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Video The Time Michael Jordan PUNCHED Steve Kerr In The Face!
10:56   |   today at 00:49


  • the time Michael Jordan punched Steve
  • Kerr now as we all know Michael Jordan
  • is the greatest player of all time he's
  • done things that well we've never really
  • seen before and he's always said that
  • the reason why he was so good was
  • because he was so determined he was so
  • motivated but the real reason why was
  • because he was so competitive we all
  • know that Michael Jordan was by far the
  • most competitive person I think I've
  • ever seen and the amount of stories I've
  • heard and I'm pretty sure you have two
  • of Michael Jordan and his competitive
  • nature is just insane but the story that
  • I'm about to tell you is one that
  • doesn't really get talked about often
  • and personally I think it's one of the
  • best Michael Jordan stories not because
  • of what happened but because of the end
  • result and how it affected both players
  • heading into future years as teammates
  • as you know if you're subscribed to the
  • channel I like to share stories that
  • people don't really talk about so if
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  • here's the time Michael Jordan punch
  • Steve Kerr also very quickly before I
  • get started is that there's going to be
  • clips of Michael Jordan as a cartoon and
  • it's actually Michael Jordan telling the
  • story of what happened just as a cartoon
  • so if you want to watch the whole thing
  • I'll leave a link in the description but
  • other than that I hope you guys enjoy
  • the video now it's known by many that
  • teammates fight but most fights that
  • happen between teammates normally stay
  • behind closed doors and eventually get
  • leaked after the players are retired or
  • just traded away
  • okay honestly respect myself and shag
  • could be together for 20 years and not
  • have all and I have a fight
  • that's just like vanishingly that's not
  • gonna happen yeah argument my rookie my
  • second year this year probably had me
  • more did he connect on the punchy
  • through no no no no I was Swift on it
  • when it done ducked out of it d everyone
  • back yeah well we just kind of got into
  • like a pushing shoving match if you
  • fight with Michael Jordan out of old
  • people I don't think that you should
  • take exception not because he wasn't
  • like anyone else well technically he
  • wasn't like anyone else but because of
  • how competitive he is and Steve Kerr
  • knew that but Steve Kerr also didn't
  • know what he was thinking and I quote I
  • don't know what the hell I was thinking
  • laughing as he recalls his scrap with
  • the Chicago Bulls legend in nine
  • 95 of the Bulls trading can its Michael
  • Jordan it's the greatest player ever but
  • I was pretty competitive myself and I
  • think I kind of play with a chip on my
  • shoulder I had to or I wouldn't have
  • made it now these words from Steve Kerr
  • are true but I don't know why maybe it's
  • just me but I can't imagine Steve Kerr
  • in a fight he just seems like a nice guy
  • anyway that's besides the point because
  • he obviously was in the fight and so was
  • Michael Jordan in fact I'll let Michael
  • Jordan do most of the explain because
  • well he can obviously explain the story
  • better than I can because he was
  • obviously there this is coming back
  • after the disappointing playoff
  • everybody was Hannah biscotti Epiphanes
  • team but I was trying to work my way
  • back up to win a three it was Michael
  • George so it all started in 1995 when
  • Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr got
  • matched up in a scrimmage
  • it was very intense Michael Jordan heard
  • all the critics after the Bulls playoff
  • loss to the Orlando Magic and intended
  • to silence them the postseason defeat to
  • the magic in the conference semi-finals
  • his first series lost since 1990 and
  • many believe that his best years were
  • behind him I mean when you think about
  • it now he literally did just come out of
  • her time in that year but because Jordan
  • is well Michael Jordan at 32 years old
  • Jordan was wanting to prove to haters
  • otherwise so yeah the offseason started
  • and this particular scrimmage came
  • around or Jordan could think about was
  • the haters from the previous season and
  • he just wanted to prove them wrong
  • instead Phil Jackson obviously the coach
  • of the Chicago Bulls at that time
  • thought it would be a smart idea to
  • spice things up a little bit and it's
  • one day I don't know I was just in a
  • very feisty feisty mood
  • and Phil put Steve Kerr opposite but he
  • was giving Steve all the calls now I'm
  • getting like really ticked off anyway
  • Jordan was furious and as a notorious
  • draft stalker he and cursed out of
  • talking trash on a couple of possessions
  • and then it just escalated from there
  • now we all know that Steve Kerr seems
  • like the nice guy and to be honest with
  • you
  • the way that I visioned the event I
  • think Jordan probably said something a
  • little bit too far and that's how it all
  • clicked but I couldn't tell you for sure
  • since I obviously wasn't there Steve
  • Kerr then says I took exception to
  • something he said so I was talking back
  • and I don't think Michael really
  • appreciated that and we got to the lane
  • and he gave me a forearm shiver to the
  • chest and I pushed him back and next
  • thing you know our teammates were
  • pulling him off me
  • one thing led to another next to you
  • know I found real hard he froze me
  • around and then before I knew it I
  • hauled off and just whacked it badly I
  • call
  • all the the comments of people saying
  • that I'm my skills eroded I wasn't
  • seeing Michael Jordan I was letting
  • everything go of course Steve Kerr got
  • the worst part of the incident I mean he
  • ended up with a black eye but that's
  • pretty much what happened to most
  • players when they challenged Michael
  • Jordan but the thing was and this is the
