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Video UPDATED for 2015 onwards:IGCSE Cambridge :How to achieve perfect marks for the summary question
10:08   |   today at 13:56


  • hello everyone and welcome to the
  • English teachers guides the updated
  • version of the IGCSE kamerad exam how to
  • answer the summary question and this
  • will be in action from this summer 2015
  • onwards okay
  • so here's some information about the
  • structure of the exam paper it's
  • extended paper it's 40% of total grade
  • as is the core paper this is two hours
  • in length as opposed to one hour
  • forty-five for the core you get two
  • extracts I recommend you take about 10
  • to 15 minutes to read each one but do
  • read the questions first so you know
  • what you're looking for there are free
  • questions to answer in this exam paper
  • for extended each one take roughly about
  • half an hour to complete it one is your
  • empathy response read article number one
  • you'll be asked to write over a letter a
  • speech words to an interviewer diary you
  • will be asked to pretend to be one of
  • the characters and use the information
  • from the text to the analyzing language
  • question read the article 1 again but
  • this time you have to explore the effect
  • of 8/2 powerful words or phrases from 2
  • paragraphs to need for words or phrases
  • from each basically use simple PD
  • paragraphs and both of those were even
  • covered in videos earlier which you will
  • find on the website and finally the
  • summary question which were looking at
  • today this one you'll use the second
  • extract you know a soul okay 15 points
  • and then convert them into the summary
  • using complex sentences this is
  • different from the original because
  • there were two extracts you're asked to
  • look at before and you weren't getting
  • marks before for your notes so as a
  • quick task for you then to see how much
  • do you remember from your own revision
  • what's the method you are required to
  • use to achieve perfect marks for the
  • summary question why don't you think you
  • should do and as soon as you've done
  • that press play again on this video ok
  • this is how to structures a summary
  • question one just like any question at
  • any exam paper read the question
  • carefully making sure to underline key
  • parts of the question read it more than
  • once
  • so you know exactly what you need to do
  • the IGCC paper there's plenty of time so
  • if you're making mistake that's because
  • you're rushing and you're being silly
  • secondly begin to read the extract and
  • make sure you're highlighting the
  • information that's required you require
  • 15 points in total for the first section
  • and each point you raise is worth a mark
  • when you finish that you need to make
  • sure when you highlight your 15 or more
  • you write down your answers in the
  • bullet points section now something to
  • note here this doesn't need to be in
  • your own words however it will make the
  • summary writing easier if you begin to
  • convert the points into your own words
  • but again you can now in the min the
  • updated version write it in your own
  • words or use the worse than a text
  • proofread those notes to ensure you do
  • not repeat a point or minor mistakes
  • you're happy that you've got your 15 at
  • 15 so far then move on to the second
  • part of the task which is the summary
  • writing you now want to convert your
  • notes into the summary infusing full
  • sentences so help you be as concise as
  • possible or as short as possible you'd
  • only like turning the fifty is 300 words
  • for this you want to group similar ideas
  • together in the same sentence complex
  • sentences finally when you're finished
  • writing your summary proofread it to
  • make sure you are happy with your answer
  • then hopefully you've got 20 out of 20
  • remember that your when writing or
  • summary you should never include
  • examples there were no quotations you
  • shouldn't be repeating anything using
  • direct speech or metaphors just simple
  • facts if summary questions will want
  • simple facts remember if your answer as
  • well as longer than 250 words to 300
  • words they can potentially give you 0
  • out of 5 for the writing okay so make
  • sure you let note it down let's move on
  • all right so it's a good question you
  • can expect to see I've already
  • underlined the key parts this question
  • so read carefully passage be walking and
  • then answer questions free a which the
  • notes and B which is the writing answer
  • the question in the order set what are
  • the benefits of walking what is the
  • advice given to improve fitness
  • according to passage
  • so as I'm looking for the benefits and
  • the advice and proof fitness all of its
  • underlined write your answer using short
  • notes you do not need to use your you do
  • not need to use your own words as you
  • can see let's have a look at the extract
  • I've already highlighted what I need so
  • you can see to get an idea of how you
  • could highlight the work as well I'm not
  • necessarily gonna read through this in
  • detail for you because you can see I'm
  • aren't looking to do I'm looking to pick
  • out the information you can see the
