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Video Anonymous - Endgame Begins In America... (Takedown of President Trump)
06:29   |   176K+ views   |   08/20/2018 at 23:59


  • [Music]
  • greetings world we are anonymous and
  • game begins in America is final take a
  • Down of Trump begins the militarization
  • of relations between the Federation and
  • the United States is now complete as the
  • ministry of defense prepares to take
  • over all US embassy functions after
  • ambassador cirvik is lyac was recalled
  • to Moscow with both being in reaction to
  • the frightening hand game now taking
  • place in Washington DC whose goal is the
  • immediate Astra from office of President
  • Donald Trump and that new polling shows
  • the propagandized American people are
  • now in favor of - for weeks the Foreign
  • Intelligence Service has been reporting
  • that specialized US military units in
  • American federal police forces have been
  • flooding into the Washington DC region
  • virginia maryland preparing for the
  • great event and that perhaps has been
  • most accurately described by the
  • globally known charismatic Christian
  • preacher an evangelist rodney
  • howard-browne who just yesterday warned
  • his tens of millions of followers of the
  • plot to take a down president trump
  • pastor Howard Brown is the head of the
  • revival ministries international of
  • angelical Church based in the u.s. whose
  • members number more than 12 million and
  • who on the 11th of July was one of the
  • numerous American Christian leaders who
  • laid bans on President Trump in the
  • White House Oval Office have Oken God to
  • protect their nation's new leader
  • following that meeting with President
  • Trump pastor Howard Brown yesterday
  • revealed to his global congregation that
  • he had spent three hours from 9:30 in
  • the evening until 12:30 a.m. with a
  • senior ranking member of the US Congress
  • and whose conversation be described as
  • he said there is a plot on Capitol Hill
  • to take the president out I said you
  • mean by impeachment or by indictment he
  • said no to take them out he will be
  • removed suddenly from office pastor
  • Howard Brown further revealed that this
  • senior US congressman had been in office
  • since 1996 in him also warned him
  • there's nothing we can do
  • stop hit and whose plot to do so was
  • being planned by the deep state that has
  • been trying to destroy president Trump
  • since the very day he won the presidency
  • of the greatest crime committed by
  • President Trump against his deep state
  • enemies necessitating his sudden removal
  • is his plan to end all illegal US wars
  • of aggression so that he can use the
  • trillions of dollars spent on this
  • madness to rebuild his own nation with
  • one of his own top military leaders
  • Special Operations Command chief of the
  • US Army General Raymond Thomas III
  • acknowledging that American forces are
  • fighting in a sovereign Syria where they
  • will likely have no ability to stay if
  • their presence is questioned in terms of
  • international law and General Thomas
  • adding were bad day away from Russians
  • asking why are you still in Syria
  • president Trump's deep state enemies are
  • just days away from passing a new law
  • that will effectively and for the first
  • time in American history remove him from
  • having to power over his own military
  • and foreign policy and that even the
  • European Union is now warning the
  • Americans that it will retaliate within
  • days if this law takes effect with many
  • global military intelligence and
  • economic experts now all essentially
  • agreeing that the u.s. is coming apart
  • at the seams the noted Swiss economist
  • yvonne van grayer's has most accurately
  • described what is now occurring by his
  • stating that we are now in the
  • frightening hand game and who further
  • described why this happening by his
  • saying
  • the gullibility of people today is
  • exacerbated by the power of the internet
  • and social media anything we read is
  • accepted as fact or the truth while a
  • major part of it is just fake news this
  • is of course nothing new as it has been
  • used by governments for centuries
  • Goebbels the Nazi propaganda minister
  • who was an expert at manipulating the
  • German people said if you who tell a big
  • lie often enough and keep repeating it
  • people will eventually believe it the
  • power of the Internet and other media
  • has facilitated spreading news and
  • propaganda to billions of people and
  • very few can distinguish if they hear
  • they'll read real news or fake
  • News operating under no such fake news
  • delusions low and knowing how close the
  • u.s. is to complete chaos upon the
  • ouster or assassination of President
  • Trump the Ministry of Defense has now
  • taken control of all diplomatic
  • functions regarding the United States
  • and has appointed Deputy Minister of
  • Defense and Nathalie and enough to be
  • the new Federation ambassador to America
  • as it is fully expected that the
  • Federation will be dealing with at least
  • a US military hoon to controlling this
  • country rather than its democratically
  • elected leaders to president Trump's
  • only pathway to survival is if he can
  • rally tens of millions of armed American
  • citizens to his defense when this
  • overthrow takes place as President Recep
  • Erdogan had done during the Obama CIA
  • 2016 coup d'état attempt to remove him
  • from power and that Trumpy early
  • predicted just a year ago in July 2016
  • when he cryptically tweeted looks like a
  • military coup is underway in Turkey
  • they're taking their country back will
  • be the same in the u.s. soon if I'm
  • president we are anonymous
  • [Music]
  • you

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Anonymous - Endgame Begins In America Takedown of President Trump Message
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Anonymous Message America Takedown of President Donald Trump World News Current Events 2017 Update

Full transcript:

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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