  • main reason I wanted to make this video
  • is that after the fight happened Steve
  • Kerr earned Mike was respect but yes
  • Steve Kerr only six-foot-three against
  • Michael Jordan you would assume that he
  • would get the worst of it and he did he
  • ended up with a black eye he threw some
  • punches before it was all broken up - so
  • good on him
  • the next day in practice I'm looking at
  • Steve Steve yet the biggest black eye
  • when I saw him I went right up to Messi
  • no I'm totally sorry I just lost my
  • temper he said it was partly my fault -
  • I knew not to push you we two grown men
  • and teammates stood there for him was
  • twin minutes apologized to each other
  • from that point I've always respected
  • him he didn't give up he fought back you
  • know he may have gotten the worst ending
  • but I respect him now the fact that I
  • found really interesting and completely
  • forgot about was the fact that Steve
  • Kerr and Michael Jordan didn't really
  • have much of a relationship at this
  • point they'd only played together for
  • two months so the fact that Steve Kerr
  • actually retaliated - Michael Medved
  • Steve Kerr most definitely made jaw to
  • respect him from that night forward
  • Jordan explained after the incident that
  • he apologized and I called back the
  • Bulls practice Sicilia and the game
  • asti's only when I got his answering
  • machine
  • Pasi Steve I am so sorry my anger got
  • the best of me I really am trying to get
  • myself back to where I once was and was
  • just something that should have never
  • happened and I truly apologize for it
  • now the thing that I love about this
  • whole story is what actually came up
  • after the fight I mean we all know that
  • Steve Kerr as a man who was one of the
  • nicest guys in the NBA landscape but the
  • fact that he protected himself was the
  • right thing to do he says that he was
  • embarrassed by how he was being treated
  • and he wasn't going to put up with it he
  • also said that it was a totally
  • different relationship from that point
  • on there was also mutual respect with
  • Kerr feeling that Jordan trusted him on
  • the court more in important situations
  • which we now know is obviously true just
  • look at the time Jordan trusted Kurt
  • the game-winner in the 1997 NBA phones
  • that's pretty crazy
  • [Music]
  • Michael air traffic
  • [Music]
  • now it has to be said the balls could
  • have been great without their immense
  • talent of Jordan Pippen and Robin but
  • they couldn't have been historic without
  • coming together with players like Steve
  • Kerr
  • Kukoc and Ron Harper the Chicago Bulls
  • avoided major issues after the courage
  • ordem insulin and never lost more than
  • two games in a row taking on the
  • characteristics of his coach and its
  • leader the same relentless that produced
  • the training camp Tufts led to arguably
  • the best season of all time after the
  • incident that Chicago Bulls finished
  • with a 72 and 10 record which lasted is
  • the greatest record of all time until
  • obviously the Golden State Warriors
  • better but I mean the Bulls want a ring
  • so I still say it's the greatest record
  • of all time now from the NBA landscape
  • in the outside world from afar we don't
  • really see what goes on in practices and
  • we're pretty much unaware of the little
  • day-to-day arguments but I can almost
  • guarantee you the fights like this maybe
  • not to this extreme but fights like this
  • do happen a lot of the time and it's not
  • always a bad thing it's just two players
  • two competitive players just getting
  • into it and I think it's honestly fine I
  • think we should maybe not hear more
  • about it but we should maybe sometimes
  • get a little bit of insight from NBA
  • players because I think it's pretty cool
  • hearing stories like this and sometimes
  • it can ultimately be the catalyst for
  • creating tighter bonds just like Michael
  • Jordan and Steve Kerr I honestly think
  • that without the scuffle between Michael
  • Jordan and Steve Kerr the relationship
  • between the two players probably
  • wouldn't have been so strong and I also
  • want to mention the fact that Steve Kerr
  • is probably one of the most genuine
  • people in the basketball world whereas
  • Michael Jordan no matter how great he
  • was of the player which I mean he was
  • obviously the greatest player of all
  • time he really wasn't the nicest bloke
  • and I'm pretty sure most of us know that
  • he was a great player don't get me wrong
  • I'm not saying his basketball talent was
  • not there it was the great he used to go
  • but I'm saying as a person I don't think
  • he was the nicest bloke and that's just
  • part of his nature that's how he was
  • that's his competitive nature and that's
  • the reason why he was so good that's
  • just how he was ultra competitive so I'm
  • just saying the next time you hear about
  • two players getting into it at practice
  • maybe it's not because they hate each
  • other
  • all right maybe it's the fact that it's
  • just too competitive guys getting into
  • it and to be honest it might even bring
  • them closer together on the court and I
  • hope you guys enjoy the video I just
  • thought it'd be a really interesting
  • video for those that don't know about
  • the time Markham Jourdan punch Steve
  • Kerr in the face and to be honest with
  • you
  • Kerr wasn't the only player Michael
  • Jordan punched in the face which is
  • pretty insane but that's who Michael
  • Jordan was if you enjoy the video please
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  • I honestly appreciate all the new
  • subscribers because our we've been
  • getting a lot of new subscribers which
  • thank you guys so much for sticking
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  • I'll catch you guys in my next video
  • [Music]
  • from the artists
  • I must've called a bell
  • to tell you
  • but everything that up
  • you see to be
  • [Music]

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