  • first paragraph there's nothing that I
  • need which is over a vice or as you can
  • see benefits but here second paragraph
  • there's plenty on benefits to it
  • strengthens heart reduces risk of heart
  • attack and proof circulation turns
  • muscles and bones reduces fat and
  • cholesterol helps your weight loss helps
  • to burn calories I could have had there
  • as well but not highlighted that it
  • helps to boost your mental performance
  • and constitutes and mental health may
  • stress just anxiety time out you see I'm
  • only using what I need nothing else then
  • the second part of the article got a
  • help they need to to get fit does
  • require discipline dedication and you
  • need to listen to my advice that starts
  • organize your week Gavin our earlier you
  • can go to water can walk to work you
  • just work a small distance each day
  • Britta walks around my office fine steep
  • steps join a gym and all those things
  • can be motivational as well okay so
  • they're in more than welcome to go back
  • in this video as well there was the
  • extract and there I am highlighting and
  • I 17 to 18 points actually but my answer
  • now there's my 15 ideas so you can see
  • I've only written down what I need and
  • just as a note at the bottom this is
  • taken from the exam themselves although
  • lifting of words and phrases from the
  • passage is acceptable it's important in
  • such cases can they show evidence of
  • understanding but clearly focusing on
  • key details so as you can see there what
  • he basically means is if you're just
  • copying up massive chunks of text and
  • hoping to get lucky you won't get the
  • mark for it you have to show you picked
  • exactly what you need to make sure you
  • get that mark because each one is a mark
  • and
  • you can see on my notes section I've got
  • 15 now there's my 15 out of 15 so far
  • but we're now to look at the writing so
  • how do I convert these into a short
  • concise summary to get my 5 out of 5
  • well there's there the text again it's
  • the second question you must use
  • continuous writing must use your own
  • words now so you can see that where I've
  • actually tried to reduce some of the
  • wording it's helped me with my own
  • writing itself and then I have to where
  • possible avoid just copying the words
  • I've used already there are some words
  • obviously this is cholesterol that
  • that's the best word to use collects the
  • most concise way of saying what I want
  • to say so please bear that in mind
  • don't feel like you can't use a word if
  • that is actually the only word you can
  • use so for instance now you might have
  • to talk about a shovel well the most
  • concise way to talk about a shovel is to
  • use the word shovel the noun for it
  • rather than some implement which is used
  • to dig holes in the ground that's not as
  • concise okay this is the mark scheme for
  • it my 5 out of 5 5 marks well focus on
  • the passage all points are expressed as
  • all points if I'm not using all 15 I
  • can't get 5 out of 5 if you look at bad
  • for for instance most points own words
  • were appropriate used consistently the
  • summer is mostly focused but may have
  • redundant introduction or conclusion
  • done in an instruction down into
  • conclusion I simply want to know as the
  • examiner what the 15 things in full
  • sentences basically and it will look
  • like this the article explains exercise
  • beneficial circulation which strengthens
  • your heart and reduce the chance of
  • stroke so notice I put a couple of ideas
  • together in that one sentence exercise
  • also improves muster definition as well
  • as improving the density of your bones
  • two ideas one sentence by reducing fat
  • exercise also helps lower cholesterol
  • which all helps create a healthy mind
  • and minimize stress as exercise helps
  • you to escape work and handle the
  • pressure of everyday life
  • for ideas there one sentence really
  • concise to fit exercise into your day
  • the article advises snow moved on to
  • second part the article vices the reader
  • to wake slightly earlier or to alter
  • their commute to work begin two points
  • one sentence so that they walk part of
  • the journey to ensure the reader walks
  • at least a part of the day again two
  • ideas part of that sentence again
  • walking can also be achieved by taking
  • the stairs at work or by walking in a
  • purposeful way rather than the brisk
  • where around the office regularly
  • finally a corner gym membership will
  • ensure the exercise takes place
  • there's my 15 points I've grouped
  • similar ideas together into single
  • sentences you're doing 15 individual
  • sentences you will not get 5 out of 5
  • you're very unlikely to get 4 you're
  • pulling out of a 3 or 2 ok so thank you
  • very much for your time you can see here
  • there's a link to look at the past
  • papers but please remember this is how
  • the new summary will look for your
  • extended paper keep revising good luck

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This video will explain exactly how you can achieve the perfect A* mark for the summary question for both paper 1 and 2 of the updated Cambridge IGCSE.
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