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Video Skylanders Trap Team: Meet WALLOP (Exclusive Gameplay w/ New EARTH Trap Master!)
02:35   |   369K+ views   |   today at 00:01


  • oh look who we have here it's one up
  • what up
  • that's a funny thing to say I like your
  • name one he's one of the six teen trap
  • masters did the earth element kind of
  • reminds me of through donor crusher and
  • flag of course step into one crazy cool
  • character look at Crystal hey was he
  • just smash them down you throw one
  • hammer into the air and then it'll fall
  • down she got so thrown two hammers out
  • and then they'll boomerang into the
  • enemy's coin like going all right
  • it's huge it's the widest Skylander so
  • far the packages are gonna be big this
  • year I think even though he's big still
  • move really really quick just pick out
  • one of those really well that's about it
  • for Rama it's so cool we don't even have
  • to say more all right guys check the
  • later can you tell me anything about our
  • wallop
  • oh sure so wallop is this great big
  • heavy dude and armored with these two
  • enormous trapped a nyan hammers and he's
  • also he's got kind of a temper tantrum
  • problem so he'll start pounding and
  • pounding and pounding no.5 he's got this
  • real bad temper

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WALLOP is one of 2 Earth Trap Masters and 16 total!
He has two oversized Traptanium Crystal Hammers. He has a temper problem and can rapid smash them on his attackers! He can also send both of his hammer out into the air and boomerang them into the enemies too! Overall, this beat is awesome! From all the characters we've seen so far, this one is the widest! Wonder how big the package will be!

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