  • comes in this kind of like cute little
  • bottle is very very smart it's smaller
  • than the vitamin D Bowl and then it will
  • definitely keep well on a shelf
  • somewhere the actual tablets themselves
  • I like these little tiny like a little
  • disc kind of tablet so you can see that
  • and on the cameras focusing enough but
  • basically their little tiny tabs and
  • they're so easy to take so if you're
  • taking like a bit Mandi supplement in
  • the morning and you just put like this
  • one in there and just clunk them down
  • then you have to take one a day that's
  • gonna be super awesome and it we great
  • for the distribution control and the
  • distribution of the calcium in your body
  • and it's actually been in k2 MK seven
  • so the actual so this is the actual
  • bottle it's MK 7 which is the the k2
  • vitamin and it's really cool actually a
  • lot of people these days are actually
  • being born with vitamin K deficiencies
  • so when you are first born now I think
  • we started maybe a year or two ago that
  • basically when you're born you get an
  • injection straight away with rum full of
  • vitamin K let's go all of it man K's in
  • it and the reason they do that because I
  • find more and more about humans are kind
  • of not really getting vitamin K from
  • anywhere that it doesn't you know that's
  • not a supplement so my advice would be
  • to highly recommend thinking about what
  • what's the point you're taking and look
  • at them in k2 and vitamin D I would say
  • like the three main ones is women see
  • women teen vitamin k2 if you take those
  • I feel like you'd be super healthy I
  • feel like it's worked for me because I
  • don't really get that sick I never get
  • really really sick I had kidney stones
  • like once on this channel as you see
  • but the rest of the time I'm pretty
  • healthy I don't really get common cause
  • and ever get influenza and things like
  • that and I'd say it's down to you know
  • living a healthy lifestyle and using
  • supplements as part of that healthy
  • lifestyle
  • that's just like number one like I don't
  • know what you wouldn't want to do that I
  • get again I only like to get supplements
  • from reputable companies and because
  • you're trying to find something that is
  • super clean healthy you know the company
  • you know that's reliable you know that
  • it's not like genetically modified that
  • these are actually the GMO free which is
  • really nice a lot of places
  • the ingredients are genetically modified
  • like a lot of pills and stuff like that
  • especially I like the cheaper side of
  • things so definitely you know you have
  • to know where you're taking these
  • supplements and I only take supplements
  • from reputable companies so definitely
  • check them out the dog wants my
  • attention why are you making noise
  • good boy so among taking supplements and
  • things like that
  • the talk is really like just I don't
  • know his bed is crazy he like chews
  • everything in spasm did your dog do this
  • look at this look at this crazy looking
  • these crazy holes everywhere but you
  • can't get into the okay so basically a
  • monk taking supplements and doing all
  • the things like eating those foods and
  • stuff like that I also do a lot of
  • running I actually have a running video
  • coming up very very soon on the channel
  • also work out so I have some weights in
  • the office here I'll show you now so
  • these are some weights they're a bit
  • rusty because where you put your hands
  • and you sweat the rest goes on them so I
  • have some weights over here and
  • basically I like run three times a week
  • and I workout three times a week as well
  • with weights and things like that just
  • to make sure that I'm actually getting
  • that healthy lifestyle in but people
  • knowing all too well to take us out this
  • is actually a gift from Secret Santa
  • which is grow your own detox juice which
  • is super awesome I'm actually gonna plan
  • that juice in a box in the garden so I
  • can actually make my own juices because
  • you guys know I'm like that I'm obsessed
  • of green juices I made a video on green
  • juice which I'll try and link here
  • somewhere and I also like just loved I
  • do not love smoothies and juices but
  • here's some pro tips we talked about
  • taking vitamins we talked about like
  • healthy lifestyle stuff we talked about
  • like you know food and intake and things
  • like that
  • my top tip advice would also be to go
  • out and get some fresh yeah get some
  • sunlight on your face and go
  • walking go running do whatever it is to
  • get yourself outside and super engage
  • with nature because what I found for my
  • mental health as much as my physical
  • health it's super important to get both
  • of them on track and one of them is just
  • getting out there having that walk you
  • know I don't go to your friend's house
  • playing video games they do whatever it
  • is you guys want to do but make sure you
  • get some outside time but walks I'm a
  • good Foreman or something like that I'd
  • be amazing and it's so good for your
  • mental health you haven't got those days
  • were you like super tight like no and no
  • reason like you got enough up enough
  • hours in the night sleeping and you like
  • eating well during the day and you've
  • like had ample amounts of coffee okay I
  • don't drink coffee I drink caffeine
  • pretty green tea but you know you got
  • everything you normally do to make
  • yourself work and I'm just like so tired
  • man I'm up I'm up
  • okay I need some water among all the
  • other things I've been talking about you
  • guys know that I drink a lot of water
  • what is really really good to hydrate
  • the body I made this mistake once like I
  • was talking about earlier I didn't drink
  • enough water and I got kidney stones
  • because I was just dehydrated it was
  • crazy
  • so my advice is to drink at least 2.5
  • liters of water every single day because
  • it's gonna keep your body and brain
  • hydrated and it's gonna just help with
  • like you know movement of fatty lipids
  • in the body so you don't like take on
  • residual lipids it helps like flush
  • those out on a super super awesome and I
  • just water is great you know your body
  • only wants water so a hack for me is I
  • heard this huge vat of water everyone
  • had to go look at size in this thing
  • nobody has onto the flap style or
  • stickers on mine so we know whose is
  • Hughes and we yeah you know just drink
  • the water all through the day guys the
  • most amazing thing ever happened so we
  • don't eat like at McDonald's normally
  • but there's a new vegetarian or vegan
  • option on the menu in order to try out
  • but the one on one's child was in the
  • Happy Meal kids farmer right but the
  • cool thing about it is they had pokemon
  • cards there check these bad boys out so
  • when you bite a happy meal you get
  • pokemon cards I was super super taken by
  • this and yeah now I have like a bunch of
  • Pokemon casters trying out their meals
  • so
  • anyway that was awesome so a big happy
  • New Year to everybody and I've already
  • started my New Year's resolutions my new
  • goals one of them is photography and
  • I'll be dropping a load of photography
  • on my Instagram accounts if you don't
  • already follow me on Instagram the links
  • in description below go check it out
  • following an Instagram and I will follow
  • you back because that's what I do
  • everybody but I have all my photography
  • on that a healthy part the healthy
  • lifestyle is setting goals and like
  • aspirations like what do you want to do
  • with your life that's why New Year's
  • resolutions are awesome you say oh I'm
  • gonna do this this this and this and do
  • it completely by the new year I didn't
  • last year for this year and it was one
  • of most amazing things I ever did so
  • make sure you set goals stick to them
  • and just achieve them it's amazing it's
  • so good for your mental health and
  • without it I don't think I'd be that
  • half as motivated if I didn't set goals
  • and stuff like this if you need on here
  • and you want to learn more about autism
  • Asperger's and see some more of my daily
  • life videos make sure to hit the
  • subscribe button if not guys I'll see
  • you next time

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