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Video Danny Boyle & Reunited Trainspotting Cast | T2 Trainspotting Interview Special
09:14   |   today at 12:49


  • okay so what you've been up to for
  • twenty years
  • choose life choose Facebook Twitter
  • Instagram and hope that someone
  • somewhere care too much
  • unless you're too stuck
  • Irving published a book corner which was
  • like a ten years later book and and we
  • tried to adapt that well a John Hodge
  • the screenwriter of the original
  • adaptation of the first film and this
  • one this one eventually and he tried and
  • he did a faithful a fairly faithful
  • adaptation in film times it just didn't
  • work and and we got together in
  • Edinburgh about eighteen months ago for
  • a final goal because the twentieth
  • anniversary was which felt like closing
  • if we're not going to do it no we'll
  • never it will never do it so we should
  • have one last quarter and we sat up in
  • Edinburgh we didn't there's no great
  • moment revelation moment or tipping
  • points and I'm a daunting John felt
  • there was one as well but we thought we
  • read that original script we read stuff
  • from the books we talked and met some
  • people and got back into the vibe of the
  • city and an Irving was there and John
  • went away and then he wrote something
  • very very personal he didn't really
  • write an adaptation of a book
  • there are sequences and elements that
  • are drawn from both books actually but
  • um he wrote something much more personal
  • I think about himself through the prism
  • of these characters and really about
  • aging I suppose and it was extraordinary
  • reading it and I knew immediately but I
  • should send it to the actors and not
  • only that I knew they would do it as
  • well
  • it was an amazing script to read and a
  • very strange experience to be reading
  • characters that we know and love so well
  • and they were so important to us and
  • it's still so vivid and alive they're so
  • well drawn in all those characters by
  • urban Welsh and also by John Hodge the
  • screenwriter and it was a very
  • extraordinary reading you know every
  • page where did it all go wrong
  • where did it all go wrong
  • where did it all go wrong the best you
  • can say is that it didn't every single
  • one of these characters wasn't exactly
  • the place I was wanted maybe but no
  • still struggling with drug addiction
  • psyche borisovitch answer begged even
  • internet yeah and what else could these
  • characters be so is there was a relief
  • to see that in to come across these
  • characters twenty years down the line
  • it felt more like that the film was
  • about masculinity over time really
  • that's what it felt and they moved into
  • a manhood and using the word manhood you
  • then start to use the word father figure
  • and you realize that the film is
  • littered with children you know that
  • they are fathered and they're often well
  • they are all disappointed children and
  • there are women there as well who were
  • also agencies very quiet in the film but
  • they are disappointed and they there's
  • been work there's been proper and real
  • and important what to do while these men
  • have been off standing still or
  • literally spending the time looping back
  • trying to loop back to their the bravado
  • with which they enjoyed their boyhood we
  • were old enough to know no you don't get
  • through 20 years without picking up some
  • wounds along the way and tell us there's
  • a lot to personal it's not picnic you
  • know this create stuff that was you know
  • the brings you joy but there's also
  • things that you struggle with to
  • overcome and sponge Johnny through this
  • know was certainly no more than ever in
  • the story to become a better man he
  • desperately wants to become the man that
  • his wife and child need him to be and
  • it's just out of his reach
  • tragically you know he aspires so much
  • towards a place struggling against
  • greater forces go get out of your body
  • that's the problem is getting all your
  • mind you are an addict having held a
  • hundred thousand times mark you're
  • twelve more steps for my comedy he'll be
  • addicted be addicted to something else
  • where you're running until I feel sick
  • yes or something else
  • you've got to channel it you've got to
  • control it what Danny wasn't trying to
  • do brilliantly was recreate the first
  • movie or like find those people then
  • that's like trying to be your 22 year
  • old self again it's not possible so I
  • found by being on set with these actors
  • who are known love and being directed by
  • Danny who I know and love and think John
  • Hodges words it all came back Cuddy
  • pretty soon my first scene was our
  • fights
  • the first thing I played in the movie
  • was our reunion scene when I walked back
  • into the pub and we see clap eyes on
  • each other for the first time in 20
  • years and that was a great way to start
  • I mean for me it was a great way to
  • start could have been any better with
  • Danny you can sense his experience and
  • knowledge I mean you just emanates from
  • man but he's exactly the same in the way
  • that he is obsessed with the truth he he
  • goes further than than anybody else I've
  • ever met in the business in terms of
  • investigating his locations
  • investigating the world that he's trying
  • to show involving you involving all
  • members of the crew in that experience
  • and everybody feels like they're
  • contributing to the filmmaking process
  • the man rarely sits down and has the the
  • energy that you see in the film is
  • really who he is he has this
  • extraordinary stamina and energy they
  • spend the first film as you do
  • when you're in your teens or your
  • twenties times irrelevant you just don't
  • give a hoot about it you do not care
  • about it and then you get a bit older
  • and you realize it's time doesn't care
  • about you is actually the way the
  • equation works so it was wonderful to be
  • able to flex time throughout it and I'm
  • going to note it stop it start it you
  • had this extraordinary ability because
  • we have the resource of the first film
  • where you could pick very occasionally
  • there's only about a minute of footage
  • from the first film using it but you
  • have that incredible thing where you're
  • able to put side-by-side the material
  • from earlier your memories explicitly
  • on-screen there with it's real version
  • of you can't imagine what it might feel
  • like to see yourself and your early
  • twenties cut in with yourself now
  • playing the same character and we're in
  • such a clever and meant way and a way
  • that's showing us these characters
  • looking back and their life in a way
  • that's making us do the same thing and
  • when it's actually your face that's
  • quite profound
  • hopefully for used to I thought some due
  • diligence on you
  • what here you had a couple of losers
  • - absolutely loose
  • is that something that's probably right
  • enough I probably enough they answer
  • this abhart given the audience and
  • opportunities in a chance to reflect to
  • to enjoy reminisce about the past to
  • have this kind of to walk through a
  • nostalgic time in the life because the
  • nineties of Salem in the frost on chemo
  • special tain weed we've been through a
  • thousand years of conservative rule of a
  • subtle inner labor government there was
  • a kind of you know an explosion that can
  • almost because a gay stuff of culture
  • and so on and an art and in music it was
  • a spectacular theme and I think
  • hopefully this gives the people who love
  • through that the chance in city budget
  • that moment there's a great weight
  • associated with this project because it
  • was great fun was more than a film who
  • is it something that people identified
  • with in a way that they felt invested
  • personally we felt that it's book for
  • who they were what they were and we felt
  • recognized by just the bosphorus of the
  • original film and and so it was always
  • like you felt like you're carrying some
  • precious a precious delicate thing that
  • I have to give to hold it really
  • carefully try to approach it with the
  • kind of innocence that we had in the
  • first film in a way and that's the
  • easier because it was the actors were
  • back again in that relationship quickly
  • re-established itself God knows why but
  • we get on very very well the four of us
  • and the four of them of me and we've
  • been able to work quickly and
  • dynamically and excitingly and they
  • they're very very different each of them
  • and yet none of its become a problem and
  • that's all the two films though you know
  • that the equation that chemistry that
  • alchemy
  • you

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Danny Boyle, Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and Ewen Bremner discuss T2 Trainspotting. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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